Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Christmas Party

Hey Gang,
A late thank you for all that attended my 2014 Christmas party held this year at my sister Cindi's house. 15 attended and it was a blast.

Unfortunately I didn't judge the sauce right for the 4 pounds of rigatoni so we ran out. Jeff didn't care on his third helping he ate them sauceless. I was scolded by Stephanie for not telling everyone not to eat the toy soldiers I put in the pasta. Jamie also almost ate them thinking the soldiers were chocolate. Next time I will choose yellow toys so they will stick out.

Thanks to Janet for the dishes she brought a long and Paul for the salad,  Nick for supplying us with three dozen donuts, Mike for the Boston cream pie. We had plenty to eat.

This year we did the gift exchange differently. Joe recommended instead of choosing numbers we play pass the gift while playing music, when the music stops the person holding the gift gets it. Sort of a spin on the child's game musical chairs. Keeping with tradition I brought out my nifty portable GE record player playing the Ventures in Space, perfect music for the gifting fun.
Enjoy the photos and maybe next year you can join us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Monday was an exciting day.

Hey Gang,
Monday was an exciting day. I spoke with Chris Lambert and he wants to interview me about the book I wrote. Rich is the one who encouraged me to contact Chris who has written 8 novels and numerous articles for Scene Magazine and the News Herald.

Chris loved the flow of “Hey Gang! Ready to Go-Go?”, the ease of reading and how I set up the stories. What initially caught his attention was the story of “Beaver Creek, Buttermilk Falls and Fish”. Chris has a brother who lives in Beaver Creek so he is anxious to buy a copy for him.

Chris's co-host is Euclid's former Mayor Dave Lynch. So that should be a neat re-connection as I know Dave from his running for state rep and I spoke with him about issues I was having with Euclid and his brother is State Rep. Matt Lynch who I know.

I am not sure of the details yet as to the time and date of the radio broadcast but will let you know.

Later on in the day I was just entering a clothes store in Westlake when newscaster Leon Bibb was exiting. I extended my hand and said my favorite announcer. Leon has a voice that is made for a late night FM jazz show. He shook my hand and said thank you. 

As I was in the store I got to thinking HEY thats Leon Bibb, I got to get him a book. So I ran outside. Leon didn't leave yet, he was just sitting in his car with it running. I knocked on the window, he rolled it half down with a look that said I am tired and its been a LONG day what? He said Yes. I said I just wrote a book I would love to give you a copy. He said OK. I ran to the van, grabbed a book and told Leon, the first time I met you was way back in '04 for a Bush rally held at Lake Farm Parks in Kirtland. I apologized for not signing it because both of us were business. He gladly accepted it and thanked me for the book.

So it is exciting to see what becomes of that meeting. Who knows where it may lead.

Then later on I went to China town and bought soup. The brand is Daily and written on it is MADE WITH JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY. I had to buy it. Its probably made out of space age eatable plastic noodles that stay undigested for a week and makes you feel bloated and filled. If all thats true at least I will save money on food. Or maybe it has a micro-tracking chip that subliminally tells me to go buy a Toyota.

Gotta Go-Go,

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sundays Outing - The Christmas Story House

 Hey Gang,
 Have you ever had one of those moments where nothing went right then everything turned out OK? That's what I thought - I knew you could relate.

 This is how our Sunday outing started off. Ruth bailed on us to go see the Christmas Story house. That was the first thing.

 I was still getting ready when Mike, Adrianne and Doug arrived on time. What is wrong with people? There is nothing worse than people being on time. So I hurry up to start the ordeal of moving my cars around to pull out the vehicle we would be driving.

  First in line at the end of the drive was my lil' Daewoo. I pulled that in the street and left it running. Next up was my work van. The thing is falling apart. I am down to one good door that works and that is the sliding side door. I get in through the side, lock the button on it and climbed into the drivers seat. Errer errer errer and thats what it sounded like. The '97 Astro just wouldn't crank. I jump out and immediately realize OH NO the key is in the ignition and no doors work so even a slimjim won't help. I panic again when I realized my spare key is locked inside also.

  I go back to the '92 Astro that Mike, Adrianne and Doug are now sitting in waiting for me. I tell them don't worry the van won't start but we can push it out, let me get the spare key. If they could of translated my inner feelings at the time they would have worried. I went to look for the spare key inside the house just hoping I was wrong and they were inside. They weren't. Now what? Well here are the keys for my parents '04 Chevy Venture lets try that. And believe it or not, they worked. I was able to unlock the side door.

  Mike said “Carey I can't push I am dressed to nice”. So Doug and I pushed while Mike steered the van to the backyard. We jump in the '92 Astro and hear a loud POP. I ran over a trash bag with a bottle in it. Glass everywhere but luckily no flat tire. I fly out of the drive but Ruth is leaning out the side door of the house yelling. I stop to see what she wanted. She is frantically pointing towards the street. OH! I left my Daewoo in the street with the engine still running. I jumped out of the '92 Astro, leave that in the street, get in the Daewoo and pull that in the backyard. Thats how the outing to see the Christmas Story House began.

 We get to Cleveland and the city I once knew is changing so quickly I really don't know my way around anymore. The innerbelt bridge has been reconfigured, structures missing and where the Christmas Story House is in Tremont that has changed also. When I use to hang around back in the day that area was for drunks, punks and poor, not any more, there are houses being torn down or refurbished, people walking, joggers, some upscale boutiques and restaurants, its livelier. A transformation.

  I exit at W.11th which is one of the streets the Christmas Story House is near. But when we couldn't find the house what I thought was correct. W.11th is one of those streets that is broken in two, we had to find the other half. Mike rolled down the window and asked a man walking “Where is the Christmas Story House?” He explained we needed to drive around and what streets to take to get to the other side or he said “Why don't you just park here and use the footbridge that will take you across to the house, that might be easier”.

  I asked Adrienne's mom who is 83 are you able to walk, “Sure I feel fine, I can walk”. So I park the van and off we went, over the footbridge and through no snow and over the freeway we go. That is until we got to a fork in the road, you had to know that was coming up and one path did go up - literally. Doug, Adrienne's husband, was concerned about his mom in law and was not happy we had to walk this far and who knew how much farther. He was all in favor in wanting me to get the van.

  I volunteered to climb and scout the high road. I came down with this report, no Christmas Story House up there so it must be the low road. Doug insisted a bit louder “We should turn back and drive”. I said “Wait I think I see the house lets continue”. What I saw was a house with Christmas lights, why couldn't that be it? It wasn't. Mike and I walked ahead trying to get a glimpse if indeed we were on the right path. Just then a cop car appears. I flag it down and ask “How far is the Christmas Story house?” The reply was its still a good walk. I said “Following behind us is an 83 year old lady could you please give her a ride, please”! Before he could say anything I was thanking him for being a blessing. The cop said “Sure”. I chased after the patrol car as it pulled in front of Adrienne, Doug and Mom. I was yelling “Its OK, don't worry, we didn't do anything wrong, they will give you a ride” and they did.

  Adrienne and Mom rode in the car, Doug, Mike and myself walked. I called them the Angels in Blue. When I caught up to them I teased “See I told you I would get you here and not only that but a free ride in cop car”. I thanked the patrolman again. He said “After I am done ordering my food I will give you a ride back, you don't want to walk that far back, it will be no problem we will give you a ride”. I then asked his name. Patrolman Dooley was his name. What a gentleman. Thats how a policeman should act.

  We made small talk on the way to my van. He agreed with my assessment how our society is crumbling and America needs a morality check. I told him I would make sure to let others now how kind he were. He replied back “Right now we need all the good publicity we could get”. I was about to jump out and he said “Just follow us, we will lead you back”. What a blessing.

  I parked only about a block away from the Christmas Story House. As I was about to get out of my van so was a man just getting out of his car. He asked me “Do you think we can park here?” I wered back “I was going to ask you, I assume we can, other cars are”. He was from Illinois. I welcomed him to Ohio. I asked “Which direction is the house?” According to his GPS he said “Take a left here, I know this is the street because I laughed when I saw the sign - Rawley, thats my last name”. So I took a photo of him under the street sign Rawley. 

 That was weird, what's the chance of running into a Rawley almost directly under a Rawley street sign? When I met back up with the gang they had slowly moved ahead in line. Earlier the line went around the block. Again I teased Adrienne's mom about being in the back of the police car and asked if she had flashbacks from her earlier life of crime.

 The rest of the day went fab!

 Thanks again Angels in Blue for the ride!

            Gotta GoGo!

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Go Go Bus Gets Dyno'd

Hey Gang,
I wanted to post this way back in the spring just now doing it. Always way to many irons in the fire.

Anyway... I had the carb rebuilt again on my '69 Xplorer A, better known as the Go-Go Bus.

The shop that did it asked if I wanted the Bus dyno'd to really find out how the thing is tuned. He was amazed by the results and I was like wow.

Before I tell you the results I was a bit upset because I believe the final numbers may be off. When he typed the weight of the vehicle on the machine he put 4,000 but the Go Go Bus weighs a tad over 4,800 pounds.

Here is the result: maximum power 108.2 @ 2093 RPM  / 33.9 MPH   -  WCF 112.4

                          maximum torque  288.2 @ 1575 RPM / 25.6 MPH    - WCF 298.9

Not bad for a lil slant six. Does anyone know if the lower weight he dialed in would affect the numbers in either direction?
Gotta GoGo,

Saturday, December 13, 2014

one yes and one probably not

Hey Gang,

Well my book is now being sold at Wickliffe Flower Barn, 28707 Euclid Ave Wickliffe. Wickliffe Flower Barn is located in the old Denny's Restaurant. They did a terrific job in the place and is way more than just flowers. They have a mix of collectables, antiques, gifts and of course flowers. During the summer on Wednesdays they have a cruise in. In fact I went to their Cruise In Christmas party, minus cars but the owners all showed, what a fun time. 

Stop in and take a look or reminise about where you use to sit when it was Denny's.

Thats the good. The bad... my book won't be placed at Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores. Take a look at the agreement they sent me. I will still reach out once more and ask if all this holds true for placing a book in their stores but as of now, it won't be on their shelves.

Hello Carey,
We are pleased you have taken an interest in our company and want to thank you for considering Love's as a possible outlet for your interesting products. We are growing at a rapid pace and are continually looking for new and innovative merchandise to keep our product mix fresh.
Please take note of these important guidelines you must meet before the buyer will review your product:
*You must carry a minimum of $1 Million Product Liability Insurance
*You must invoice each store with the product shipment
*All potential suppliers will need to have a developed distribution model to supply all 240+ locations.
*All merchandise must contain a scannable 12-digit Bar Code
*You are not offering a public service or requesting a sublet of our property
If you meet all of the above requirements, please send your non-returnable, product sample with literature and general pricing information to our merchandise buyers for consideration. If after reviewing your product we choose to pursue further, a buyer will contact you to arrange a meeting. If we choose to forgo your product you will be notified by mail. Please allow 4-6 weeks for review.
Please send your product sample to:
Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores
Attn: Merchandise Buyer
2208 W Hefner, Suite A
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Thanks again for your interest in Love's!
Victoria Sheppard-Baker
Merchandising Assistant
Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores
405-463-8068 Office
405-463-8918 Fax

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Free book offer? Yes free book

Hey Gang,

For those who are to cheap... I mean lack money to purchase my relatively inexpensive book that is sure to increase in eBay value in 75 years, now is your chance to get a copy for free.

Send me an email telling me why Santa should give you a signed book for Christmas and the best and most heartfelt tear jerking or entertaining letter recieves a copy.

Even if you bought 1 or 3 like some have but want a book to give as a gift - WRITE THAT LETTER! Time is a wasting.

Dear Santa,
The reason I should receive a signed copy of "Hey Gang! Ready to Go-Go?" is....

I will choose the best letter by this weekend and will share the winning letter on 
 my blog.

    Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

another review

Hey Gang,
Another review.

Your book is interesting enough that I would be willing to to buy and read Volume 2 if you choose to publish a sequel. It reflects your personality and as such is quite interesting. For liberty, justice and peace, David Macko

Christmas is coming and my book makes a great gift for friends and foe. If you have that special someone who loaths me, buy them a copy of my book, its your chance to get back at them for buying you that fruitcake last year.

Here is the link from Amazon

Hey Gang! Ready to Go-Go?

Gotta GoGo!