Thursday, January 28, 2016

The forgotten photos

Hey Gang,
Boy oh boy was I excited. This is what I wrote on Facebook:

I am about to view the photos, the time warp photos, photos that were taken many years ago, 1955. 1940.. maybe older, what will they hold, to bad its so late, I should have done it sooner and invited people over to view them, hidden now revealed, what will be seen???

So what in the world was I talking about? In my hoard of treasures and miscellaneous collectibles that I have accumulated was an old box camera. Similar to this one I found online:

I am not sure where I found it originally, maybe an auction, garage sale, a house cleaning who knows. How long was it hidden in my garage? That's another question I don't know.

Anyway when I dug it out last summer I noticed it had film in it. I have seen news reports where someone develops old film and historical pictures were found. My mind raced... could I have Marylin Monroe before she was famous? JFK? Big Foot? WOW who knows?

So I brought it to a camera shop and when I told them I peaked inside and found film they didn't want to develop it and kind of hinted they don't do that anymore.

 Well months passed. In December I met a gentleman who belongs to a camera club. He took the camera and removed the film. He said go to Dodd's camera they will develop it. Hmm that's the same shop that said it was a no go. But I did anyway and lo n behold they said sure we can develop this roll. It will be ready in a week.

With me was a newer camera. OK one from the early 90's, to me that's new. It also had film in it. I used this camera back in 2009 on my trip to Niagara Falls with Gary. It was working fine until the mist from Maid of the Mist caused my camera to go dim. Dodd's removed the film and I had both rolls developed.

When I went to pick them up I was told I could view them there but I was so excited I wanted to view them the first time with family. Hey it was like Christmas.

Well the Niagara Trip photos came out OK and brought back fun memories.

Now about the old camera with the 120 film... well now... that was disappointing. No famous stars before they were stars, no Big Foot nothing but well look for yourself.
How deflating. There were a few more but these were the best of the batch.

What's weird is I believe this is Ridgeview the street behind me. I should show this to my older brother. He may say Hey that's me and.... which would make it once again exciting.

Gotta Go-Go!

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