Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Ark Encounter, the Great Eclipse, Falls and More Part 3

Hey Gang,
We take off without tidying up the Go-Go Bus to find the campground with only one site left that the ranger said do it asap hurry but of course that 8 am warning to me was not as urgent as sleep.

Everywhere you went the buzz was about the eclipse. Campgrounds full, more than average visitors and traffic same at the camp office. So I stopped a ranger who turned out to be the one who woke me to ask for directions to where this other campground was. Even with directions I got lost. So I called Godling River Camp, Ramp and RV Park directly and he put me on the right path.

When I saw the campground it was old school, make that primitive school. The entrance is a long drive and not the smoothest, where’s the ramp? It didn’t look like a campground more like a very small backwoods trailer park. Then we realized it was a mobile home park the campground was down another rut filled dirt path, again where’s the ramp? I can’t believe I tortured the poor Go-Go Bus driving down it.

This was a primitive campground not what we expected really suited for tents only which is what we saw, tents only. I don’t know if it even had pit toilets, maybe it was a carry in carry out park? Though I will say if I was tent camping I would love it. Right by the river and shaded, just perfect. And now I know why the word ramp is in the title, ramp is for the launching of boats. There was no way I was staying here. Going in and out with a suitable vehicle is OK but not with what I was driving.

It was approaching 1 pm and I wanted to see the sites and the little shops in town so finding a place to park for tomorrow’s big event was put on the back burner.
Maybe Janet will call and we can stay with them, where ever they are.
Little Rock Islands shops were all closed on Sunday so we went back to the state park and did some hiking, such a beautiful area with plenty of scenic trails and a beach.

Enjoy the photos.
Gotta Go-Go!

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