Sunday, October 7, 2018

2018 Jackson Apple Festival and More

Hey Gang,
Here is yet another late posting of an eventful weekend, actually a long full day, I had on September 22.

If you are keeping up with my posts I wrote about the weekend before Labor Day August 25th how I took off to visit some friends I haven’t seen in a while, Gale, Kristine, and Judy. Then the second Saturday after Labor Day Gale Joy came up close to where I live to speak at the Lorain County Tea Party so I got to hang out with him again. And then the following weekend Gale Joy hosted a Constitution Party picnic in Sugar Grove, Ohio that I attended which is not too far from Jackson where Kristine lives. So of course being that close to her I had to say HELLO!
Did you follow that?
Wow. I almost didn’t.
It amazed me how I haven’t seen Gale or Kristine in quite some time then BAM.

I wrote in my blog, the entry titled “200 Miles for Supper Conclusion” how I bought a car. Well the car is 1995 Ford Escort station wagon with NO bells and whistles, though the guy had to install a modern Kenwood radio that I still can’t figure out how to use. I know cassettes are out but what happened to cd’s?  I really didn’t get any sort of deal on the Escort like I usually find cars for cheap that last YEARS but it is from Florida. It has to be the most rust free Escort you will ever see with an interior like new, and I ain’t kiddin’ either. So that’s what I drove down to southern Ohio the weekend of September 21

Some cars you have to look down at the speedometer because without knowing it you could be driving way over the speed limit. Well I had to do that with the Escort though not because of being over the speed limit but to see how far under the speed limit I was. Other than that, the car ran fine.
I pulled out the bottom of the back seat so it would fold completely flat, pulled the cargo shelf closed, threw in my patio furniture cushions and slept wonderful. OH for curtains I bought these patriotic buntings quite some time ago, I saw then in the garage and used them. I am sure when people saw the lil’ red wagon with the stars and stripes bunting hanging over the windows in the park it had to look like Ford unveiling their new cars.

Turnout was not good at all for the Constitution Party picnic. The weather was gloomy plus I told Gale do you think hosting a gathering for the Constitution Party that you want to get recognized at a placed called Hideaway Hills is a good idea? And yes it was hard to find. Even with the small turnout and bad weather we still had great fellowship.

From there it was on to see Kristine and the long awaited Jackson Apple Festival, well for me it was long awaited. Kristine has told me about this festival for years, she thought it was a big deal and I thought of course she does, any festival in small town America would be a big deal.
I was wrong; it is a big deal, a really big tadoo, if that’s the right word for it. I was impressed.

The Jackson Apple Festival has two parades. One at the start and the night parade on the closing day which is the one I attended. There was food stands everywhere, I saw three band stages set up, rides and people everywhere crowding the streets and sidewalks. I wish I could have gotten there sooner to really enjoy it.
A little before the parade began it started to rain. I ran to Dollar General to buy an emergency rain poncho but they were all sold out so the next best thing, a painters tarp. I may have looked silly but I stayed dry. It didn’t matter if it rained on their parade; it went on and on and on. What a fun parade. I loved it.
Marching bands from schools all throughout southern Ohio participated. I eventually took shelter in the in the Christ United Methodist Church food booth that Kristine was working at. It was the perfect spot to view the parade.
OKKKKKKK enough writing now the link from the festival and parade. You may not need Dramamine as one usually has to take while watching my videos but you may need a flashlight. The vid of the parade is kind of dark. At least you can sit back and enjoy the sounds of the Jackson Apple Festival.
Gotta Go-Go!

Monday, September 10, 2018

200 Miles for Supper Conclusion

Hey Gang,

When Annette the librarian mentioned she was from Shawnee and it was the next town over I was excited. I first came upon Shawnee back in 1990 with Janet and Denise after a camping trip in Hocking Hills. It was always on my list of places to return.

Since then I have been on countless trips, crisscrossed Ohio many many times but I never returned to Shawnee until this year, only 28 years later. Though some things have stayed the same, I would just not venture into buildings like I did back then.

Shawnee in a way has more life today but sadly also more rundown. It does have a newly built furniture store, a pizza place and two or three other businesses plus some residents but a few of the buildings are no longer there and others look beyond repair.

Comparing it today to 1990 it was definitely more spooky 30 years ago which is a good way to describe it. None of the structures were torn down or fallen down, there were no new stores and many of the doors to the buildings were open. It had seemed like the residents just vanished. I still have a few old tin toys that were left in one of the buildings that we went into.

What chased us out back then I still remember vividly. I opened the door to one structure, started to enter, then I noticed an old man sitting on a couch watching TV. It unnerved us so bad we flew out of there. We didn’t know what we stumbled upon, if we were stealing or what.

Today there is one building/residence with a sign on the door that reads: DO NOT ENTER – SOMEONE LIVES HERE.  So maybe it still goes on today, people driving through thinking everything is abandoned.

I stayed about 20 minutes walking around Main Street and nowhere else. I don’t remember back in 1990 if we strayed off Main. The photos I have don’t help because I only have four from that trip. At that time you were limited to how many photos you could take because film rolls only had 24 or 36 shots. Digital cameras were still light years away.

After my walk about town in Shawnee I continued on Rt. 93 to Zainesville, Ohio which was on my way to my last destination Dillon State Park where I planned to grill supper then head home.

Close to the entrance of Dillon I spotted a car and on an impulse I bought it. I couldn’t help it. The car is a station wagon, has roll up windows with NO bells and whistles. How could I pass it up? So what make is it? That’s for another blogging or you may see me before then in your driveway in my lil’ red wagon.

video of my walk down Main in Shawnee.
Gotta Go-Go!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

200 Miles for Supper - part 2

Hey Gang,
I left off with telling you I was going to take you on a walk through New Straitesville and Shawnee but before we do I like to say hope you had a terrific ending to the summer travel season. For me this holiday weekend was a bust. I had two sets of plans fall through so I ended up working on Labor Day. And like this summer if I had to label it it would be called the nonexistent holiday.
Thank goodness I got out and about last weekend.

OK let’s check out New Straitesville. After Logan I stayed on Rt. 93 through Wayne National Forest which took me to New Straitesville the home of the Moonshine Festival, the largest mine fire, and the birthplace of the miners’ union. New Straitesville like Shawnee and hundreds of other towns across America seen its heyday abruptly end once industry closed, in this case coal. The people left in search of work and never looked back.

It was about 2 pm when I entered New Straitesville. It was so quiet.

I took a leisurely walk through town. On some of the empty buildings there was a photo taped to the window of what the building looked like years ago. People properly dressed, crowding stores but today it’s mostly abandoned. While walking I saw a man on a riding lawn mower putsing through town on his way to the newly opened Dollar General. And he didn’t even look out of place. 

The one store that really got my curiosity up was a local drug store/convenience store/burger joint, not sure what to call it. The place is abandoned but it seems with a turn of the key it could be opened tomorrow. The old Coke signs are still on the wall, the counter and stools still look good. I wonder what those shakes and burgers tasted like?

I then went for a walk to see the museum which was closed so instead I took a short hike to see Robinson’s Cave where the miners secretly organized.

From there I spotted the library so I stopped to check on business emails. Their library is tiny but it did have computers. After reading emails I had a nice conversation with Annette one of the head librarians.
She explained that New Straitesville at one time was the moonshine capital of the world.  That explains why they have a festival dedicated to moonshining. I found that fascinating as I always thought it would be in Kentucky or Tennessee. Above their book cases is a collection of souvenir plates from their Moonshine Festivals through the years.
In another room of the library is a section devoted to the local history with many enlarged photos of years ago.

If you are ever in the area stop by and say hi to Annette, but don't look for a lady wearing an orange shirt I am sure she has changed it. She will definitely give you the rundown on the local history. She now lives in Shawnee which is the next town I would pass through.

Here are some videos of New Straitesville. The video inside the library you will never see Annette, she did not want to be on camera.Also I had some issues with editing the YouTube videos so I am posting them as it. Seems that YouTube has gotten rid of some of their easy editing tools. I was hoping to combine all of them into one video. If you can help me shoot me an email and let me know how.

Next posting Shawnee.
Gotta Go-Go!

Friday, August 31, 2018

200 miles for supper - Thank you Gale, Kristine, and Judy & Ed part 1

What a great get away, glad I forced myself to go. I started feeling as if I was losing that adventuresome side. Seriously. I have been going nonstop (besides the short break to the Jimco Rally) with work since about late winter so it was really hard for me to slow down.

Initially wanted to attend the Clifton Gorge Music & Arts Festival, maybe see some friends like Gale who lives sort of in that direction and from there maybe Kristine and Judy. While trying to come up with a game plan, Dee, one of the vendors at Antiques and Uniques, recommended the antique malls in Springfield, Ohio. There’s another Careyism for you. Of all the places someone could recommend seeing, Dee suggests Springfield which is en route to where I was thinking of going.

Anyway tentatively planned was an early Friday take off but a packed Thursday made me leave once again past midnight, ya had to know that was coming. So the revised plans were to at least make it to Springfield before day break before pulling over to sleep, which I did.

I can park just about anywhere but being a light sleeper I had to drive away from the exit to find a spot. I went east on 41 first then into the heart of Springfield. Now I know why there are so many antique malls in the area. Springfield has some really old buildings, and all of the houses are aged. The city looks not really run down but how do I say it, kind of neglected, not updated, maybe that’s the right way to put it. Springfield definitely calls for a return trip.

After driving all over Springfield at 6 am I found another place Dee mentioned, a large lake, Buck Creek State Park. And it was quiet, zzzzzzz. So quiet I slept in till 1 pm. What finally woke me? A quick burst of rain. Immediately after the burst it was sunny. I was glad for Gods wakeup call or I may have slept in till 2.

I only checked out one antique mall, I think it was the smallest, only 700 vendors – wow! It was overload, way way too much. You need a lot of time to enjoy it. I quickly left. The festival was no longer an option because of the time and rain so I called Gale.

Instead of going out to eat Gale invited me over for dinner. Gale gave me directions and said he would be on the side of the road, at least I think that’s what he said. When I approached the exit on the side of the freeway was a car sitting, thinking it may be him I slowed down, went onto the berm, got back on the road and took off. Not only didn’t I recognize him but I thought Gale has too much sense to wait alongside the freeway I had to hear him wrong. Nope, it was him alright. They passed me so I followed and when we exited Gale jumped in my vehicle. And guess what? We got lost on the way to his house. His GPS didn’t help and my paper maps we didn’t bother with since we had no clue where we were. But I did get to see 37 different corn fields. Eventually we found our way in time for supper.

Gale might think I am joking when I said I had to get around a man of reason but it’s true.  I have other friends who are close to the same thinking politically as I am but nothing like the friends I met through the Constitution Party. It’s great to be in the company of people who are like minded. Besides being a true patriot with a great wife Gale has an early 70’s Plymouth Satelite. How can I not like the man?

Gale thought I was spending the night but with only 2 days I wanted to visit other friends. After supper it was time for me to hit the road.
Leaving there I used the modern rest area called Walmart, a most confusing Walmart. A sign read NO OVER NIGHT PARKING IN THE RV LOT. It didn’t stop me or four other RV’s from parking overnight. When I woke John and Amy from Harrisburg, Pa. came over to say hi. They were on their way to the Easy Rider Bike Rodeo in Chillicothe. John bought both copies of my books.

From there I met up with Kristine at the Spot on Main coffee shop in Jackson, haven’t seen her in years. Apple Brian showed up. After coffee it was off to breakfast at Valero, don’t make note of this place, blah food. You know instead of writing about some of the people Kristine introduced me to this is her post from Facebook:
FOREVER FRIENDS...Carey Masci visits Jackson Ohio again. Carey and I have been friends since 2004 and have been on adventures together, anyway...he made his appearance in Jackson, Ohio this past Sunday. He wanted to meet the "infamous" Ron Queen, "original hippie Terry Brewer, and the "porch sisters/porch sitters" Becky Stroth and Julina Lurhman "apple John Brian", and others. As always, he stirred things up by driving his 1969 Tradesman bus. Carey has written 2 books about his travels, and he tells me that the "adventures of Carey and Kristine" are in book 3.

There you have it. And I indeed enjoyed meeting her friends.

The other person on my list I was hoping to see was Judy and her husband and it turned out they live close to Jackson. Ed mentioned a restaurant that we could meet up later at and Kristine knew exactly where it was. I had no idea how this would fall all into place.

While waiting to meet up with Judy & Ed, Kristine and I got caught up. Time stood still but also flew. If not for another burst of rain that reminded Kristine the windows on her Jeep were down we may have been even later to meet Judy. Kristine’s clock on the wall doesn’t work, no wonder it read 10 to 4 the entire time I was there, I just thought time moved slower in S. Ohio. If not for that burst of rain that made us run in to grab her keys I would have never noticed the time, we might still be sitting their talking.

I met Judy & Ed through the Constitution Party. Judy is some activist, so knowledgeable about current events and exposing corruption. I love her passion for America. And Ed, he can be a real card with his comments. I love this couple.
Ed thank you for the meal, it was great. Ed introduced me to the owner Chinese Johnny and even bought him a copy of my book “Cruising Across America”.

From there it was porch time in Jackson at Kristine’s neighbor’s house. It was getting a bit late or I would have sat there much longer swapping stories and conversing. Thanks again Kristine for introducing me and showing me around.

I was going to hightail it home but I decided on the slow route. I parked in Logan the gateway to Ohio;s scenic wonderland overnight. In the morning I came across a front yard sale that I stopped at and met the most interesting person. I was invited in her house and had a really great conversation with her. You know what… just meet her for yourself. Here is Kristine artist/activist/Christian:
So was this the end of my trip? Nope. Next blogging I will take you on a walk through New Straitesville and Shawnee which is as close to a ghost town you will find in the eastern US.

Gotta Go-Go!

ps: I know most people think its nuts to travel over 200 miles to eat supper with someone but for me staying in touch with good friends is priceless. I would rather squeeze in a dinner than try to make plans for a longer visit that may never happen. When you have the time, just go. It's memories that you will be glad you have.