Sunday, April 26, 2020

Voting Nonsense in Ohio

They have stolen our vote with this lock down. I do not believe absentee or mail in ballots should ever have been allowed. If you can't set aside an hour or two to go vote than obviously you do not take voting seriously.
The only reason for mail in would be for the military and the disabled.
And if disabled 2 people from the board of elections should come to you to witness you filling it out.
This is all fraud allowing this madness to go on.
I myself will not vote in this election because I did not request the form to vote absentee in time.

"Voters should not make it their plan to show up Tuesday unless they are homeless or disabled.
 Ohio's Secretary of State LaRose tweeted.

So homeless can vote in person or the disabled - huh?
Absentee ballots were intended for the disabled but they can go in person and vote.
Is any of this making sense? This is all a sham.
Carey On...

Monday, April 20, 2020

Lock-down Escape

Hey Gang,
During this lock-down I have been doing what I do best and that is get lost.
These are photos of yesterdays escape. I took River Road, Rt. 174, in Willoughby Hills all the way to Huntington Valley through Henry Church Rock Picnic Area in Bentleyville to Solon to Aurora past the remains of Geauga lake Park to Hiram to Garretsville, stopped at the IGA there, to Hiram, to Parkman, hiked a park called I believe  Eagle nest somewhere outside of Parkman, onto Middlefield, then through Madison on home.

Quieter drive with some nice scenery.
The park is not yet completely awoke from the winter slumber but was told once the wildflowers bloom it is beautiful.

Gotta Go-Go!