Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas Day Trips 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended the Christmas Day Trips I planned to Amish Country (Wayne and Holmes County) the last two weekends.

I should not be so boo hiss of the changes I have seen through the years with seldom if ever an improvement from how things were. I need to enjoy these places now as is because for those who attend these trips there are some who have never experienced these areas before so to them it’s new and refreshing.
But dang blasted I miss yesteryear when my parents traveled down to these parts many years before made in China stickers were found on any goods.

Lehman’s Hardware is one such place that was turned into a tourist trap. The store still has nice merchandise with some unique items but prices are quite high with those dreaded made in China labels on many things.
Even the snack bar when I inquired if the eggs were real the answer was well they are pre-scrambled which is the only way we serve them.
We opted to go elsewhere to eat.

Enough of that, let’s talk about the good. Well except for poor Walt, he got sick. While he rested and recovered which he did miraculously the rest of us enjoyed a museum, found food which the museum recommended and enjoyed a cow auction.

The museum was the Kidron Community Historical Society located in the village of Kidron in Wayne County next to Lehman’s Hardware. It was free, friendly people manning it and quite a bit to look at. They will even do a free genealogy which does no good if you are of any ancestry other than Swiss.

The recommended restaurant next door was in a basement of a grocery store/shoe store called Kidron Town & Country which I believe was also the name of the restaurant.
Now this is a real throwback place, nothing fancy but good food with affordable prices.
Walking back to our vehicles we stopped in the Kidron Auction billed as Ohio’s oldest livestock market. If the restaurant is a throwback then this is a double throwback. Only Cassie, Danni and I went in. The all-male Amish crowd with a few young ones all turned and looked at us.

The building is all wood and shaped like a mini arena that is kind of steep with the back half squared off with a door for the livestock to come out and another door for them to exit. The auctioneer is set up over the little pen with someone in the pit directing the cows out with a whip to keep them moving so you can see if they are lively or not; very interesting experience.

From there we ventured to Guggisberg Cheese for what else but cheese.

Then it was onto Berlin for their Nativity Parade which I won’t write about. You can either scroll through my blog as I wrote about it before or wait for my second book which includes a write up about it or do an online search.

For the second Saturday it was a small group. I was about to cancel when Walt called and said hey me and Dani are coming. So it was off to Zoar. I like larger group outings but when there are only a few you can go so much faster and see more things. So it’s a trade off.

We arrived in Zoar a bit late but I still saw things I didn’t in previous trips and Dani and Walt loved it. I like this festival/Christmas event.
Again I won’t write about because I have blogged about this in the past.

After Zoar it was onto Walnut Creek for their Christmas event Journey into Bethlehem.
Now this was fun.
They have a route mapped out for you where you follow the path of Christ’s birth. The scenes are set up in different locations inside of stores and hotels with the last stop at a farm called The Farm at Walnut Creek. I was there this past summer.
It is something to see Amish folk with their accent dressed up like the 3 wise men and biblical characters.

The last stop after the manger scene is a horse drawn wagon ride to a large house where they had open house. Snacks and drinks were served and they allowed you to tour the house.

Jeff told me about this event and at the entrance to the manger scene we ran into him. So that was nice.

Not many pictures were taken. Amish frown on having their photos snapped so I took what I could. Or were they Mennonites?
All of these events are small town America, hokey, simple and fun. Different and laid back.

Gotta Go-Go!

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