Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Goodby Tennessee

Part 7
 Memphis is an interesting city.  Parts are quite seedy looking but the city does have life and plenty of history.  I found it quite amusing that the cable car tracks are in the middle of the road, literally.   Not sure how traffic moves when the cable car runs.  The cable cars are restored from an early time.

It was time to retire; day two of the Constitution Party Convention would start early.  Seeing the MLK site haunted my thoughts though I slept quite well.

I woke late again and missed some of the lectures at the convention.  The one topic I was really sorry I missed was the talk on the affects of the illegal aliens on our nation.  Other topics were the danger of a Constitutional Convention (con con), common core, social issues for dummies, and the importance of issues in political campaigns.

The Constitution Preamble reads:

We the members of the Constitution Party gratefully acknowledge the blessing of the Lord God as Creator, Preserver, and Ruler of the Universe and of this Federal Republic.  We hereby appeal to Him for aid, comfort, guidance and the protection of His Divine Providence

It was great to be in a room with people from different walks of life, different states, different religions but all like minded in our agreement of helping this nation and stopping the Federal Government from encroaching into our personal freedom and liberties.  I felt at home.

 I met Daniel from Georgia, a logger from Colorado, a preacher from Tennessee; maybe I shouldn’t list anymore as I know I am leaving some out.

The two day convention went way to fast.  We had a long haul ahead of us so I said short good byes and headed out to find our hotel in Park City, Kentucky.   

Time was approaching 9pm so with a raise of hands we voted to stop off in Nashville to eat.  What a bad vote that was.  From the little we saw Nashville is no longer a country city, far far different than years back when I was there as a kid on a family vacation and again about 20 years or so ago.

  Saturday night was crazy busy.  We thought we could find a nice country restaurant or something different than what we have at home but all we ran into was chain restaurants and places like Hard Rock.  We stopped at a little independent diner but it was just closing.  My temp gauge on the Bus started rising so we ventured to the outskirts of the city.  Nothing.   We eventually found a Mexican restaurant and ate there.  The food was decent but our waitress understood very little.

What happened to ham, grits, greens and taters?

Gotta GoGo!!

laugh time, man in yard working on car

gloominess of place  eerie driving up

time warp smell
woke to oldies on the radio
look out restaurant asked waitress if its the name because of the lookout or because the food is so bad you need to look out

both, scenery and food is bad

Paul asked for church waitress said go to my dads church

small Baptist church, fiery preacher

weird manner of joining

off to mammoth cave

World heritage site

Paul got sick

 mammoth cave resort caves closed


State rep

gas cap

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