Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Old fishing reels

I am cleaning out my rental garage and keep finding things I packed away.
I came across three old reels that I think I picked up at an auction years ago.
They are:
1. Shakespeare Wondereel 1920 model FK or PK
2. Penn No. 190
3. Mohawk no markings other than Mohawk, it has an engraving of a fishing scene on both sides.

The Shakespeare and Penn were hard to photograph. The Penn has an engraving of a lighthouse. Not sure of their value so I contacted
to help me out.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Easter message a day late.

The last couple of Fridays a few friends and I have met at the Panda Buffet in Willoughby for dinner and to share Bible scriptures.
Since its Easter, this Friday my friend Mike talked about the resurrection. Mike said so many sermons deal with the events leading up to, the actual crucifixion and the resurrection rather than the events afterwards. He wanted to concentrate on Jesus over coming death. Jesus was with the Disciples for 8 days after being raised. Jesus taught them scriptures! Thats what Mike wanted to stress, the positive part of the crucifixion, not all the suffering, the resurrection, Jesus over coming death, being with the disciples and teaching them.
I told my friends that while at work I was thinking of something similar. A lot of times I like to draw parallels with scriptures. Sure you need to understand the true meaning of the text but you can apply it or reference it in other areas of your life.
I was thinking of the resurrection and how Jesus defeated death. I am sure when it was going on the Disciples were distraught thinking they were fools for following Christ. But when he rose everything had to make sense.
Sometimes when you are going through things you need to trust God and let it die. Quit fighting it. If its in Gods plans or the best for you what ever it is will spring back to life even better than before.
Thats the key. Don't be like the Disciples who questioned and became distraught, allow what ever situation or problem you are going through to die and let God resurrect it.
Jesus did just that and went along with God's plan of being crucified for us. And in doing so, his life fulfilled a far greater purpose for all mankind.

Happy Easter,
Carey K. Masci