Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ark Encounter, the Great Eclipse, Falls and More Part 6

Hey Gang,
So what were my thoughts on the great eclipse?

I was late jumping on the bandwagon for joining in on the hype and excitement. When Janet mentioned going down to Tennessee to see the eclipse, I viewed it more as an opportunity to travel.
But traveling down there that was all people were talking about.
The newspapers had headlines such as “Schools to close Monday for eclipse”.

Quietly the excitement was building inside of me. Then standing there with people I just met who were really into it made me giddy like a child on Christmas morning.

The eclipse started right on time about 1:30. Slowly, very slowly the moon started covering up the sun.
When the eclipse was in full what was a hot day of low 90’s cooled down a good 20 degrees.
Then it got very quiet out. An owl or something cooed or hooted but that was the only sound, well besides us yelping and hollowing at the moon.

But what I thought would be darkness like at midnight was more twilight like. I also thought it would last much longer but as quickly as the sun was covered it slowly was being uncovered. It was still fascinating to witness and something I won’t forget.

During the hoopla we tipped our glasses and saluted the event. What was that firewater? Yowee!

Thank you again Karen & Michael for opening your house to us. What an experience, I was blessed.
But wait I am not done yet with this saga, there is still the kayaking and Cumberland Falls to write about.

Gotta GoGo!

If you want to see the most horrible video watch this link. I can do somethings right, other things I excel and then there is video.
Take some motion sickness pills before viewing, you have been warned.
And yes I used that YouTube feature where you can edit and stabilize a video but that only slightly corrected the mess.

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