Sunday, December 25, 2011


Hey Gang!

Wow - I don't know how it felt to you but this year and season flew – flash - its Christmas already.

It was a busy holiday season with work, Dad in the hospital and politics. I attended a Christmas business trade dinner and show in Columbus with Dov that was fun. Was invited to Greg Schmidt's business dinner party, delicious food and good company. And then I was locked in .... let me start at the beginning.

Jimmy invited me to his Christmas concert at school. He invited me to a few others but just couldn't make it but this one there was no way I was going to miss it.

So I went to my Tuesday account a little earlier than usual so I could attend his concert at 7. I normally end the cleaning at this place about 8 or later.

Greg the owner tells me tonight we will do things differently, I am going to leave you, I will lock all the doors just shut the lights on the way out, usually he stays until I am finished.

Well everything seemed to be lining up perfectly where I could be finished on time. With the owner and workers gone early this meant I could vac and clean without having to stop if they received a phone call or if a client came in.

I rush through the cleaning and finished on the dot at 7. The school is right down the road so it didn't matter if I was a few minutes late and Walt was saving me a seat. I grab my supplies and head to the garage where my locker was kept. The door automatically shut behind me as it usually does which was no big deal. I throw my stuff in the locker, look at the clock only 3 minutes after 7, not bad. Put the lock on the locker and go to turn the knob on the door to reenter the office where my coat and keys were but the knob didn't turn. Tried it again, OH (*&^**%^$% WHO LOCKED THE DOOR – HELP!!!

Well to conclude this story it took me over an hour to get that door open and yes I missed the concert.

Thats a Christmas memory that I wish wouldn't of been made

The Christmas Spaghetti dinner/gift exchange went excellent. Delicious pasta, well of course I cooked it, plenty of desserts, some decent and silly gifts with about 15 showing and everyone brought a lot of energy and great conversation. Who says you can't talk politics or religion at a party? Well we did and no one squabbled or fought but laughed – YES!

As Dave Macko said It was a lie perpetuated by the enemy to silence and divide us, and he is right.

The fun gifts were the HUGE pants Walt brought, size 80 waist by 32. Joe brought a wooden Buddha and Dave Macko got that gift and I brought a huge wooden head and Joe got that.

That's all – Merry Christmas again everyone, love you guys!

Carey Masci

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cook Forest part 2

The park chaplain came by this morning to invite us to Sunday service in the park and we got to talking about the Rangers that stopped last night and the Bus. The guy in the next site heard us and came over. He said I'm a lawyer and when I saw the rangers talking to you and looking inside your vehicle last night I thought to myself this guy needs a lawyer but when they left I stayed put, now I know what happened.

The part of Cook Forest we are at is nice and the old growth pines are of incredible height and the smell is so wonderful. There are also plenty of trails from easy to difficult but no real breathtaking vistas or scenery. One beautiful overlook was Seneca Point and the view from the fire tower we climbed was also beautiful. Both of these are across from Ridge Campground where we stayed.

The fire tower was crazy, it seemed to sway. It was put out of service years ago and shows. The height wasn't listed but the sign said it looks over the 130 foot tall pines. I found out later the height is 80 feet. A mother and her young daughter, maybe 8, started to climb it. The lady chickened out so the husband took the daughter and their even younger son, maybe 4, up. She told us I am a very protective mother but I can't look. I am thinking neither one would win parent of the year award. The steps are open and so easy for a kid to slip through. They were from Eastlake which is a city over from where I live, maybe that has something to do with it.

The trail we hiked was the Longfellow Trail. Only 1.2 miles. Some of the white pines on this trail are over 400 years old and some are the tallest in the Northeastern US at 150 feet, one is 183 feet.

But believe it or not most of the excitement centered around the GoGo Bus and meeting people. Nick started keeping count how many came up to us but quickly stopped. At one store we pulled in I was waiting for this lady to back out so I could grab her spot. She starts backing up, stops in the middle of the parking lot, gets out with her friend and both take pictures and then zoom off. How could I yell at them​ Another couple we met at Mac Beths convenience store ran into us again on a trail and said hey its the purple bus people. And of course at the campground, I think just about everyone had to peak at it.

In the morning church and then a slow cruise back, maybe the Tionesta area or the Canfield, Ohio fair. Hard to believe we are at the end of the summer vacation season, it seems like it just got here.

That's all for now.
Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cook Forest, Pa - part 1

A Pennsylvania rangers patrol car stops abruptly, two rangers get out with flashlights, they march up to me rather quickly and say OH you're not in any trouble we just wanted to see your vehicle.

Rewind. A week and a half ago I asked Nick you want to go camping? I called Cooks Forest in Pa they had two spot lefts. I grabbed one and made plans. I tried to rally a few people into going but you know what, I am tired of cheer leading so it was me and Nick and that's alright by me. Nicks a good traveler and never complains whats on the agenda.

In typical Carey fashion I wanted to leave by 10 am Friday but didn't leave until 2pm. But it always works out for the best. I had to do an oil change before we left. Wow did my oil look bad. Then we headed to the local gas station in Wickliffe filled her up and that's when Nick walked back to the Bus after paying and told me look under the Bus. His face told the story. I was chicken to look and kept asking what? Just look. So I did and OH no, whats that leaking? Gas! Pulled it to the side of the station, crawled under and found the culprit. The small hose from the gas filter to the gas pump was – chewed? It seemed that way to me, Nick said naww and I said yes gnaw. I have a mice problem in my garage and the GoGo Bus. They pooped all over the top of my engine and somehow got into it and pooped in my chip bowl I left in it. Didn't know mice like BBQ chips.

I am thankful the line ruptured close to home and not on the freeway.

We were making OK time but the Bus was running rough so we stopped before Youngstown at Craig Woodruffs place, he rebuilds carbs and just did mine. He gave it a few adjustments and said have a nice trip. We took notes from him of places to see in Cooks Forest and headed back to Rt 80.

We made it to Shippendale the place I thought the male strippers come from, then I realized its SHIPPENVILLE. Driving through town was a small little grocery store, Red & White. A real throw back. It had small signs in front like Burma Shave one after the other. The smoked pork chops sign was the one that got to me. The store has wood floors, mounted heads of animals, some dry goods, essential groceries, produce, and in the back the butcher counter, deli and a small room where he does the smoking and making of jerky. The smell of the place was wonderful.

The owners name is Dan Stiller. They asked if we wanted to try their Bologna, wish I would of. After we left I noticed their business card said Try our almost famous Bologna & other smoked meats. After a few laughs we left. Its a good thing I didn't listen to Nick, he didn't want to stop. Not only because we found quality meat but because we were going the wrong way. The owner directed us to Rt 66 and said head towards Leeper and we did.

One more stop before the campground at another Red & White for pop, but they are not related or a chain according to the first one.

A short distance from the campground entrance we see road flairs and a patrol car with flashers. A little bit further more emergency vehicles, a tow truck and someone directing traffic around an accident. This was a You Tube moment if there ever was one but I tell you if it doesn't come out on my vid cam I will strangle Nick. I handed him the cam because I had to pay attention to driving and said tape whats going on. He momentarily put the cam down before I could pick it back up. What do I hope came out? The emergency workers, paramedics or what ever they were stopped look up and said hey neat vehicle! Oh my gosh! I am sure the party involved wasn't to thrilled to see the GoGo Bus.

We set up camp. Nicks excited his first tent experience. He said he usually sleeps in cars. After supper I nap wake up just about to exit the Bus when a Rangers car pulls up, two rangers get out in a hurry with flash lights drawn. My mind raced, was it the wood we took, the electric hot plate I am using, Euclid coming to get me. I must of seen scared because the one said to me Oh you are not in trouble we just want to see your vehicle. But they sure must of thought I was stoned. If you don't know me its this way after a nap or just waking... silence please, coffee and then you can talk. I forgot where I was at and said you are from the NY police? Duh! They enjoyed the brief tour of the Bus and took off.

It was the first time cops asked politely if they could look in my vehicle and the first time I more than obliged.

Part Two to come, stay tuned....
Gotta GoGo!!

back from cook forest, pa - intro

Hey Gang,
Just returned from a 3 day escape to Cooks Forest. A quickly planned trip. For the most part things went well. It was a quieter trip, a trip to unclutter the mind as the camp chaplain said.

I saw things and areas that I have never been to before. And its not that far from my home, about 160 miles away. Not sure why I never went before. Maybe the high price of gas is good, its keeping me closer to home – yeah right.

It really is disturbing what has happened to our dollar under this current regime. I am not sure how the rest of you are getting along but its tough for me to justify traveling, I feel as if I am just throwing my money away. Camping was always one of the cheapest things to do. Here are just a few things that had me really upset: about $132 in gas for round trip of about 400 miles - camp site $62.00 for 2 nights in a state forest – bundle of wood for 2 nights $30 and corn, always one of the cheapest things is now at $4.50 for a doz! Crazy!!!!!!

Well I am going to post my outing in segments as I wrote them. But before I do that have to tell you my dream.

The weather was quite ideal Friday through early Sunday morning when it briefly stormed then dried up and didn't rain again till we started driving home late afternoon. All days were hot and sunny perfect way to end the summer travel season. Sunday morning at 5 am I awoke from a strange dream.

A storm was gathering that turned into a tornado. At the base of this twirling funnel cloud were Batman & Robin with their arms crossed. They were HUGE. I ran inside to tell my family and they said this is no storm but a tornado, hide. Just then a loud crack and BOOM woke me from the dream. I looked out the window startled. It had woken Nick also and he said yes Carey its a thunderstorm.

Now don't go writing to me saying my guardian angels must be super heroes it was only a dream... or was it?

Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

my online chat

Hey Gang,
Boy oh boy I tell you, with all the other problems we have going on add customer service to the list of things gone wrong. This is my actual chat I had with the Western Union online help center.

I was trying for hours to send money through the computer using Western Union and it wouldn't let me so finally I tried the HELP. When I was done I needed help as in mental help from going crazy because of W. Union.

Here's the chat:

Carrie C.: Hi, my name is Carrie C.. How may I help you?
carey masci: hi carrie my name is carey
carey masci: how funny
carey masci: my issue is this
carey masci: i have been trying all day to make an online transaction
carey masci: it heeps saying
carey masci: we are unable to process your transaction
carey masci: what do i do?
Carrie C.: I would be happy to help you with that.
Carrie C.: Can you copy and paste the full message you received?
carey masci: will try
carey masci: here it is
carey masci: We are unable to process your transaction.

carey masci: it is in a white box with a red outline
carey masci: below that it says date of money transfer: 08/22/2011
carey masci: it also says
carey masci: Money Transfer Is Not Complete

Carrie C.: Did you get the MTCN?
carey masci: what is that
carey masci: and where is it
Carrie C.: Can you copy and paste the full message?
carey masci:

Money Transfer Is Not Complete
We are unable to process your transaction.

Date of Money Transfer: 08/22/2011

Need Help?
chat online now or
Call 1-877-989-3268

carey masci: thats all there is
Carrie C.: We apologize for any inconvenience.
carey masci: thanks
Carrie C.: If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
Carrie C.: Thank you for contacting Western Union.

Best Regards,

The Western Union Customer Care Team
Carrie C. has disconnected.

THAT'S IT! Plus they had the audacity to send me a survey on how they did.

The whole world has gone crazy. I would complain but I may get another help line.

Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jimco Rally Part 2

This is part 2, I didn't have access to the internet so I wrote this on my laptop after the bonfire gathering

Hey Gang,
Everyone woke fairly early at Jimco's. I finally got up at about 9am. Made coffee first then opened the doors. OH there's my keys. I left them in the door lock again. Gee someone could of got in and taken me for a real ride.

I missed the morning breakfast with the gang so I ate cereal. Then everyone started coming up to take a peak at the GoGo Bus. I have had it for many years but still feel great the comments and smiles I get. They voted me best of show, no prize or plaque just a friendly gesture but was honored to be picked.

As I said I don't live far from here but the group loves going to Sands RV in near by Madison so I went along. Sands is the site of the old Unger Motorhome company. Sands still sells parts and all kinds of accessories for RV's of all makes. I made the most of the trip and sat back and pretended I was MILES away from home. And believe me, it did seem like I was on a far away vacation.

I drove with JD and his wife Ethylene who are from the Springfield, Mo. area. We talked politics and pretty much agree on the ills of this nation. It was very enjoyable driving and talking with them. JD use to work for BASF in the pesticide division and has been in 49 of the states because of his former job. I am excited to have met JD because he may be able to diagnose whats wrong with the plants in my yard.

When we got back from our shopping experience which included Walmart which I sat in the car waiting, we took a group shot. There was about 15 of us, the furthest was Rusty of Texas and one couple, TG and his wife LJ are from Canada. The photo was taken in front of the GoGo Bus and a 72 Winnebago. Lots of laughs and joking.

The '72 is owned by Brad of NJ. His parents are the original owners so its never left the family. John took his first trip in it when he was 6 months old. It has 170,000 miles but is all original and well taken care of. A beautiful time piece.

Jimco showed me his garage of collectables and THEE first Winnebago off the assembly line, 001. Its a 1966, all original and LOW miles. He has 5 others and a 86 Corvette and the first TV he bought in '84 that still works. Some collection, I was impressed.

At 5:30 we had a pot luck dinner and of course I was late getting mine to the buffet table. I made, I don't know what you would call it, I took two boxes of instant flavored rice and followed the directions except I only used 1 ¼ bags of the seasonings that came with it. I then browned western style pork ribs that I sliced up into small chunks. Cooked it with butter and olive oil, added Italian seasonings, pepper, some sugar. After that was browned I threw it in with the rice that seemed a little dry so added a little bit of coffee. Then I browned some green bell pepper in olive oil with sugar, salt and pepper. Threw that in. Then heated up a can of diced pineapple with a little sugar and olive oil. Threw that in the pot, mixed it all up and walla. Delicious.

At the table we had shrimp with Jimcos home made cocktail sauce, perfect. Chris and Tina had wrapped pork, beef and a turkey separately in foil and threw it in a pit of hot ashes they dug. There was also sliced potatoes and onions made by Dan, corn on the cob by Tim, and plenty of deserts.

After dinner Jimco lit a huge bonfire and we sat and talked and talked until about 10:30.

Great group of people, felt so at ease.

Gotta GoGo!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jimco Rally 1

I didn't have access to the internet so posting about the Jimco rally now.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey Gang,
Well I made it. I made it to the JIMCO Vintage RV rally in Thompson. It was tough trying to get everything together as the GoGo Bus just 2 weeks ago went in for surgery to repair rot. I only got it back 10 days ago and besides polishing and cleaning from not using it in such a long time I had to replace the floor and carpet. Dad is still is very handy and likes to pitch in helped as did John in Barberton who lent a hand with the wood for the floor. So a big thank you to them.

Another person, a supposed friend who was suppose to attend the rally and help load the Bus was a no show - again.
I was just telling someone this week who has had her share of chaos because of users and friends not keeping their word. I said you need to clean house and get around positive people. For the most part I have done that in the last few years with friends who were anchors but I need to take my own advice with a certain person who lives at the top of my street and I've known since the 4th grade. This person has repeatedly done this,. Its better to plans things by yourself than to think help is there or someone will attend an event with you and not show or even call. That's rotten. Time to clean house.
That's my rant for the day.

Now.... about the rally.

I ran late, whats new? It started Wednesday. I wanted to be here either early evening Thursday or early Friday, I made it late Friday night about 10:30. It was only in Thompson which is under 35 miles from my house but can you believe I got lost? The directions said take a right on Madison Road. I went up and down RT 166 numerous times before I realized 528 is Madison Rd, DUH! That's another reason for the late arrival.

When I pulled in I knocked on the door and was greeted with a big smile from Jimco's wife Lydia. Then Jimco the owner of the property and rally came out, jumped into my Bus and showed me to my spot. Before he headed back he gave me the rundown and some history of the place.

The rally is held on a 30 acre tree farm. Jimco sells hardwood from it. Before that he was a mechanic who restored many different vehicles. His ex fiancee who passed away was the one who got him into RV's. He started with one Winnebago and from there he kept adding and selling. He has the VERY FIRST Winnebago off the assembly line, 001. Jimco said he would show it to me in the morning I am very excited to see it. His future plans are to hot rod a Winnebago and race it that will still be fully functional. I bet I will still beat him in the GoGo Bus, well of course down hill. I tell people the Bus does 30 mph uphill and 130 down.

Anxious for morning to see the other rigs and meet everyone.
Well I went to bed very very early, at midnight. Couldn't sleep because of the damp sheets smell like moof. Hey I forgot that I haven't used the Bus for traveling in some time, should of aired everything out before embarking on a camp out. The smell got to me and the bugs. It sounds like an airport in here with everything buzzing above my head. I just had to chase a cricket out of here. I should instal a screen door on the GoGo Bus.

Off to try and sleep again, most campers wake very early. Not sure what time this bunch will wake up but best try to sleep.

Gotta GoGo!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The X factor

Hey Gang,
So tired and so much to do. I shouldn't be writing fun or Hey Gang emails as I have so many other things going on. But I thought I better write something to let you know I am alive and doing fine.

The topic I chose to write about is something I wrote about in the past. The mysterious contrail X's. I tried in earnest to find the old article I wrote abo

ut this strange phenomenon but can't locate it. If one of you still have it - please forward it back to me. I think I wrote it in 2007 or 8.

Now these X's that appeared over my house happened two weeks ago. There was one to the west and one to the east. By the time I grabbed my camera they already started to change and vaporize into clouds.

I am not saying its the gov manipulating our weather, and I not saying it ain't, what I am saying what the heck are they?? Its hard to believe these are regular jet or airplane contrails. Who would authorize or have a flight pattern where two aircraft's intersect?

These were so highly visible I called my mother because I know she is always looking up to spot these entrails as she calls them.

Again I doubt if these are normal jet exhaust or contrails because after a few minutes the X's expand, become billowy and then the sky clouds up. Hmmmm.

Research HARP and weather modifications and tell me your thoughts or if you spotted the mysterious X's.

Gotta GoGo!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Be Careful with your credit cards

Hey Gang,
A friendly warning.

Be Careful with your credit cards.

I received in the mail the new terms for my credit card. It says effective June 25 the penalty for being late could raise my interest to 29.99%.

How long would this rate last? Indefinitely!

Be very careful.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

bus has rot and rally and my foot

Hey Gang,
With all the changes going on in our crazy country and world there is still one thing that makes people smile. The GoGo Bus. OK OK maybe it's a bit of a conceited and an over the top statement but heck it sure seems that way.

The poor GoGo Bus is now in surgery to repair some dreaded rot. It was such a hard decision to whether I should repair it, just drive it as is and let time take

its toll or try selling the ole girl. Lets face it, the days of reasonably priced let alone cheap gas days are over. At these prices and the rate of the hyper inflation for everything else it was a tough financial decision to make. But after I got the Bus started and drove it around and the thumbs up and shouts of what is that thing - WOW, I decided to whip it into shape one more time.

I was just at the top of my street getting gas when a man came over and said when you are done can you pull over to the bar parking lot, me and my friend never saw one of these and want to take a look. I said sure. I finished pumping and drove across the street. Waiting for me were three people. They were Maureen and Mike. I asked who is the other gentleman? OH I am not with them, I am the beer distributor but had to take a look. And so it goes.... After owning the GoGo Bus since 1997 it never gets old when people see it for the first time. It makes me feel good and its always an opportunity to make new friends. As I say I am never alone when I drive the Bus.

I am excited for the week of august third to attend a vintage camp out. I haven't been to one of these since 2001. That rally was for the club Lost Highways. I wrote the club numerous times with no reply, no sure if the owner was still upset at me or if they disbanded. Why would he be upset? I met the owner at the Carlisle Chrysler show in 2001 when I won Best of Show. He invited me to his rally up in St. Ignace, Michigan held at Tiki campground. I drive all that way and he asked for club dues. I said HUH, first rally, you didn't tell me about dues and that's no way to spring it on someone. I think that's why he avoided me after that.

Anyway... it was still a blast at that rally. Most people had their rigs set up for the year their RV was built. They were like traveling museums. Fun time. I just hope my Bus is done in time for the Jimco Rally. Here is the info:

NE Ohio Classic RV Rally aka Jimco Jamboree
August 3 - 9
Thompson,Ohio 44086
Hosts Lydia and Jimco
Many 15 and 30 Amp campsites 6 with water.
Located at my 30 acre tree farm.
Fishing. Swimming.
Pets welcome.
Meet other members.Have some fun!
Saturday night share a dish buffet dinner and large bonfire.
Wow! A chance to enjoy a wonderful vintage rally on our member, Jimcos family farm. Does it get any better??!! Gotta go to this one folks!! Pat.

So I have my work cut out for me to get the Bus ready, can I do it? I think so.

One more fun road story for you. Anyone who has driven with me knows that I am a VERY relaxed and good driver. It just comes naturally, set my coffee on a little box between the seats, turn the key, cross my legs and go. And I never use a travel mug, only coffee cups, that's what you use to drink from. Not those plastic mugs with child like sipping covers,YUCK! I also like to drive with my one foot up on the side view mirror. Hey its comfortable.

So there I was on Rt 90 heading home driving with my foot out the window when two giggling laughing ladies pass me. They slow downed when they got close to me and then sped off. I gave them the peace sign. Then they slowed down and I passed them. They caught up to me and did some hand signals and showed me their cam. They wanted to take my picture. I nodded yes go ahead its no big deal. I just thought it was funny. Doesn't everyone drive with one foot out the window in a Chevy Astro? Guess not.

Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

concluding my Texas trip

Hey Gang,
Just wanted to conclude my Texas trip with some additional thoughts and sum it up.

I was quite amused by the 6 day weather forecast. It read 95 - 94 - 96 - 98 HOT - 96 - 95.
98 Hot? What is 95 and 96 a cold front?

I was saddened, which I guess I shouldn't be any more but I was, to see the same old same old corporate stores and restaurants we have here in Ohio. Just looking at the freeway exits it could be Anywhere USA.

I haven't seen all of Texas but the areas I have I was just not that impressed with the scenery, flat and for the most part brown.

When we landed it was raining and below norm temps. I thought we never left Cleveland. Its strange because Texas has been and is in a drought but the day we land.....

I did see quite a few monuments with in God we Trust. In fact San Antonio was named after San Antonio de Padua. But according to liberals and atheists this country was founded on separation of church and state. What ever.

San Antonio impressed me. I loved the river walk and all the historic sites. Tacky tourist shops along side of better gift shops. It was confusing though, with all the Mexican made gifts and logos I wasn't sure what country I was in.

San Antonio to me is a hidden gem. Unless I have been out of the loop, I don't remember hearing much talk about it being a travel destination. I want to go back and see the rest of the sites I missed.

The Alamo. Now that was surprising. I always pictured it out in the middle of some barren dessert. All alone. But in fact, its right in the middle of San Antonio. Across from it was a big monument dedicated to those who died defending it. It was closed when we got there but we were able to peer in through the iron gate. Impressive.

I am sorry but this is where my mind and thoughts went while looking and walking around the Alamo. Seeing how things are now in America, with all the lunacy and socialist atheist talk, if I could take a time machine back I would tell those men, save yourself, its not worth it. Get mad if you like but that's where my mind went.

Directly across the Alamo is a monument honoring the dead who tried to defend the fort. Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett were among the names listed. A few teenagers were running up this monument to have their photos taken. Sitting on a bench directly in front of it was an old man. He looked homeless. Of course I had to talk with him. His name was Jonathon. I wish I had more time to sit there and converse with him but my group was heading to the Guinness museum. Jonathon's family has been in America for 300 years. He was so upset and angry that the teens were running all over the monument and disrespecting the men who gave their lives. Jonathon said if they only understood how hallowed this ground is. Here was a man who appeared homeless and what was he complaining? Not his situation but the lack of respect being shown to the hero's of this nation. That's the true American spirit.

In all it was a fun and memorable trip.

Gotta GoGo!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Texas 5

Hey Gang,
OK where was I?

We woke about 10 and met for breakfast in the hotels restaurant. After breakfast we split up. I went with Walt and the girls to go to Natural Bridge Caverns. That's one thing about traveling with Walt, there is never a spare minute, he fills up every second with something to do or see.

Natural Bridge Caverns was just awesome. Some of the large rooms had over 50 foot ceilings. The descent was over 200 feet. The temperature was about 78 with a high humidity. Good walking shoes is a must.

The cavern tours and the trip back to Houston took up almost the whole day. We arrived at our last destination the Woodlands Hotel. Very beautifully landscaped. After dinner at the hotel we wanted to swim. Unfortunately the pool closed. That didn't stop us. Walt, Jami the kids and I snuck around and went anyways. What a blast sneaking and hiding so we wouldn't get thrown out. Who says you have to grow up.

Well that's all, waking at about 10 to grab the plane back to Cleveland. Boy did this trip go fast. But what a blast. Let me say thanks to the Kelly's once again, I am blessed to have them as friends.

Gotta GoGo!!

texas 4

Well the day wasn't that bad after all, in fact it was great. I stayed behind at the hotel and slept in till about 11:30 while they went to Six Flags.

I did some emails and then headed to a restaurant close to the hotel called The Egg and I. A bit expensive but it was good food.

I went back to the hotel and asked for a shuttle to downtown San Antonio. The hotel doesn't give rides to downtown only to the park n ride. I never rode a bus before alone and was clueless to what I was doing. The bus driver explained how to pay. Hey its a new experience for me.

I guessed at what exit to get off and guess what, I guessed right. I got off in the middle of everything. I never knew the Alamo was right in the middle of the city. I thought it was much closer to the Mexican border and in the middle of no where.

San Antonio is a hidden gem. Why I never heard mention San Antonio as a travel destination is beyond me. Plenty of shopping, historic sites besides the Alamo and of course the River Walk.

The River Walk winds through the city. It is lined with hotels, eateries, bars, fine dining and little shops. Across the Alamo is a strip with more shops and museums. I have to return to walk or take the flat boat to see the rest of it. The flat boat sits about 20 on chairs and takes a lazy pace so you can enjoy the sights and sounds.

Then there is the Market. More little shops with all kinds of south western crafts, Mexican and Texas goods. It was so colorful and lively. The down was there was posted No Pictures. I ignored it and filmed away with my video cam.

I walked a good distance and kept finding new things to see. I came across the San Fernando Cathedral which is across of the old and new city hall. The old is another building you have to see, its made out of red sandstone.

When I got up to the cathedral I looked in and saw church was about to start. So I attended service. The church is fairly ornate with echoy acoustics. It was hard to understand what was being said because of the echo and also it was mixed between English and Spanish, maybe with even some Latin.

I just loved the Mexican style band/choir, if that's what the style is called. Never heard Hallelujah sang that way.

After that walked around some more until Walt and Jimmy showed up to head to the River Walk for dinner.

That's all, one more day to go. It always goes to fast.

Gotta GoGo!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Texas 3

Hey Gang,
I felt so at home at the condo maybe too at home. This morning Jami knocked on our door to give us the keys which I left in the door knob over night. A habit I have.

We left the condo and went to the Lone Star aviation museum. Quite interesting. Down the road was the Moody Gardens, the name is a fooler as it has little to do with gardens. We went to the aquarium which was nice. After that we headed towards San Antonio.

We made a mistake because we left the aquarium late and it was rush hour through Houston . I wanted to stop to eat but Walt wanted to hurry to San Antonio because friends were meeting us at the hotel. The last meal we had was breakfast at 9 am, the time was now 5:30 and San Antonio was still another 180 miles away. I came up with the plan to drive with Jami while Walt and the kids headed onward.

A Careyism! Jami and I were going back and forth of what kind of food and place we should eat at. I said I don't care, even if we find a town called La Grange lets stop there and eat. Well about 20 miles up guess what we ran into? La Grange! So we stopped and ate at a place called Nancy’s Steak House. Hummina hummina.

After dinner we sped to the Omni Hotel just outside the city limits of San Antonio. Terrific hotel. Indoor and outdoor pool. The outdoor pool had a small bar, a LARGE pool, small BBQ and they had a movie showing on a large screen.

The BBQ looked so good I had to try it even though I wasn't hungry. Ordered the brisket sliders. Tracy, the chef, gave me 4 stuffed sliders instead of 3. Then someone offered to buy me a beer. Even though I wasn't in the mood for one how could I refuse. Then Tracy came over and said don't say anything but here's some macaroni salad, its the bomb. Then Walt told Casey to get Carey some popcorn. I had more food than I knew what to do with.

I ate what I could and then jumped into the pool and then the hot tub.

Now in the room and dreading morning and whats on schedule. Meeting at 8 am for breakfast then heading to Six Flags. I hate amusement parks!

Gotta GoGo!!

Texas 2

Last night after Walt returned from racket ball we went to one of the pier's on the Galveston break wall.

It's quite long and elevated about 20 feet. In the middle of the pier is a small convenience store that sells snacks, beer and bait. If you want to go to the fishing pier or observation deck its 2 bucks unless you purchase something.

We met a 25 year old lady who struck up a conversation with us. I mention her age only because her knowledge of issues was quite remarkable, to the left if center yes but still knowledgeable. How is it I always meet strangers that want to talk politics and issues? Unless its just a sign of the times. We went round and round. As I said she was bright but not on the right side of the argument. I got no where trying to make my case how Obama is walking all over the Constitution. She did say she missed Pres. Bush though. We ended our talk with a friendship hug. Before we left I asked her to say a big hello to Cleveland and give a big Go Mav's! She is from Dallas and a lover of the Mav's and Dirk. The celebration for the NBA champs drew about 250,000 to the downtown Dallas area.

Today I stayed behind at the condo catching up on business calls and emails while Walt and the family went to a water park.

After business I walked a good distance along the break wall. All day the tide was high so couldn't enjoy any of the beach.

About 10 pm they came back and we went to the Strand and the Harbor area of Galveston. Both are historic districts and something to spend more time looking around.

That's all. Need to wake early for the museums and then heading to San Antonio,

Gotta GoGo!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Texas 1

Hey Gang,

I am in Texas with Walt's family on a 5 day escape. The trip is a graduation present for Walt's son Jimmy. Jimmy graduated from the 8th grade on the honor roll and received a scholarship. For a present Jimmy picked where he wanted to go.

I was a little apprehensive about leaving because of how busy I am but I couldn't disappoint .Jimmy really wanted me to come along plus all the planning Walt put into the trip' I couldn't say no.

The flight to Huston was OK but there were times when the turbulence bounced us around quite a bit and we were delayed from landing because of a storm. We were in a holding pattern until the weather broke. It added an additional 45 minutes to the flight,

On the plane I sat next to a very informed person who said he wasn't that much into politics. Yeah right. He knew more than most people who are informed. His name was Don. He was heading to Peru for business and to visit family who are from there. He was an intern at Bear Stearns during the collapse. I learned quite a bit from him. He likes Ron Paul because he is far right and thinks if Paul is elected he won't be able to implement everything he wants which means Ron will end up closer to right of center rather than far right which is good. Follow that? And Hugo Chavez is a nut and must go.

After the long delay from the storm we landed to what looked like Cleveland weather, I wasn't sure if we even left Hopkins. Dreary sky's, raining and about 70'ish. Then we had another long delay. Walt rented a full size SUV to fit all of us and our luggage. Hertz made a mistake. There wasn't any full size left in their lot. So after some frustration Hertz agreed to give Walt 2 midsize SUV's with one being free.
So that's the lowdown on arriving.

We are staying at Dawn Condos in Galveston. The condo I am in is on the third floor with a nice balcony and a bedroom large with windows that open to a view of the Gulf. What a view! The sound of the ocean and the breeze – heavenly.

That's all for now.
Gotta GoGo!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meet Chuck

Hey Gang,
You haven't received one of these emails in a long time.

Today I went to Dollar Tree to pick up a card for dad. I hurried to the door but noticed behind me an older gentleman with a cane walking slowly. I waited the extra 10 seconds and held the door for him. I am glad I slowed down. All it took was for me to hold the door open to make a new friend.

He blessed me and said have a great day. I said well you to. He responded let me give you a great tip, I discovered a inexpensive amusement park nearby, its in Erie, Pa, take 90 and get off at Exit 18, the park is called Waldameer. Its perfect for grandparents because you don't have to pay to enter, just pay for the rides.

He also told me right there is a free science museum that is very nice. And once you go under the roller coaster which goes over the road, to your right there are also two diners across the street. The one has the best foot-longs, its not in the silver diner, but the other. And all of this is right next to Presque Isle state park.

I thanked him again and said I really appreciate this because with the price of gas I look for places within a 100 mile to enjoy.

I started to walk away and he said here is another tip. I will tell you how to make the best windshield washer fluid and its acts like Rain-X. Take regular windshield washer fluid, add 4 tablespoons vinegar and two tablespoons of dish soap like Dawn. Make sure it doesn't have any added hand softeners in it. Your windshield will sparkle.
Then he said for cheap seat covers use extra large T-shirts.

I introduced myself and he said his name was Chuck, an older gentleman maybe about 70-ish.

Chuck then told me the story of how his hat saved his life. He was at a flea market and after walking too much he felt faint. He saw a monster truck with the HUGE tires. He made his way over to it so he could break his fall on the larger tires. Instead his head went over the tire and into the wheel well. Going in wasn't bad but pulling his head out he cut his scalp right across. They rushed him to the hospital and was told if not for the cap the cut would of been much deeper and he would of bled to death.

Yes - I got all these stories and I was happy to listen.

As we went about shopping we swapped stories back and forth of what to look for on cans and products. He also avoids Chinese and Mexican made products as much as possible. Chuck grabbed a bottle of apple juice and said here read this fine print. 15% juice. Never noticed that before, wonder what the other 85% is.

Chuck gave me one last tip before he walked away. There is a store in Shoregate in Willowick called Steals and Deals. One time they had a bunch of irregular and slightly flawed T-shirts on sale for .15 cents. He went through about a thousand of them to pick out the best ones. He said I was so sore I couldn't hardly life my arms when done. I took the 400 shirts I bought and brought them to the homeless shelter.

There is just something about old vets, no matter how much they have given, they still give and show pride doing it.

So just remember, if you see someone behind you slow down and hold the door open for that person, it could be Chuck or a friend you haven't met yet.

Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flashback to 2006 Madison, Wisconsin - my account of seeing the capitol

Hey Gang,
Since Madison, Wisconsin has been dominating the news I thought I would dig up an old story and resend it about when Dov, Rich and I were in Madison Wisconsin.

Its a shame from what I heard the Union Thugs and Mob have done to the place. I wonder if its part of the Unions new contract that they have to clean up the place on their time. Now I am really dreaming, it will be us the tax payers paying for it.
Well enjoy this flashback from 206.

Hey Gang,
Its Labor Day weekend, about 2 weeks since the Wisconsin trip and here I am still writing about it. In the last segment I ended it with ...the Man at the bottom of the 14 steps. That man is OJ, his job - greeting people about to walk the last 14 steps to the observation deck and answering questions they may have about the Capitol building of Madison, Wisconsin or anything else you care to ask.

We found out about Madison from Casha the Polish girl who's here on a work visa. None of the locals told us about it. She said you have to go there, its such a beautiful city and surrounded by lakes, the two that surround the downtown area are lake Mendota and Monona. Taking the main road in to downtown you can see a magnificent structure in the distance and as you get closer it gets more impressive.

We parked our car at a meter and after a short walk Dov and Rich headed back to the car bypassing the Capitol building. Not me I had to investigate it and boy am I glad I did. All it took was one quick glance through the massive doors and I was completely wowed. I yelled at Dov & Rich to come on the doors are open but only Rich came. It was kind of funny watching Rich run in, maybe he was concerned with the meter, not sure. Have you ever seen one of those mazes where they let a mouse in, it scurries all over, finds the cheese and heads out another opening? Well that's what Rich looked like.

We walked in together, I went to the right and he went to the left and in a hurry. I stopped and watched him thinking we should be enjoying this together but maybe he knows another way to the top floors. Well I got to the second level and still no Rich. So I said to myself forget him and continued on alone looking in doors and walking every floor. The Supreme Court room was something to behold. It made you feel like you entered something sacred.

You just have to see this building, the large badgers above the arches, the marble floors, even the door knobs were engraved. The dome is the 4th largest in the WORLD! The statue adorning the top of the dome is called Wisconsin and the figures for her are equally as impressive. The gilded bronze statue is 15 feet tall and weighs over 3 tons!

OJ filled me on all this and more. He is an avid collector of old gas station memorabilia and has traveled the fabled route 66 and other routes in search of merchandise, photos and information about them. An upcoming show on PBS wants to interview him and show some of his collection. I didn't take a photo of OJ but he promises me that he will send one of himself and a few of his collection to be placed on Right OJ, I'm still waiting.

After about a 20 minute or more talk I left to find Rich and Dov. They both jumped at me. I said hey I met this fascinating guy and did you see the Supreme Court Room, the Observation Deck? Rich replied no I went in saw what I wanted to, took a few pictures and left - and what did I tell you Dov why Carey was taking so long, he met someone.

But of course did they expect me not to!

Your Friend Always,
Gotta Go Go!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Its that time of year when sensible people stay indoors and all others head to the....


The event that brings new meaning to the word frozen food.

Its held on SATURDAY February 26th the day after Friday the 25th.
Time 6:30 till the rangers yell LEAVE NOW!
OR come early if you like to help set up as I will be there from about 2pm.
Place: North Chagrin Reservation - Strawberry Lane.

Excitement is building.


Bring your own grill-able and one dish for all to enjoy. I should have most everything else, plates, etc..... But feel free to bring what ever, the more the merrier.

Games, excitement, laughs, frozen food, what more could you ask for.

GoGo items will be available to buy. 50 cent grab bags with decent junk. Maybe even a raffle!


Here's the directions:
Take Rt 90. Exit at the Rt. 91 - Som Center Rd. - Willoughby Hills exit. Turn left off exit. Go exactly 1.4 miles to the park entrance on the left. Landmark is a church about 500 feet on the right called Friends Church before the park entrance.
After taking left into park proceed to stop sign. Directly in front of you will be a park sign that says Strawberry Lane. Turn left. Almost immediately is a parking lot, take a left into the second entrance. The shelter house is about 500 feet back to the right of the lot. Its a long path, go past the outhouse, keep going until you see us. Bring a flash light and wolf repellent. It gets dark at night.

Monday, February 21, 2011

where were you when the lights went out

Hey Gang,

Here it is 4 am and the lights just went out from the ice storm that is going, at least I think that’s the reason. Most normal people would go to bed instead of sitting in the dark but that’s me.

Good thing I threw my bedtime snack in the toaster oven when I did at least now I am having a candle lit bedtime snack. Nothin' like chicken wings, peas and rice by candle light.

This reminds me of years ago when people would sit around and talk or read books by candle only difference now is I'm using a laptop.

So anyways.... less than 5 days until February 26. Are you prepared?

Saturday at 3 am I drove with Gary's niece to the train station to bring Gary who was heading back to Indiana. He is a little bit more reserve, quieter and at times likes to be left alone and I was in one of my off the wall talkative moods. Nice combo, can you spell mischief?
We were standing by the door waiting for the train when a man walked by. Of course I struck up a conversation with him, WOW was this guy a chatterbox. Don't get me wrong, he was polite and a nice person but he sure knew how to talk. In the short time standing there I found out about his daughter, his ex, the time he had to go to court for mortgage fraud for working with someone who was shady and 20 other different things.
I introduced him and he turned around and started up with Gary. Gary slowly backed away found a seat and left me there with the Mr. Filibuster. I didn't care as it was an opportune time to tell this guy Can you do me a favor and look out for my friend, what ever you do please keep checking on Gary and talk to him all you can, he doesn't like trains or being alone, he is a little nervous.
Ain't I a rat?

I never know who I will run into. Like at the train station Saturday. Is it, naw, wait it is..... SENATOR GRENDEL!! What are you doing here? What a surprise. We talked politics, well come on you had to know that, his concerns for America and other things which I can't divulge. But what I can tell you, if I heard correctly, is the reason why the Grendel's were at the train station was because they were heading to Chicago to visit his aunt for her 98th birthday. And if that's not amazing enough, his is aunt just retired from being a legal secretary, What a blessed person.

Lets see what else has been happening, OH I almost forgot to tell you but you know what? I won't tell you, I will leave you in the dark like I am.

Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Most of Northern Hemisphere is covered in snow and iceTuesday, February 8, 2011 4:11 AM

Hey Gang,
As I was shoverling ice over the weekend to get out of my drive I started singing this:

Oh the weather outside is frightful, to some its global warming, but I don't care what they say.. it is cold it is cold it is cold

Oh the thermometers are a plummeting, but Gore says the earth is melting, but I don't care what he says.. it is cold it is cold it is cold
I heard most of the country is very cold, the weather is the same as Obama's cabinet, below normal.

Thanks goodness for global warming, could you imagine how much more snow we could of got?


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life in Cleveland

New series called "DESPERATE SPORTS FANS".
Based in Cleveland about disillusioned Browns backers and fans who sneak out wearing black and gold routing for the Pittsburgh Steelers while trying not to get caught. Airing this fall.

I am currently transferring all my home videos to DVD. I was watching the one from '96 where I was involved with the march to bring back the Browns and protesting PSL's.
I said in the video "..For those at home PSL's mean pre-seat license" and then I said "Or for us in Cleveland it means Poor Sticking Losers."

Later on in the same video we starting shouting NO PSL'S which turned into NO PEANUT SHELLS. Hey you have to see the video, it is funny.

The Pittsburgh Steelers theme this year is : Stairway to 7 a take off of a song by Led Zeppelin titled Stairway to Heaven. The Browns also have theirs taken from a Beatles song, I'm a loser.

Owner of the Cavs Dan Gilbert said after LeBron left that Cleveland would win a championship before he would. Since saying that Gilbert's public appearances have been about as frequent as a Cavs win.

The Cavs could be the first team to win over 60 games and then the following year lose over 60. No punch line, just funny.

Cleveland tried in the last presidential election to host the Republican National Convention but failed which is a shame because they could of highlighted what the Dems have done in this city. Cleveland has tried again this year to get the Democratic National Convention but still fell short. I guess the reasoning this time is Cleveland is already getting the Gay Games so why have the same group of people here twice?

Maybe another reason Charlotte got the Democratic Convention for 2012 is because all of the good Democrats of Cleveland won't be out of jail in time.

Dumb criminals. This is true. Can't say where but one of my accounts that I maintain in Cleveland was busted in to. This office has all kinds of electronic devices and computers. What did the criminal escape with? One projector and ready for this.... an unusable broken laptop. Duh!

           That's Life in Cleveland!

Gotta GoGo!!