Sunday, February 15, 2009

flaaaaaaaaash back - Winter Cookout/Freezefest 2006

Hey Gang,
Well the 2006 - 4th Annual Winter Cookout/Freeze Fest went
GREAT! My quickly erected homeless shelter for the
most part stayed intact. A couple of times when the
gale force winds hit things went flying BUT we all
survived and I don't think anyone got frostbite.
About 12 showed up and it seemed like this time we
had the most food, almost to much. There was
stuffing, salad, peppers, beans, Mary's fantastic
tasting chili, grilled corn & potato's, Doritos,
pretzels, bread (real and fake), yogurt, cookies,
coffee, pop - what a feast. Of course we all grilled
something, those were just the side dishes. We never
did figure out what to do with the cauliflower Eli
brought, anyone have a recipe for grilled cauliflower?
Besides the 12 that stayed I had a mysterious drunk
guy show up, or maybe it was an angel who decided it
wasn't worth freezing just to get his wings. Whoever
this guy was he stumbled into the shelter, grabbed the
staple gun from me, helped hang up a sheet of plastic,
yelled for his girlfriend to join in and when she
didn't come he disappeared, literally. Mary and I
both were asking "where did he go"? Strange??
There wasn't enough time to decorate the place like
I usually do but I am sure glad I grabbed the bath
robe that my niece dropped off for me to give to the
Godwill on my way out the door to the cookout. (I bet
you have to read that sentence twice to understand
it!)I hung it up and everyone wanted to know why the
bath robe? Well it was one of those premonitions I
guess because as it turned out it was needed by
someone, I'll get to that in a bit.
The best dressed award went to Allen who
left a wedding reception to attend the cookout dressed
in his finest. That was a treat.
I have to go through my archives but I think that
Jeff and Rich have attended all of these cookouts,
either they enjoy it or feel sorry for me and don't
want me outside in the cold alone!
There was some rookies in attendance, Eli, Chris,
Dave who finally made it to one of these Go Go Events
- Hey Dave did you thaw out yet and will you be back
for more?, and Allen.
Once again Nancy DJ'd the event
And a BIG thank you to Mary for all the help.
OH - who wore the bath robe? Allen, he put it over his suit.
Thanks everyone that helped and attended, those
that didn't - there is always next year!!

Your Frozen Food Server Friend,
Gotta Go Go!!

overheard at the cookout....
Carey to Dave... Dave do you know what the best
thing about a cookout in the winter is? There is no
Dave - You're right and you don't have to worry
about salmonella, its to cold for the food to spoil.

Carey to anyone - hey does anyone have a lighter to
light these matches?

Mary - this food is still cold
Jeff - it all is

Chris to whoever was listening - when I was in gym
class, we were outside and a little dust devil
appeared like a little tornado, I went in it and it
was warm, and I got dust up my nose and on my clothes