Sunday, April 13, 2014

Clifton Opera House - Ma Crow - Brian

 Time moves so quickly.  It is already a month since the trip to Dayton.

I was telling you in my last posting that we were going to peak in the Clifton Opera House, something I always wanted to do but every time in Clifton Village it was closed.  

So let’s continue…
We finished our meal at the Clifton Mill and took off to investigate or look in the Clifton Opera House.

The billing on the outside showed that Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers were playing.  Advertised for the following week was One Hot Minute followed by Banjo-rama.  Sure sounds like a hokey good time to me, right up my alley or should say our alley as Walt loves the same kind of entertainment.

  We entered and the band was already playing.  I told the man in the ticket booth we just want to peak in but Walt interjected and had other plans.  He said well I want to stay, give me three tickets.  I said well I won’t argue with him if he wants to stay we will.  I was excited to finally be in the place. 

  The guy who took our money gave us a bit of info on the opera house.  He said it was built in 1893 and tonight we have a bluegrass band playing, Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers from Cincinnati.  He added there’s a balcony to make sure I look up there.  So that’s where we headed, up to the balcony to find a seat.

  The place is not that ornate but has such a great nostalgic small town feel of yesteryear and the backdrop of the stage was terrific.  The band was really good that just added to the feeling.   If you love folksy bluegrass music you would enjoy Ma Crow. 

  Halfway through their set the band took a break.  During the break they had a raffle.  The first number was called out but no one responded.  They repeated it a few more times and waited for the winner to come up by the stage.  No one did so I yelled out well if I would of bought a ticket that would have been my number.  I got one loud cackle out of it but the rest kept quiet.  The number remained unclaimed so they pulled another number.  As they did Walt said HEY that’s why our entrance tickets have numbers - that was my number they called.  Too late.

  After the raffle Walt wanted to see what the band had for sale and take some close ups of them.  It was even better than that as we got up on stage with Ma Crow for a photo op, great bunch of girls. 

 They have been playing individually for years but together for about 3 years.  We took our seats for the final set. 

  I got up for coffee and the ticket taker along with a woman were behind the snack bar.  I ordered coffee and he said you take it like me.  I told him how much I was enjoying myself and he said come here.  I went behind the counter and he gave a pamphlet on upcoming shows.  I noticed his ball cap had Jesus on it so I formally introduced myself.  His name was Brian and he manages the place. 

  I haven’t made a good connection like this in sometime and let me tell you meeting Brian was a good connection actually excellent.  We briefly talked a little politics and religion right before the band ended.  Brian turned up the lights and quickly made it back to the entrance/exit to bid the patrons goodbye.  I stood next to him and each one leaving Brian either mentioned their name or said something to them.  Most he joked with and of course I chimed in. 

   We hung around a little after everyone left; spoke with the band some more and exchanged emails with Brian.  One other thing about Brian I like, he drives a mid 60’s flat nose Chevy van.  How cool is that! 

 He told me if every in the area again I have a place to stay and to make up for the lost prize Walt should of won, he gave us passes to see a show. 

 Thanks Brian for hospitality!!

   We left to find me something to eat and head back to our hotel rooms.

                   Gotta GoGo!!

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