Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Homewood Bound 2

Sunday was far more eventful. Some of it had to do with the sleep I got. Interrupted but I slept about 9 hours or more. I should have had my table set up by at least 10 am but I was in no hurry. I freshened myself up at the sink in the fire department then I was off to find a church. There is only one church close by and that is the Homewood United Methodist right by Buttermilk Falls. The church had a booth at the festival serving homemade vegetable soup and apple dumplings.

I took the shortcut across the tracks and down a path close to the falls. It was barely after 11 am but the church doors were locked. I walked to the back of the church where there was people coming out with containers of food. They asked if I was hungry. I said no I was coming for church. Well service was from 9:30 to 10:30, we like to start early. Shucks. So I took a walk to the falls, snapped some photos and started walking back to the festival.

On the tracks coming towards me was a man. He asked how do you get to the falls? We introduced ourselves and had a nice conversation right on the tracks. I guess you can say our conversation never got off track. His name was Glen a Sargent with the police dept. who is now retired but is still active. Glen is a Christian so we sort of had church right there. He has some story.

Glen has seen so much in his years as a cop. Horrible things. Glen said what is going on with the police today is terrible. No people skills. He thinks he can teach police today how to diffuse a situation. We swapped stories back and forth. He also said how sad it is today. Years ago if a boy broke a window you would tell him I better see you in church on Sunday or else. They would attend and you made a friend. Or you would make them clean the windows at church but not today, you can’t tell someone to go to church or have a kid clean windows because of the child labor laws.

Glen also did some writing for the TV series Knight Rider and hopes to write a book someday.

The end of part two.

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