Friday, April 5, 2013

day two Yellow Springs

Hey Gang,

Today went better, much better not that yesterday was bad but I mean the scenery aspect of the trip.

Our plans were to wake early and head to Clifton Mills for breakfast.  Unfortunately we woke at 1pm
and then headed out to the mill.  So what’s the problem? Nothing other than a pancake breakfast at 4 pm. 

Last time I was at Clifton Mills was in ’97 with Dad, Uncle Joe and my nephew.  What I remember about the place is exactly the same.  Pancakes are still served so large that I could only finish one in the stack of two.  I ordered mine with chocolate chips.  Wow so good but who could eat two?

During Christmas they light the mill with 32 million lights.  Who counted them all?  But thats what they say.

Nothing has changed in Clifton.  Same as it was probably a 100 or so years ago. Not kiddin either. After breakfast we went to Clifton Gorge voted at one time in National Geographic as one of the most beautiful places. My memory was a bit fogged as the trail seemed different.  It wasn’t
changed I am sure of that just remembered it differently.

Off the trail I noticed a small piece of glass from a bottle.  I had to investigate.  So I got off the trail that is clearly marked danger steep cliffs stay on path.  I found an area that is strewn with bits and pieces of OLD pottery and bottles.  The way the glass is made I dated the pieces to mid to late 1800’s easily.  I searched a good 20 minutes but came up with nothing whole.  I marked the spot with my vid camera so I can go back to resume my dig but I ain’t tellin’ where it is – HA!

Before the breakfast and hike we went to a college town called Yellow Springs.  My GoGo Bus fit
right in.  It got a new nickname.  Someone called it a New Age Mystery Machine.  Yellow Springs looks like a hippy retirement center.  Head shops, tie dye, mixed in with other fun trinket and clothing stores with old and young hippy’s walking around.  A few cafes, food vendors on the street with usual and unsual fare.  Dov wanted to try the goat curry but the pancakes were waiting.

That’s all.  Look at the links.  When we wake it’s off to Wright Patterson Air Force Museum.
Gotta GoGo!!

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