Friday, November 14, 2014

day 2

Hey Gang,
So let me back track till yesterday morning and the ill marked signs. What threw me off? The directions called to take 275 W and get off at exit 16. OK no problem. Exit 32 - exit 7 - wait exit 7 what happened to the rest? So I back track but there was no 16.

We exit on who know's what road and drive around who know's where but we did see a see a sign that said POLICE DEPT with an arrow. We follow it thinking we could ask the cops for directions. Plenty of cops cars but not one cop. But way in the back of the municipal building was a car. we thought maybe its a cop but it turned out to be a woman using the recycling containers at 2am!

She gave us directions that were totally wrong and we ended up in a place called Mt. Airy. I think that's the spelling. In an attempt to find a cop I even made an illegal turn thinking OK let me break the law and of course a cop has to show up.. But none did. So back on 275 W towards Kentucky. Exit 32, exit 7, miles later exit 21 and finally exit 16. Who numbered these signs? And the hotel is in Indiana which comes before Kentucky on 275 W so why didn't they put Indiana instead of Kentucky first?

The Bus stayed warm with the electric heater despite the bone chilling cold out of about 20 degrees. I over slept and instead of waking at 8:30 as I thought it was actually 9:30. Dan was a little annoyed we missed the first half hour but not as annoyed if he would know what I found out. The meeting started at 8 so we actually missed 2 1/2 hours of it. SHHHHH!

The meeting is going good, write more about that later. This evening we took the river boat dinner cruise. Great time. Food excellent.

By the way did you know the Cincinnati airport is in Kentucky? So even though Ohio hosted the Constitution Party Convention our flyers said welcome to Kentucky err... Ohio.

Gotta GoGo!!

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Michelle said...

I never knew that..that's awesome..about air port...have fun and be safe