Monday, April 28, 2008

Shirl talks about Kentucky's earthquake

Hey Gang,
This is a little different for a blog. Instead of rewriting a chat I had with Shirl on Wednesday morning April 23, 2008, I am posting it as it.
The earthquake she talks about happened Sunday April 20Th.
Earthquakes are now happening in Kentucky! This should make us think.
shirley (4/23/2008 3:58:22 AM): now i can tell you
shirley (4/23/2008 3:59:34 AM): guess what happened here in campton
shirley (4/23/2008 3:59:44 AM): we had an earth quake
Carey (4/23/2008 3:59:48 AM): WOW
shirley (4/23/2008 3:59:52 AM): yes
Carey (4/23/2008 3:59:56 AM): has that ever happened
shirley (4/23/2008 4:00:06 AM): real early sun morn in the wee hours
shirley (4/23/2008 4:00:15 AM): not in my lifetime here
Carey (4/23/2008 4:00:21 AM): wow
shirley (4/23/2008 4:00:26 AM): it was a 4 pointer
Carey (4/23/2008 4:00:34 AM): thats pretty big
shirley (4/23/2008 4:00:53 AM): and then we had an after shock a few hours later
shirley (4/23/2008 4:01:00 AM): my bed shook
Carey (4/23/2008 4:01:01 AM): did ya feel it
Carey (4/23/2008 4:01:05 AM): i guess you did
shirley (4/23/2008 4:01:22 AM): at first i thought heidi my dog had gotten off my bed til i sat up and she was still there
Carey (4/23/2008 4:01:42 AM): where was it centered
shirley (4/23/2008 4:01:47 AM): the news said we are in for another one later this summer
shirley (4/23/2008 4:01:53 AM): a much bigger one
shirley (4/23/2008 4:02:39 AM): not sure but we felt it here in campton and the after shock went clear into the outskirts of jackson
Carey (4/23/2008 4:02:54 AM): they never said the spot of origin
shirley (4/23/2008 4:03:04 AM): i didnt catch it
Carey (4/23/2008 4:03:09 AM): my goodness
shirley (4/23/2008 4:03:12 AM): i know
shirley (4/23/2008 4:03:20 AM): now its getting scarey
Carey (4/23/2008 4:03:26 AM): is this a first for all of Ky or just this area
shirley (4/23/2008 4:03:33 AM): i dont know
shirley (4/23/2008 4:03:43 AM): have to check into it
Carey (4/23/2008 4:04:57 AM): the first one I ever remember happened in Cleveland in 86, the first that I know of for this area
shirley (4/23/2008 4:05:14 AM): this was my first
Carey (4/23/2008 4:05:16 AM): since then we must of had oh maybe 8
shirley (4/23/2008 4:05:24 AM): really
Carey (4/23/2008 4:05:31 AM): all of them are about 2.0 to about 3.5
Carey (4/23/2008 4:05:54 AM): not that big BUT it is an earthquake
shirley (4/23/2008 4:06:00 AM): yes
Carey (4/23/2008 4:06:08 AM): and who knows when it can spring into a big one
shirley (4/23/2008 4:06:25 AM): the one that we are supposed to get this summer is supposed to be a 6 pointer
Carey (4/23/2008 4:06:32 AM): no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are joking right?
shirley (4/23/2008 4:06:41 AM): they have been following up on this one they knew we were supposed to get this one
shirley (4/23/2008 4:07:01 AM): no im not joking
Carey (4/23/2008 4:07:08 AM): Shirl do you realize a 6 is MAJOR damage
shirley (4/23/2008 4:07:13 AM): i know
shirley (4/23/2008 4:07:21 AM): this one was a 4
Carey (4/23/2008 4:07:33 AM): they don't jump by a little, the richter scale is strange
shirley (4/23/2008 4:07:39 AM): thats why i said im kinda scared
Carey (4/23/2008 4:07:43 AM): was there any damage
shirley (4/23/2008 4:07:51 AM): not that i know of
Carey (4/23/2008 4:07:58 AM): 4 can cause some
shirley (4/23/2008 4:08:40 AM): but my air unit outside is making a terrible noise when it comes on now and it didnt before this happened
shirley (4/23/2008 4:08:58 AM): i think it moved it out of balance or something
Carey (4/23/2008 4:15:22 AM): but in a way its kind of exciting isnt it
shirley (4/23/2008 4:15:28 AM): sort of
Carey (4/23/2008 4:15:30 AM): yes
Carey (4/23/2008 4:15:33 AM): in a scary way
shirley (4/23/2008 4:15:36 AM): if they dont get real bad
shirley (4/23/2008 4:15:52 AM): patty and rocks were mad cause they slept through it
Carey (4/23/2008 4:15:58 AM): oh my gosh
Carey (4/23/2008 4:16:09 AM): yeah thats what I mean
Carey (4/23/2008 4:16:23 AM): you dont want it to happen but it is an event of sorts
Carey (4/23/2008 4:16:27 AM): something to remember
shirley (4/23/2008 4:16:30 AM): yup
shirley (4/23/2008 4:17:08 AM): gosh the one that we r to get this summer might cause some of these mountains to fall
Carey (4/23/2008 4:17:23 AM): YES 6 IS MAJOR
shirley (4/23/2008 4:17:34 AM): i hope they r mistaken
Carey (4/23/2008 4:17:40 AM): me to
This should make us all think and if it doesn't this will:



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Sunday, April 20, 2008

How most Clevelander's spent their Friday nights in the 60's & 70's part 2

Hey Gang,
I had such positive feedback from the "How most Clevelander's spent their Friday nights" email that I decided to send part 2 with more recollections I had of Hoolihan & Big Chuck.
Cindy R. responded with That almost brought a tear to my eye. Good memories and good writing…
Vince in Pa. some how viewed the show and wrote: Hi Carey, great e-mail! Even tho I have lived 100 miles away from Cleveland , I was able to watch Ghoulardi (Turn Blue!), and Hoolihan & Big Chuck. Not only did I watch them, but my son grew up watching Big Chuck & lil John.
And Sherry wrote I remember all of this. I watched it even in elementary school whilethe goul was on. As I got older, I would only watch sometimes. Memories!

Ahh yes!!!!!!!! It made me feel good to have people reminisce with me. Some other memories I had of the show was the different characters and skits they came up with.
One of my favorites was the Kielbasy Kid with Kiesh the Wonder Dog. This character was a western gunslinger but in his holster instead of a gun was a kielbasa. Years ago at a store called Clarkins they were giving away cardboard posters of the Kielbasy Kid, believe it or not I still have mine and its hanging on my wall. Being little back then I couldn't figure out how Big Chuck and the Kielbasy Kid could be the same person and I thought he was known everywhere in America.
Then there was Soul Man, a black super hero dressed like Superman. Its a shame people are so touchy today with laughing at the differences between nationalities. There was no ill-tent involved it was just for laughs.
They even had a pizza eating contest which made a celebrity out of Mushmouth Mariano Pachetti. He had many challengers but always won and wore the belt home. On one pizza eating match he went up against a German Sheppard though I don't remember the outcome.
Or what about the silly spin off called Mary Hartski, Mary Hartski!
There was also Reading's by Roberts and plenty of skits with a character called Stash, I could go on with even more memories but will end it here.
I need to make a correction, I had the date wrong, Ghoulardi went off the air in '66 soon replaced by Hoolihan & Big Chuck. From what I understand Ghoulardi was chased off the airways because his character was to controversial and a bad influence for the kids. As much as Hoolihan & Big Chuck were loved, according too anyone old enough to have watched him, Ghoulardi was the King and pioneer that many afterward tried to copy but never succeeded in coming close.
Enjoy these additional clips.

Gotta GoGo!!
HEY Group - Cool it with the boom-boom-booms, ova dey!


old misc. bloopers from the local news in Cleveland

Dorothy Fuldheim was an orignal news reporter from the early days of TV, she stayed on way into her golden years. It seemed to me growing up she was always old. Joel Rose sitting next to her committed suicide a few years back.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

How most Clevelander's spent their Friday nights in the 60's & 70's

Hey Gang,
For those in the Cleveland area this is a neat flash back and for those not in the Cleveland area this is how most Clevelander's spent their Friday nights in the 60's and 70's, watching Hoolihan & Big Chuck. In fact in the 60's crime actually went down in Cleveland on Friday nights while the show was on.
Hoolihan & Big Chuck took over about 1963 for Ghoulardi who left Cleveland for greener pastures in California. Ghoulardi (Ernie Anderson) did many commercials and was the voice that said the "Love Boat" a TV series from the 1970's. Both Ghoulardi and Hoolihan & Big Chuck were movie hosts that showed B movies at 11:30 pm on Friday nights on channel 8, CBS. During commercial breaks they would show skits or funnies as we would call them in our family. Their campy humor made them local celebrities. They did many charities, had their own baseball and basketball team made up of local TV personalities. And who can ever forget those cheesy movies. The show always ended with Hoolihan in a leopard print night gown and Big Chuck in a red one telling corny jokes sent in from viewers.
Their favorite skits and jokes would always be about Parma , Polish and Pollocks until political correctness, yes it started way back then, got them in trouble and they had to start saying a person from a certain ethnic background. Whats funny is Big Chucks last name is Shadowski. Does anyone remember them joking about people living in Parma always wear white socks?
In the mid 70's Hoolihan left and was replaced by Lil John. It was never the same, even though they stuck around until last year, 2007, when they finally retired. It truly was an end of an era. Years ago that was about all there was to watch, you had very few channel's. Plus everything is so rehearsed and run by the media conglomerates no way would a show be made like this today. Plain and simple the show was silly fun.
Cleveland had a few other movie hosts but never as popular. On channel 43 on Saturday afternoon's there was Super Host played by Marty Sullivan who was also a newscaster. Likewise, Hoolihan's real name was Bob Wells and was meteorologist for channel 8, his nick name was Hoolihan the Weatherman.
It truly is an end of an era, never to return.
I met Big Chuck twice most recently at the Woolly Bear Festival in 2006. If you want to see a recent photo of him go to click on snapshots and then click on Celebrities.
Gotta GoGo!!

Very early 60's. Andy Griffith with Hoolihan & Big Chuck

This are an early and mid 70's clip.

This is later on when the show switched to Big Chuck & Lil John and became even more cheesy.

Monday, April 14, 2008

State of the Hey Gang Address

Hey Gang,
Its been a long while since I gave any kind of an update on the status of the Hey Gang and or who's left so here it is.
Millard has been on his own campaign to restore decency in America. He wrote that he took out a new book at the Morehead library. It was full of curse words so he crossed them all out. The head librarian contacted him after someone took the book out and told her about it. He wasn't charged but she told him not to do that again. The librarian didn't reorder the book and it wasn't placed back on the shelf either because of the curse words. Way to go Millard.

Colin Baisden, from Century 21, the realtor who helped me buy my house, emailed to see how I was doing. There's nothing strange in that, but what was, he finally responded to my 2003 Christmas email which was the last time I talked to him. Hey at least he got back to me.

At the March Coast to Coast meeting I brought Uncle Akky with me. At the meeting was Ted Alexander a long time radio DJ and voice of many commercials for the Cleveland area. I found out that Uncle Akky and Ted Alexander use to live in the same neighborhood. Ted, when he was in his early teens, made a small radio station in his basement and would broadcast records for the neighborhood. Uncle Akky's Dad was Jay Miltner who broadcast on NBC and at times filled in to do the weather. Jay Miltner and Ted Alexander knew each other quite well. I just LOVE connections like that and to be a part of bringing it together just makes me feel so good. I found Jay Miltners voice on line and played it for Uncle Akky who is very computer illiterate and was so taken aback to hear his Dads voice again he made me play it over and over. If you like to hear Jays voice or see him check out these links. When I played it boy did it bring me back to when I was a kid.

Connie from N.C. finally has a blog-site. Her best friend talked her into it. She writes I am not much of a blogger but I do love reading other people's blogs. I have met some nice people. One is even a 27 time Grammy Award winner. Some are from other countries and one in Wisconsin is even in a Civil War reenactment that they do every year where the whole town closes down. So if you like to see who the lady from N.C. that prays for so many of you is, go to and click on Friends Websites and you will find her blog.

Megan is getting married and no its not to me. Oh well. Its August 9, 2008. The ceremony will be in her mom's backyard. The reception will be at the VFW in Brimley. Congrats Megan!!!

Vince from Pa. retired on Feb. 29Th, then promptly took a vacation. I still don't know what he retired from. When I asked him what he did, he said my job was so secretive that I didn't even know what I was doing. But some how he did manage to retire. Hey Vince you know I am just ribbing you, Congratulations on being able to retire so young and in good health!!

Denisee turned 40 this weekend and had a dance party at the Redstone on W76Th in Cleveland. I had a great time. Holly gave her a dozen carnations which were beautiful but I said look what I gave her, a 6 foot tall stuffed sunflower. Denisee are you really 40, you don't look it, I would of guessed 39. Serious though, you haven't aged a bit. Aren't you glad this is being broadcast all over the Internet?

Jeff is still truck driving and enjoying it. He sends post cards every chance he gets. So far I have received cards from Oklahoma, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa. With the price of gas this may be the only way for any of us to travel.

Cindy R. is now working at a coffee shop on Lakeshore Blvd.. Not sure which one but if you start in Cleveland and work your way east stopping at all the coffee shops you may find her. Gosh if you do, don't stop and say hi to me, with all that caffeine in you, you will probably be a big ball of jittery nerves.

Rowe was in Colorado recently to attend his 26 year old grandsons wedding.

Ruth from the Philippines told me during our on-line chat she may be attending a seminar next week which is work related and connected with her church. She is a principle of Evangelical Kindergarten School. At the seminar she would learn how to take care of the school and other legal matters. Its held in Davao which is about an hour ride by plane from where she lives. Ruth told me that city is very beautiful and has plenty of fruits. I would just love to see it.

Jeff part two. Jeff had a break from trucking and was home this weekend. Him and I went to church. Pastor Jim was back at the helm after his four month sabbatical. Afterward the Pastor asked how about meeting some where for coffee. So the Pastor, his wife Lisa, Jeff and I met at the Branding Iron restaurant and had a nice time. The food was terrific and so was the fellowship. Thanks Jeff for picking up the tab!

Friday night I had an unexpected IM from Tri from Indonesia. Shirl was just asking me what happened to Tri? Its been quite some time I've heard from her. We must of chatted about 2 hours getting caught up. Tri is doing fine but like most of us here in the states she is also battling a cold. Makes one think - Pandemic?

Some of the others I use to be in touch with and write about, I wonder where they are. Ter', Tim in Michigan, Gwen in Mo., Michelle from the Philippines, Lisa in Alabama to name a few. Holly, Margaret and Sharon are drifting and don't hear from them much anymore. Hmmmm.....

Jeff B. was feeling ill again this weekend, this would also be his second bout with an illness. What is going on folks?

As for me, business is somewhat picking up, much better than it was. And I decided to get the Bus running again. I have come to realize the era of cheap gas is over! So I can either let the GoGo Bus rot by sitting, take a beating in selling it or just use it locally for car shows and save up for one long trip per year. I decided on the last one. I'm not use to not being able to jump in my Bus and take off every weekend. This lifestyle of being land locked locally is new for me. I want so bad to get out there and visit friends again.

If I forgot to include you with something you told me or if you have an update of sorts email and I can include it in part two. And that's a wrap!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Friend Always,
Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Why is everyone so uptight about being photographed?

What a delightful evening at the Coast to Coast group last night, welllllll..... actually most of the night except near the end. There was an incident involving a lady who became quite rude and almost hostile in her behavior when I started taking pictures. So much so I kept pressing for an answer why she was uptight and her horrified look. First let me explain more about these meetings.
These Coast to Coast meetings are based on the radio show of the same name that comes on at about midnight on most AM stations. We have different speakers or an open mic format. Nothing is sacred or left untouched as far as topics. Everything from conspiracy's, UFOs, politics, health, no stone is left unturned. You always learn something. If you get offended easily or are very opinionated its not for you because no one is right or wrong, though we do have discussions, ultimately it's still left up to you to decide fact or fiction. Once in awhile some one will bring up a subject that makes you shake your head but again we never say that person is wrong or argue, discuss yes but never argue. But this ladies actions have finally made me speak up and say hey enough with these weird beliefs. Sometimes ya just gotta!
Now about this lady and this cold, paranoid society we are living in today with so many weird beliefs continually popping up. Daily our society seems to get a bit worse, a little more paranoid, with more offshoot religions and people getting wound tighter and tighter. It almost makes the '90's seem like the wonderful '50's. What is going on?
Pre-911, I am starting to hate that term but its so true, I carried my camera and/or video camera everywhere. This goes way back to when I was a kid. Back then it was either a camera or a small cassette player. Thinking back on those days I can't ever remember one incident when some one got to the point of violence or hysterics. Of course I've had my share of oh no not my photo with plenty of faces covered by hands but their reason was I am embarrassed, I hate my photo taken I never look good, my hairs not combed, you know silly petty things that never amounted to much. And usually after the camera went click everyone was back to smiling and the usual I hope I didn't break the camera. Not today!
During the '04 election when John Edwards came to Mentor, Ohio I went to protest John Kerry running for president. I didn't have any signs, I was not vocal, I was fairly neutral, why? I had my video camera and wanted to ask people their thoughts. One guy who I believe was a teacher at the school and an obvious supporter of Kerry punched me when I asked his opinion. Why? In '05 I had an irate Chinese woman run me down while I was at a dentist demanding the film of the photo I took of her while at a traffic light. Why? I had a store clerk chase my out of Victoria's Secret for snapping a photo of a scantily clad mannequin yelling I could be arrested. Why!
If you would look at my home video collection you would see the different restaurants and stores I photographed and or taped because I enjoyed their food or merchandise and I would show it to family and friends. Now I am chased out of stores. Its their lose but its still a shame something else is being ruined and almost to the point of another freedom being eroded away.
As for the lady, she had her reason why she didn't want her photo taken which I will get to. But I need to set some facts straight to all these people that insist you need to ask someone first to take their photograph and or you can't post that with out their consent, hooey!
Have you ever been in a stadium crowd while a sporting event was taking place? Do you know somewhere you may be on a calendar, in some ones photo album? Are the photographers suppose to stop the action during the game and say OK anyone not wanting to be in this photo please leave. What about newspapers? Should they stop also printing photos? Magazines? Maybe we should stop all photography except nature and animals?
Some of the most memorable photographs ever taken were from people unaware. Some horrific as the little Vietnamese girl running naked after an attack in the Vietnam war. Some are celebratory as the kiss in Life magazine in WWII. Should we of asked their permission?
People have to ease up.
So what was this lady's problem? She said photographs takes a persons energy away? WHAT? I though that was only true for Dracula? Lady if you happen to read this on my blog I promise never to take your photograph, not because you asked me not to but because you take my positive fun energy away. I only want photos of smiling friendly faces on my website so you don't have to worry, your face won't be there. As for everyone else, plain and simple, just get over it and smile 'cause my camera could be lurking nearby and ready to go snap!

Gotta GoGo!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Where have I been and Nick's request.

Hey Gang,
I thought I should drop in on you before you think Aliens took me away, the ones in space not the illegal kind, now that would be even more scary.
So where have I been? Sick, ill, YES, round two! Can you believe it, I can't. I was just telling you how I hardly ever get sick and here I am in about five weeks time battling the flu bug or whatever it is again.
What I thought may be my cleaning chemicals might actually be that dreaded virus going around and around and around. Why I thought it was the stuff I was cleaning with is because it clogs my sinuses and when they get plugged I get dizzy, bad headache, nausea, the works. I have switched most cleaning chemicals to formulas that I am not allergic to but they still haven't found a substitute for bleach which does wonders. But then again, it may be that virus.
Everyone I know has had it. Rich told me, he is another one that rarely gets sick, that he had it so bad he missed a week of work. If you had it you know the symptoms, clogged head, dizzy, cough with a fever. What I don't understand is when Rich went to the same Urgent Care I did, they said they couldn't do anything for him. When I went they gave me something called a Z pack. I told this lady on Tuesday, at an office I clean, that I was feeling ill again she advised go back to the clinic for another Z pack, her niece had to have two.
I tell ya, after cleaning that office on Tuesday I came home and my head felt more stuffed than a Thanksgiving turkey. And BAM that's when round two started.
I spoke with George at World Auto Parts on Friday, yes there is still such a thing as customer relations, who had called to check on an order I placed. He heard my voice and gave me the lecture of my life. Carey, listen to me, don't play games go to the doctor. I almost made the mistake of saying OK Dad he was so concerned. He went on to tell me his bout with this virus in December. His was so bad it raised his blood pressure and he was almost hospitalized. According to George, he said that 48 states have had this and the flu season is over but this one is still lingering around.
Which makes me go back to thinking of all those illegal aliens. How? Not in this letter, maybe another time I will tell you how.

As for Nick in Florida, he runs his own hood cleaning business for restaurants. He has asked for prayers for business and guidance in handling the jobs.

Gotta GoGo!!