Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cook Forest / Clear Creek Pennsylvania

Hey Gang,
Instead of writing an in depth review as I normally do I will instead let the photos speak about the trip.

In short will say this.... I avoided the toll roads to save some cash but in turn I didn't save time. Rt. 422 which is the old main route towards where I wanted to head is a direct road but once entering Warren it is nonstop traffic lights one after another. This cost us so much time.

We could have jumped on 80 once in Pa. but I was adamant on saving the change so instead took Rt. 280 which is hilly and slow especially in a 5,000 pound Purple People Greeter machine. Yes the scenery was beautiful but it delayed us and well scared my passengers who may not want to be mentioned by name in case they have to be summoned to court as a witness to my Mario Andretti driving.

The Go-Go Bus crawls up any kind of grade but coming down LOOK OUT! I had to blow past a slow driving car on a double yellow around a curve because my brakes were screaming Hey man we be smoking! Yes I can handle the rolling  barge like a slot car but stopping well now drop the anchor, slam the brakes and pray. I told them please relax would you! They replied how can we when you are saying oh no this is bad, I can't stop, I may run over this car. Gee they didn't have to listen to me.

In summary.... the weather was terrific, the full moon at night light up the campground where flashlights weren't needed and the scenery was gorgeous.

A quick shout out to Beth and Jeff that I met at the campground who restored a cute little "62 Shasta. I told them I wanted to hug their lil trailer. Earl the Indian and his friends. Chris and Red who run a variety store. And all the others who smiled and gave a thumbs up, life is beautiful and yes I have a friend in Pennsylvania, um make that friends.

Gotta Go-Go!

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