Wednesday, January 30, 2013

4 pigeon forge

Hey Gang

We planned things right. Yesterday sunny and warm we stayed outdoors, today rain n more rain and much cooler we did indoor things.

The first place we went was Christ in the Smokies museum formerly Christus Gardens. Dad took the family here the first time in the 60's which I barely remembered, then again on another family vacation in the 70's. So I wanted to see it to relive some memories and for Ruth who has never seen it.

It is almost the same lay out but when Christus Gardens closed about 15 years ago, they auctioned off all the figures to a bible museum in Florida. So the figures are all new, some other changes but mostly the same. The scenes are narrated and as one scene ends a door opens that leads you to the next. Excellent.

After that I thought we should walk rather than pay for parking. I thought it was a good idea even if it was pouring, Ruth not so. She waited in the rock/gem store while I got the car. I thought she wanted to buy some rocks to throw at me but got some nice necklaces instead.

As I said we planned the day right. Dinner was planned for 6:30 not midnight. After asking around and some online search I came up with the same conclusion - Bennett's or Mamas Farm House restaurant, both locally owned. We decided on Bennett's. And what do you know.... in the lobby there were advertisements for Alamo's Steak House. I asked the waitress is this affiliated with Alamo's? Sure is. Then I find out so is Mama's Farm House along with a couple of pizza places. All that researching I still ate at a corporation. Pigeon Forge is so saturated, actually the whole area, there are 2 Cracker Barrels, 2 Bennett's just to name some of the duplicate restaurants in a close vicinity. The food was OK but pricey and not a lot of side dishes, potato and one other.

From there we went souvenir shopping, and one more museum, The Hollywood Wax Museum. We both enjoyed this. They let you take as many photos as you like and get as close as you like as long as you don't touch. I am lost in time and not up much on the current crop of actors. Some of the mannequins looked just like store mannequins at a Sears or Penney's, I had no clue who they were. But Clooney, Stalone and some of the other older actors I recognized. Terrific museum.

Then it was back to the condo for packing up and here we sit....

Gotta GoGo!!

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