Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Walmartians and the brazen theft gone bad

Timing, what timing, seems like I have been blessed with timing even though I run late all the time, I have the uncanny ability to be at the right place or wrong place at the right time.

For instance today after work at about 3 am I went to the communist store (Walmart) in Eastlake for some junk food - a jar of honey, loaf of potato bread and organic apple cider vinegar (just kiddin' there folks).

I asked the lady who was playing watchman over the scan n go to help me out. I told her "I hate these self-checkouts, one time I noticed when I got home that I got free milk, for some reason it didn’t scan, so what happens if this should occur again, who is going to believe it happened by accident if someone should stop me"?

So after the worker checked me out, um I mean the items, we noticed a woman with a cart half-filled proceed to exit the store. The worker yelled "Hey, stop, excuse me, lady, STOP"!

The zombie like Walmartian kept on briskly walking the cart right out the door into the parking lot. She didn’t panic, no look up to see who was yelling at her, just a steady brisk pace out the door.

I followed the worker to the parking lot and said loudly “This ticks me off, man does this make me mad.” The worker put her hands on her hips and just stared then said "I can’t even call the cops because my cell phone is inside.” I said "Here use mine.” After figuring out how to use an older flip phone, Melissa the worker, reached the Eastlake police.

She gave a play by play of what the Walmartian was doing. The zombie like thief kept on going with the cart to the opposite side of the parking lot when suddenly out of nowhere a car zoomed up, doors flew open, stolen goods thrown in, and in the back seat plopped the free loader.

The getaway vehicle took off but within seconds three patrol cars chased it down. On my way out I drove past the cart which still had some goods in to so I returned and told Melissa. 

I went home the same way as the mad dashers and the boys in blue went. Sure enough the car was swarmed with the law.

So it infuriates me, really infuriates me.
1. These no gooders could eventually cause a store to close or alter their hours because of these kinds of heists.
2. It causes increases in prices
3. It could cause our stores in America to turn into third world fortresses with armed guards checking you as you enter and leave a store.

Here I am so concerned I may walk out unintentionally with a gallon of free milk but there are those who are now so brazen they don't even hide what they are stealing or doing.
I would love to throw the book at these scum and if I had my book in hand I would have.

Gotta Go-Go!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Cleveland Browns gave to me

How many renditions of the Twelve Day of Christmas are there? I know I must have written at least 6.  Well here is another.
Not the best but had fun writing it.

It was the first game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
A 21 to 18 loss - to Pittsburgh

It was the second game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
A beating from the ole Browns and a loss

It was the third game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
A 15 road game losing streak and a loss

It was the fourth game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
Sole possession of last place and a loss

It was the fifth game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
2 missed field goals, 3 bloody turnovers and a loss

It was the sixth game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
Another brutal beating and a loss

It was the seventh game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
A Joe Thomas injury, Kizer getting benched and a loss

It was the eighth game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
A game in faraway England so I wouldn’t see them lose and a loss

It was the ninth game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
A losing record for the 10th consecutive season and a loss

It was the tenth game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
2 interceptions, 2 Kizer fumbles; 5 lousy turnovers and a loss

It was the eleventh game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
Elimination from the play offs and a loss

It was the twelfth game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
The worst 28 game start ever and a loss

It was the thirteenth game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
A refund on my season tickets, an apology from the commissioner and a loss

It was the fourteenth game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
An autograph from Bill Belichick a Tom Brady jersey and a loss

It was the fifteenth game of the season and the Cleveland Browns gave to me
Who cares, what’s a Brown anyway and a loss

It was the last game of the season the Cleveland Browns better lose
I want to see the only 0-16 parade and a loss

Carey On...

Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas Day Trips 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended the Christmas Day Trips I planned to Amish Country (Wayne and Holmes County) the last two weekends.

I should not be so boo hiss of the changes I have seen through the years with seldom if ever an improvement from how things were. I need to enjoy these places now as is because for those who attend these trips there are some who have never experienced these areas before so to them it’s new and refreshing.
But dang blasted I miss yesteryear when my parents traveled down to these parts many years before made in China stickers were found on any goods.

Lehman’s Hardware is one such place that was turned into a tourist trap. The store still has nice merchandise with some unique items but prices are quite high with those dreaded made in China labels on many things.
Even the snack bar when I inquired if the eggs were real the answer was well they are pre-scrambled which is the only way we serve them.
We opted to go elsewhere to eat.

Enough of that, let’s talk about the good. Well except for poor Walt, he got sick. While he rested and recovered which he did miraculously the rest of us enjoyed a museum, found food which the museum recommended and enjoyed a cow auction.

The museum was the Kidron Community Historical Society located in the village of Kidron in Wayne County next to Lehman’s Hardware. It was free, friendly people manning it and quite a bit to look at. They will even do a free genealogy which does no good if you are of any ancestry other than Swiss.

The recommended restaurant next door was in a basement of a grocery store/shoe store called Kidron Town & Country which I believe was also the name of the restaurant.
Now this is a real throwback place, nothing fancy but good food with affordable prices.
Walking back to our vehicles we stopped in the Kidron Auction billed as Ohio’s oldest livestock market. If the restaurant is a throwback then this is a double throwback. Only Cassie, Danni and I went in. The all-male Amish crowd with a few young ones all turned and looked at us.

The building is all wood and shaped like a mini arena that is kind of steep with the back half squared off with a door for the livestock to come out and another door for them to exit. The auctioneer is set up over the little pen with someone in the pit directing the cows out with a whip to keep them moving so you can see if they are lively or not; very interesting experience.

From there we ventured to Guggisberg Cheese for what else but cheese.

Then it was onto Berlin for their Nativity Parade which I won’t write about. You can either scroll through my blog as I wrote about it before or wait for my second book which includes a write up about it or do an online search.

For the second Saturday it was a small group. I was about to cancel when Walt called and said hey me and Dani are coming. So it was off to Zoar. I like larger group outings but when there are only a few you can go so much faster and see more things. So it’s a trade off.

We arrived in Zoar a bit late but I still saw things I didn’t in previous trips and Dani and Walt loved it. I like this festival/Christmas event.
Again I won’t write about because I have blogged about this in the past.

After Zoar it was onto Walnut Creek for their Christmas event Journey into Bethlehem.
Now this was fun.
They have a route mapped out for you where you follow the path of Christ’s birth. The scenes are set up in different locations inside of stores and hotels with the last stop at a farm called The Farm at Walnut Creek. I was there this past summer.
It is something to see Amish folk with their accent dressed up like the 3 wise men and biblical characters.

The last stop after the manger scene is a horse drawn wagon ride to a large house where they had open house. Snacks and drinks were served and they allowed you to tour the house.

Jeff told me about this event and at the entrance to the manger scene we ran into him. So that was nice.

Not many pictures were taken. Amish frown on having their photos snapped so I took what I could. Or were they Mennonites?
All of these events are small town America, hokey, simple and fun. Different and laid back.

Gotta Go-Go!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Ark Encounter, the Great Eclipse, Falls and More Part 7

Hey Gang,
Let’s review the last paragraph from the almost forgotten saga of the great eclipse trip.

Here it is:
Thank you again Karen and Michael for opening your house to us. What an experience, I was blessed. But wait I am not done yet with this saga, there is still the kayaking and Cumberland Falls to write about.

After the eclipse it was kayaking time and floating down the river that runs through their property.
I am not the best swimmer so was reluctant but after some prodding and coaxing I got into a kayak and I am sure glad I did.

I sensed that Michael was disappointed when I balked but was sincerely happy when I did. Both Michael and Karen really enjoy sharing their blessings of living where they do. It meant something sharing it with us.
The water was as they said not that deep and cold, very cold.
At the far end of their property on the river is a cave opening and out of it flows a spring. The water flowing out was frigid, just amazing.

After experiencing what I did I told Michael I would make sure Ruth would try the kayak.
He thanked me. That spoke volumes of his personality.

After Ruth navigated the river hugs and handshakes were given. It was now time to hit the byways and highways for the long trek back back home but not before I figured out hey we are going in circles.

Driving through Sparta, Tenn. is where we stopped for dinner at Jack’s Top BBQ.

Walking towards the front door a man asked me what I was driving and where I was from. When I told him he exclaimed “You drove to Tennessee in that”! Yes sir. He was from North Carolina.

The buzz was still all about the eclipse even inside Jack’s restaurant where they were handing out Moon Pies with every meal. I met a lady who's family was originally from Akron, Ohio and other people from different states.

The whole experience at Jack's was wonderful! We ordered their fish platter which was great, the corn bread was delicious, the BBQ chicken was good, service excellent and the owner Jack was friendly and fun to kid with.

Jack is a Christian patriot that serves a good meal. What more can you ask for.

My eye lids were heavy and I believe it was in the town of Cookeville that I decided to find a place to park for the night, or was it Oak Ridge or was it somewhere else but for sure it was in Tennessee.

Gotta GoGo!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ark Encounter, the Great Eclipse, Falls and More Part 6

Hey Gang,
So what were my thoughts on the great eclipse?

I was late jumping on the bandwagon for joining in on the hype and excitement. When Janet mentioned going down to Tennessee to see the eclipse, I viewed it more as an opportunity to travel.
But traveling down there that was all people were talking about.
The newspapers had headlines such as “Schools to close Monday for eclipse”.

Quietly the excitement was building inside of me. Then standing there with people I just met who were really into it made me giddy like a child on Christmas morning.

The eclipse started right on time about 1:30. Slowly, very slowly the moon started covering up the sun.
When the eclipse was in full what was a hot day of low 90’s cooled down a good 20 degrees.
Then it got very quiet out. An owl or something cooed or hooted but that was the only sound, well besides us yelping and hollowing at the moon.

But what I thought would be darkness like at midnight was more twilight like. I also thought it would last much longer but as quickly as the sun was covered it slowly was being uncovered. It was still fascinating to witness and something I won’t forget.

During the hoopla we tipped our glasses and saluted the event. What was that firewater? Yowee!

Thank you again Karen & Michael for opening your house to us. What an experience, I was blessed.
But wait I am not done yet with this saga, there is still the kayaking and Cumberland Falls to write about.

Gotta GoGo!

If you want to see the most horrible video watch this link. I can do somethings right, other things I excel and then there is video.
Take some motion sickness pills before viewing, you have been warned.
And yes I used that YouTube feature where you can edit and stabilize a video but that only slightly corrected the mess.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Ark Encounter, the Great Eclipse, Falls and More Part 5

Hey Gang,
It’s amazing how different a place looks in the daytime.
Karen’s property was not eery at all but it was as rural as can be.

Where I parked I was concerned it was too close to the road but found out that the road is a dead end with only two families living on it and Karen's family was one.

Karen didn’t exaggerate when she said we would wake up to some beautiful scenery, it was an understatement.
They have such a wonderful spread. Her parents bought the land in 1972 and built the house right next to Rocky River.

My thoughts then briefly went back to where is Janet? The ranger said stay away from Rock Island, her and her family could be enjoying all this. Oh well.

I asked if I could help with setting up for the eclipse party but they already had everything under control. I decided to hurry to a store and buy something to contribute to it.
The options were drive back into McMinnville or much closer was the HWY 30 Market which is where we went.

I walk in. Gary the owner says hey neat vehicle. I introduce myself. He asks to see my book. From there it went like this....
Sure we can do some swapping. So I ordered a fried pork chop sandwich, a ham & cheese sandwich, (both were delicious especially the pork chop) a 2 liter Sun Drop pop, a water melon and a newspaper. Gary received the book.
If ever around the Rock Island, Tennessee area stop in HWY 30 Market order a sandwich and sit a spell.

It was now back to Karen and Michaels place but not before stopping at the cemetery to check on my phone messages then we would return and await the big event, the eclipse.

When we returned they had everything set up right on the bank of the river. While waiting I enjoyed a quick dip, wow was that refreshing, talk about cold water.
Karen had more than enough food but only two friends showed plus Ruth and I.
Here I was enjoying what possibly could be a once in a lifetime event with people I just met, now that’s the way to make lasting memories.
To be continued....

Gotta Go-Go!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Ark Encounter, the Great Eclipse, Falls and More Part 4

Our hiking day was done, now what? Where do we park, where’s Janet maybe she would know?

Usually I can park anywhere for the night but not this time.
I spoke with another local ranger/cop who told me no you can’t do that when I asked if I can park in the overflow lot for Rock Island. I said years ago in Tennessee and Kentucky it was so rural you could have parked anywhere and camped for the night. I know, on a few occasions I ventured off the road and camped with people. He replied not any more, the health department won’t allow it, you need to be on a site and with facilities.
Health department? MY OH MY have times changed. I am sure there are spots you can get away with it but this was Rock Island’s big day for revenue. I saw plenty of tickets written for being illegally parked. I was told to stay away, venture out further for a place to park for the night, it was going to be madness on Monday for the eclipse.

So we left Rock Island, wandered and ended up in the little city of McMinnville, TN. Less than 15 miles away. Did some shopping, then it was off to find a local park with a grill to cook. A cop directed us to Pepper Branch which was perfect.

From the McMinnville website: Located at the Frank G. Clement Bridge and Barren Fork Dam, this park includes picnic tables and benches, great fishing sites, canoe and kayak launch, a 6 hole Disk Golf Course and a gazebo. Pepper Branch is also a trail head for the Barren Fork Green way. https://www.google.com/maps/@35.6742558,-85.7773736,20z/data=!3m1!1e3

I circled the park looking for a grill close to where I would park. But the lot closest to the grills sat two cop cars with lights on checking out a car. I wanted to avoid what ever was happening but I also didn't want to lug everything a good distance so I chose this area.
As I walked past I was asked do you know anything about this? Did they think my circling the park was because I was returning to the scene of the crime? I said no, what happened? A car window was smashed and a purse stolen out of it but we can’t find the owner. HUH? That didn’t make sense, if the owner is missing how did they know a purse was stolen? Hmmm!

While the crime scene was being investigated we made our supper. It was now dusk and still no shower for me so it was time to take a parking lot shower then I would worry once again on where to park. How does one take a parking lot shower? Ask me sometime.

After my shower I slipped into fresh clothes when I heard Ruth talking to a lady. I peak my head out as Ruth is telling her what my vehicle was. I said hand her a postcard for my book. From there Ruth explained how we were clueless on where we were going.
The lady answered you can come to my place, park for the night and stay for my eclipse party. Ruth said OK. I came out and introduced myself and with that off we went to who knows where following a lady named Karen.
If you don’t know where you are going a last name doesn’t matter either.
Before speeding off Karen warned us there is no cell phone connection once past the graveyard, I will slow down when we get there in case you need to use the phone because once past it the signal goes dead but I do have Wi-Fi at home.

It was a challenge following Karen, she must have thought my vehicle was an overgrown slot car the way she was driving but the Go-Go Bus did good, only lagged behind a bit.
Here we were on some mountain road, following a speeding car, Ruth didn't worry but I was apprehensive as I didn't initiate the conversation to get a good feel for who ever this lady was but God does work in mysterious ways and we were sure on a mysterious path alright.

We arrived to her house and no one was around except Karen and her barking dogs.
She tried to convince me to drive down the dirt path and park by the river and in the morning we would wake to one beautiful site. She also asked if we had flashlights and if we did to go ahead and explore her property, we didn't explore and I decided to stay under their street lamp, if you could call it that.
We were about to pull the curtains and call it a night when the husband came home, introductions were made, our doors were locked, and their dogs kept sentry duty with occasional barking through the night.
Well it will be interesting to see what morning brings.

Gotta Go-Go!