Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I just can't win

 The Belt
I have been looking for a decent belt for sometime. The ones at the store are all made in China and do not last. I have been told because of EPA the tanneries in America were forced to close. Is this true? I don't know.
All the import belts are made it seems from a thin layer of leather with cardboard fill. After much searching I find a nice thick genuine leather belt at a garage sale. Of course I buy it. At work I hear this clink. I look down and there is part of the buckle from this nice thick genuine leather belt laying on the floor - it broke!

The Contractor
I hired a contractor to do the tile work in my rental bathroom. A lawyer/friend of mine referred him. If a lawyer recommends someone you should be safe, right?
The contractor is doing a nice job, the price is reasonable everything is going good until.... I get a call from him.
Carey the job is almost done but you will be mad, there is a big oil stain on your new drive. HUH, how did it get there. Well I saw that engine sitting in the garage and thought you wouldn't need it, I was trying to wheel it out with my dolly to get it in my van so I could scrap it for money and it fell off, the engine is sitting in the middle of your drive. WHAT! That is my original engine for my 69 Go-Go Bus that I was thinking of having rebuilt. OH sorry, did you want me to put it back?
So now my fairly new drive has a big nasty oil stain.

The Paint
Paint has gotten crazy expensive. I was at Lowes and there was a can of mistinted premium paint and repriced at a drastic savings. This $35 gallon paint was priced at only $9.
I buy it, throw it in the back of my van. I get home open the door and it falls out. $35 of good paint priced at $9 was all over my new drive at my house.
Have you ever tried to hose a gallon of paint off a drive? Its not pretty. Good thing the EPA or my neighbors weren't around.
At least this stain is white and not black like on my rental drive.
OY - better days tomorrow. I hope

Gotta Go-Go!!

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