Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A recent Christmas Memory - 2015

Hey Gang,
Almost everyone at this time of year looks back at fond memories of Christmas seasons of the past. Sometimes looking back we tend not to take hold of what memories we could be creating now. It doesn’t always have to do with family or even with you directly. For instance here is one that happened recently that I will remember for a long time.

The Table
This memory actually started in the late spring of this year. A friend was in need of kitchen table. I am not even sure how we got on the topic of her needing a table. About this same time my neighbor was moving and had a table for sale. I immediately bought it thinking it would be perfect for my friend Mary. Unfortunately it wasn’t, it was too large for her apartment.

Shortly after I spotted a table that fit the dimensions and style Mary was looking for, a small drop-leaf table with two chairs. It was at Antiques & Uniques where I rent a space. I called another friend, Chuck, and asked what do you think of us pitching in a buying this for our mutual friend Mary? He agreed with the plan and encouraged it. Unfortunately or maybe it was fortunately neither one of us acted on it, months passed and we forgot all about it.

Fast forward to late November… Mary went to Antiques and Uniques for the first time. Still in need of a table she spotted the same table I saw way back in June. It was now hi-lighted at the front of the store. Immediately upon seeing it she wanted it.

When Mary returned home she emailed asking since I work there if I could keep an eye on the table because she wanted to try and save for it. That’s all I needed to hear. Back to plan A. First I went to Antiques & Uniques and asked if I could put the table in lay-away and set up a secret fund. They agreed to both. I then contacted Chuck to help spread the word of pitching in to buy the table.

While we waited for the donations to come in Mary went back to Antiques & Uniques to visit the table not knowing what we had planned.  The table was no longer being displayed up front so she inquired where it was. They informed her it was sold – so sorry. Well let’s just say Mary was a wee bit upset and deflated. I knew a table was sorely needed as Mary didn’t have one so I got worried that she may try to buy another table so I lied. I told her that I had a table from my rental and as soon as I was able I would give it to her.  Um… it’s OK to lie when surprising someone, isn’t it?

Well I was a concerned the first few days because donations were not coming in but the second week they did, in fact it was quickly paid off with an added bonus - a surplus. I told Antiques & Uniques with the extra money raised I want a gift certificate for the store.

Immediately after the table was paid I started scheming once again to get Mary there so we could surprise her with it. So I called and asked her about meeting me at Antiques & Uniques snack bar for a cup of coffee or light snack and then browse the aisles and Christmas shop together. She was all for it. What was even better than that is she blasted this message out on Facebook about our outing:

Hello and Merry Christmas everyone. Carey Masci is requesting a small gathering at Antiques & Uniques in Wicklife, Friday at 4 pm. Coffee or a light diner at the Cafe. Meander through the aisles, never know when you will find a treasure to take home. If you have some time, stop on in.

I loved it; she was actually helping plan her own surprise.

 Well did the surprise work? Absolutely and I must add perfectly! Mary didn’t have a clue.

Even though it took six months to get Mary a table and she did with out for all those months I am thankful that it did. It still would have been a surprise during the summer but the timing of it sure made a good memory – a Christmas memory for everyone who was involved, something we will remember for a long time and I’m positive Mary would agree.

I hope you are making memories this year!

Have a Merry Blessed Go-Go Christmas,
Carey Masci

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Unknown said...

God bless your heart Carey !!! Your thoughtfulness and generosity are so beautiful !! Who woulda thought back in the day LOL LOL LOL. Sorda reminds me of Albert Einstein LOL. What the teachers thought of him and what he actually turned out to be <3 Merry Christmas to you and your family Carey. God bless you with health and happiness !