Sunday, May 13, 2012

number 1 Philippines

Hey Gang, its been awhile since I posted anything. Here I am sitting in Hopkins awaiting our flight to Detroit, to Japan and then on to Manila. I am going to Zambo the Latin City of the Philippines to visit Ruth.

This trip to the Philippines was quickly thrown together even though I kind of had most things prepared for take off as I have been in a holding pattern waiting for my marching orders for sometime. The fiancee visa got delayed for who knows what reason and since its taking so long Ruth said why don't you come the week of the 15th and we can have the blessing. Whats that? Stay tuned!

It was an eventful week actually 3 weeks trying to cram everything in before embarking and yesterday was pure chaos running around like mad. I had to call my accountant, talk to my lawyer, run to the rental to check on the electrician, cut the grass there, hurry to the store, cut my grass, load up the van for work, clean 3 accounts, hurry home, desk work, chat with Ruth, more desk work, go to sleep at 7:30, awake at 8 with horrendous banging and scraping, its the driveway contractor. He did show up! Ain't that something when I return will have a new drive. I am excited but could of used the sleep.

OH almost forgot to tell you, Walt is with me. Hey after everything we have been through and how many years have I known Walt its only appropriate he meets Ruth first, sorry folks.

That's all for now, about to board for the very short trip to Detroit, slight lay over and then the marathon begins, 15 plus hours to Japan. Then another 4 to Manila. Its brutal that's a long time to be sitting.

Gotta GoGo!!

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