Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The new neighbor

Hey Gang,
Sometimes what I write I like it, other times I don't. Well this is one of those times I am not sure if I do. But read it anyways and you decide.
Guess what? I have a feel good story to write about, well most of the story is feel good.
I went to my rental today to do yard work. Next door, the house that was vacant for about 3 years, finally found a family. They are renting it from the owner who bought the house in foreclosure, and yes it was trashed. I knew the people who lived there. A white couple in their early 50's, not a black couple. Got that? I guess you can tell I am a bit sensitive to whats going on in Euclid. After he lost the house, if I was told correctly, because of not paying taxes, he got a job with the city, go figure. Let me end it there because that's not what this story is about, its about the boy sitting outside reading.
As I was doing yard work the boy next door said hi to me. I didn't want to stop so just said You the new neighbor? I resumed working but started thinking I was a bit cold. So I stopped and asked about his family and where did he move from. They were renting another house in Euclid but it was to small for the six of them. Before that they lived off E.55 and then Norwood off St. Claire. His Mom wanted to get the kids out of that area and said God had better plans for them. The schools he said are much better than in Cleveland, in Euclid they will not let you get away with things, I remember when I was in seventh grade while still in Cleveland this kid got straight F's and they passed him, I still can't believe it and will never forget it. I said I understand wanting to get out, both of your old neighborhoods are tough places, Clevelands been hard hit. He went on to tell me that his family is originally from Georgia and when his great-grandpa moved here 60 years ago Cleveland had all kinds of jobs thats why he moved up here. I replied its bad right now, don't know what the answer is or what to do. Do you know what he said? Pray! How 'bout that! I was being taught a lesson here. That adult and Godly answer made me me forget about yard work so I relaxed and talked with him further.
I asked what church he goes to. His family attends The Cathedral Worship Center, 216 Euclid Ave, Euclid. I asked is it a nondenominational? He replied thats all we attend, the churchs we did attend that were denominations said only blacks were going to heaven and thats not right. Sound familiar friends? Usually though its the whites who are going to heaven, guess depends on which side of the fence you are on.
Bryant is about to graduate from high school and will soon be off to Orlando where he will attend college to become a surgical assistant. His real passion though is politics and law enforcement. He was a volunteer for a mayoral candidate in University Hts... His candidate lost but his enthusiasm for politics hasn't been dampened and will get involved again in the future.
Before getting back to my yard work Bryant gave me a sheet on a genealogy service he does. He was able to track his family back to 1780 in Africa. His grandfathers side descend from the Choctaw Indians. On their grandmothers side, her father came from England and Georgia. He started a school there and named it after himself. The service is called - Genealogy Genius - the web address is:
It was just refreshing to meet someone younger who has goals and is doing something with himself. And I am pretty certain whatever Bryant decides to do he will succeed. More than that though, his friendly hello is how neighbors should be.

Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's in your pocket?

Hey Gang,
Rowe from California emailed this short story about the shorts his wife bought him. I am so thankful that I have friends who share with me this stuff. Its all important.

here is a story that is gross. Mary bought me a pair of "levis" shorts from Wal-Mart yesterday. I cut off the tags and put them on . When I went to put my keys in the right hand pocket there was something in there. I pulled out a chicken bone that had been eaten by someone while in the store and they needed to get rid of it so just put it in the pocket of these hanging on the rack. Un believable !!!! We got some low class people out here. UGHHHH Rowe

My reply:
That is gross! I guess Rowe you have a bone to pick with Walmart. Heck, maybe it wasn't a customer but Colonel Sanders who returned them. Or those shorts could be work pants made for the bone yard. Or just maybe its a new slogan... At Walmart our prices are so low we trim the fat and leave the bone. By the way did the shorts make you look boney? You said you went to put your keys in the pocket, you sure it was a chicken bone and not a skeleton key? Or maybe short ribs?
Rowe just having fun, I would be completely grossed out myself.

Gotta GoGo!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why the Cavs won't win the NBA championship

Hey Gang,
I guess this isn't travel related but it is a fun article so I posted it here. Maybe it will find its way to David Letterman.
So here is my top ten list why the Cleveland Cavs won't win the NBA championship.


I know its early and the Cavaliers have to win one more series to get to the finals but it still has all of us in Cleveland thinking what can go wrong this time? 2 years ago when the Cavs made the finals it came as such a shock that we didn't have enough time to fret. But in typical Cleveland fashion our beloved home team didn't disappoint us, the Cavaliers never showed up in losing to the Spurs in four straight. This time though the Cavs are so good, this season is so dream like that something just has to go wrong, it can't be possible Cleveland can actually win a championship.

So here is my top ten list why the Cleveland Cavaliers won't win the NBA championship.

10. Lebron James gets hurt.

9. Reality dawns on the Cavaliers and they realize this is still Cleveland we're not suppose to win.

8. Michael Jordan comes out of retirement.

7. Lebron James will be forced to finish the 12 grade because they found out he is short one credit.

6. The entire team comes down with the swine flu.

5. Manny Ramírez finks on Lebron as the one who gave him the performance-enhancing drugs.

4. Obama steps in with his spreading the wealth theory and says Lebron is too good, he can only play 20 minutes to make it fairer for the opposing team.

3. The Cavaliers pregame antics cause a delay of game and they're issued a technical foul before play even starts which causes them to lose the 7Th game by one point.

2. Lebron throws so much powder in the air the Cavs come down with asthma and can't run.

And the NUMBER ONE reason why the Cavaliers won't with the NBA championship is..........

John Elway appears on the sideline of the opposing team and leads them on a drive to score the winning basket.

Gotta GoGo!!