Monday, August 8, 2016

2016 Jimco Jamboree

Hey Gang,
What a fun Saturday.

I went to the 2016 Jimco Jamboree Vintage RV Rally in Thompson.
Jimco and his wife Lydia host the free event on their tree farm. What great hosts, they have such easy laid back personalities you feel right at home.

Jimco helps you park and then greets you with a wooden pallet he places at your rv door so you can enter your rv without tracking mud or dirt in. Nice touch. And some of the sites come with electric hook up.

I parked right next to the pond that has a fountain in the middle of it. I needed no sound machine as that made a nice soothing sound to put me to sleep.

I hate mentioning anyone when there is a group outing because someone always feels bad for being left out, for that matter I do also for leaving someone out. The whole group was great. The Canadian’s who attended were great to talk you. I love our northern neighbors. And then there is Harwood. Who lives up above us in Kitchener I believe. Harwood is one card. The man is beyond funny.

Sunday morning I took a long loop home to take a look at the scene of my travel infraction, which is a whole other story.
That route had me going through Middlefield on to West Farmington where I received my ticket a week before at the West Farmingtom Festival. I parked the Go-Go Bus at an abandoned school and walked around snapping photos of where I was pulled over.

A lady saw me and asked is that your van? My daughter would love it. I yelled back Hey can I give her a postcard it has the Go-Go Bus on it? She turned around. Her name was Marie and her daughter’s name is Katie who was riding around New York on a Harley as were speaking.
Marie and I talked for a bit, gave her a quick look inside the Bus and she bought a book. Nice! She took photos of me next to the Bus and a selfie of us.

Hmmm…. Question…. A selfie is where a person takes a picture of themselves so is a selfie with two people a twofie?

Anyway…. Hi Marie and Katie if you are out there.

I did quite well with the selling of my book over the weekend. Some sold at the Jimco Jamboree and one on the road. And that’s usually where I sell the most books at events or meeting people. The Purple People Greeter is always having people stop it to take a look.
I love meeting people and my book Hey Gang! Ready to Go-Go? connects with people who love road trips, travel and have their own experiences. Then there is the group of people who buy my book just to shut me up. But I love them to.

Gotta Go-Go!
Carey PS: Hope you can join us next year!

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Unknown said...

Carey, It was great having you at the Jam. Hope to meet Ruth next time. Lydia