Thursday, June 19, 2014

Part 15 IN summary of Mammoth Cave

IN summary of Mammoth Cave – it is not as live as some other caves I toured. I found sections were not that impressive if I compared it to caves such as Luray Caverns. BUT - please don't get me wrong, it is still something to see.

 On the way to the Mammoth Cave it started to lightly drizzle and by the time the bus brought us back to the welcome center it was raining and never really stopped until late Monday. Before that it was picture perfect weather for the entire trip.

The welcome center has a really nice exhibit set up showcasing the early history of Cave Country and the discovery of the caves. Even if you don't tour the caves the exhibit is worth it. We spent some time looking at the exhibits.

Paul found us. He looked refreshed and ready to go. What ever happened to him it was nothing serious. We were all hungry so it was time to leave and head back for supper.

 Sorry but here is another sad commentary on America.
 In years past one thing you could usually find was quality meat in the little town. The reason is many of the local stores got their meat from the local farmer. For instance when I use to frequent Rocky Fork in Ohio I would always go to this gas station food mart. They had the best little meat counter. All the meat was local. Today it is hard to find the little independent place as in this trip so we found a Save A Lot and went there.

 I was fooled at first by their steaks because they were really cheap. I was about to grab a couple until a closer inspection revealed the meat was from Mexico and it really didn't look the best. I am shocked that in America where we use to have the best beef it has gotten to this point.

We quickly left there and located another grocery store in town that was a little better. I found something in this store that brought a smile and a remembrance of past travels to down south. It was fun to see something left from yesteryear – a hanging smoked ham. Most grocery stores or like places in the Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky region, maybe other states also – I don't know, usually had and I guess still do netted or bagged smoked hams hanging from the ceiling or a pole.
The one I found at this food store was hanging on a pole by laundry soap. In the location it was at it did not look that appealing. Unless the tie is an ad that promises - For that clean smoked ham taste try...

During our search for a grocery store we came upon Tepee Village motel. Talk about a throw back to the old roadside America days. According to their website there was a chain of them. Only 3 now exist. The one in Kentucky dates to 1936.

Because of the time and rain we decided to put our groceries on ice and have
 our last supper at Look Out restaurant.

 I will leave you hanging like a smoked ham and finish this later.

                             Gotta GoGo!!

caves closed

 John from wounded warriors

 rain and rain and a siren


State rep

gas cap

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