Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So how was everyone's Memorial Weekend?

So how was everyone's Memorial Weekend?  Did anyone travel or stay put because of the gas prices? This was the first time in a long while that I didn't travel. Because of the fuel cost I stayed close to home but my weekend in spite of that turned out fab.
On Saturday went to my sister Candi's, she invited the family over. Did some gardening for her then we watched slides. C'mon you remember slides don't you? My brother asked if I could bring the projector over so we could go through the boxes and boxes of slides Dad took. (Now you know where I got the passion for picture taking from) With Grandma's recent passing my brother wanted to see photos of her. What a fun time down memory lane laughing at our styles we thought were hip back them. I had to laugh at my baby pictures I was all eyes back then. Well that and a big head.
Sunday I went to Cara's party with Dov. Cara is my friend you have been praying for concerning her thyroid cancer. Well she is doing just fine. She had a nice spread of food, a meat table and one set up for vegans. Hope I spelled it right. Her house she bought a few months ago is wonderful. It was built in 1927. It has so much character with a nice yard.
And on Memorial day I had a party in my backyard. About 18 showed up. Rich supplied enough hot dogs for everyone. He brought his Dad along who is such an interesting person. I really enjoyed my conversations with him.
My wacko neighbor took the winds out of our sails temporarily when she yelled, I mean yelled, loud enough to make 18 people shut up at once. She was screaming are you throwing bones into my yard again? And then bang, she threw a steak bone at my garage. What's funny and I told her calmly, All of us ate hot dogs, I don't think hot dogs have bones. She answered Well we don't eat ribs.
Friends let me tell you, I know rib bones and this was no rib bone, it was a steak bone. Where it came from? Who knows? Maybe she turned vegetarian and her husband snuck out for a steak. Worse yet maybe someone's buried in her yard and her dog dug up the body. All I know it wasn't and hasn't been me.
Oh well I guess you could say I have a bone to pick with her but I'll let her be. Poor lady maybe I am keeping her up to late and she's not getting enough sleep. But she did make another memory for Memorial Day.
Gotta GoGo!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grandma's Memoriam


Hey Gang, Before you read what I wrote about Grandma for the wake I want to add a couple of things. I mention this first one in the closing sentence. It was only recently my family got together after a lengthy spell of not talking because of disagreements. A few weeks after this Grandma quietly went in her sleep. That is amazing we were able to bridge the gap right before Grandma's passing. It makes me feel as if Grandma waited till there was peace in the family.
The other is on Wednesday May 14 my Mom and sister helped Grandma take a bath. She was taking sponge baths because she was having trouble getting in and out of the tub. After the bath my Aunt fixed Grandma's hair and cut it, she had wanted to for quite some time. Anyways during the bath Mom said she heard God tell her she was preparing Grandma for her death. 2 days later Grandma passed on. Makes one think, doesn't it?

In memoriam of Grandma.
Grandma lived and died as we all hope to, healthy, independent, never sick till the end. She quietly died in her sleep at a healthy 97. She was a hard working Godly woman gifted in many areas. She was an avid gardner, refinished furniture, painted pottery, sewed and kept her house spotless. She was a very good cook though most of what she made was unbearably hot. Always one to rise early. She liked the finer things in life. Grandpa didn't make much money so Grandma worked to buy them. I called her house The Museum the way it was decorated, lavishly elegant. She loved dolls very much but couldn't afford them so she took up pottery and made them herself. She just didn't make them - she excelled at making them. Real works of art. Grandma was a stern but also compassionate woman. As much as I remember Grandma with a scowl on her face I also remember her concern, especially when I was very sick. One time during one of my migraines that plagued me as a child she gave me a tin of blue glass marbles that were flat on one side. Never knew what they were for but they were so pretty to look at it that it took my mind temporarily off my headache. I also remember her comfort when I got yelled at. There was other times where Grandma showed compassion and comfort that maybe others never saw or felt but I did. I got to experience the soft side of Grandma, though, she was always ready to scold me if I got to rambunctious in her house, but that was just Grandma being Grandma. Her Grandmotherly love was also shown by her going to her dresser and pulling out some little doodad or giving me pennies she saved. Later on as I grew older and started to manage my yard I would call her for advice on planting. It was from her that I got my green thumb. Every spring I would call and ask, Grandma is it time to prune the roses? She would know the exact time. She could also take just about any clipping and start a plant from it. Her yard was amazing all the different plants and trees she planted. When she would visit we would walk through the yard and check my plants to see how they were doing. My yard is a testament to her advice as I now have 30 rose bushes and a host of other plants. Grandma was also excellent at sewing. She altered many suit jackets and pants for me. She even made curtains for my van. I never remember Grandma looking tired or lacking energy. Even when she was lounging it was proper. Always sitting straight. I don't ever remember Grandma looking dirty or not well dressed, even when gardening. Her appearance reminded me of the character Lisa Douglas on the TV show Green Acres. Grandma's outlook on life and not giving in to age transfered over also. When she stayed with us a few years back she was outside with me pulling weeds and when I asked if she wanted to go somewhere she replied "you have to remember I'm starting to get old". In her 90's she was just now getting old. Thats inspiration! In the last year or so she started forgetting things like my name. BUT one thing remained constant was her questions of "You still working hard and did you get married yet"? That was Grandma being Grandma, stern, somewhat sarcastic but caring. It was only recently the family unified and put their differences aside. I believe that Grandma waited until there was peace in the family before quietly passing on in her sleep.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Heed this warning

 Normally I would not post something this serious but it does go along with traveling, especially the link I included. Please read this and be careful!!!

Hey Gang,  
Heed this warning!!!  
  Be careful the police are out in force! Not sure where you live but the freeways around Cleveland are buzzing with cops.  Every time the economy sours and revenue needs to be brought in the quotas get raised.  This is where my disdain for the police lies, they foolishly follow orders to balance the cities budgets.   
Think I am crazy?  In the Cleveland area stop light cameras have appeared.  What was the reason?  Money!  Never in any of the interviews, papers, or articles I read did it mention even in the least bit safety.  In East Cleveland the Mayor was bragging how much money they raised. Is this the duty of law enforcement to raise revenue?  Its been a ploy for years, projects have to be paid for or there is budget cuts and funds are needed, just issue more tickets. This is such a dangerous precedent when police are used to balance budgets or raise funds. Read history. Many of the dictatorship governments had their arm of revenue raisers, don't pay for whatever reason, jail and confiscate. When will this nonsense stop?  
Traffic fines and misdemeanors are the easiest way to raise money. Why? Most people won't fight them because the cost to do so is greater than the actual fine. We all just ante up, pay and plead no contest or guilty.  
Furthermore, most traffic laws and some misdemeanors are so frivolous they need to be applied with common sense and leeway. Face it, everyone reading this has broken traffic laws at some time and some of us break those laws daily. Does this make all of us criminals or dangerous? Absolutely not. Traffic and misdemeanor laws should be used as a guideline only and enforcement of them, once again I need to mention it, with common sense and an extension of courtesy.  
My sister got a ticket for doing 35 mph in a 25 late at night, with no other traffic around in a commercial zone. She is a nurse, has a clean record, a new car and wasn't under the influence. Was anyone in danger with her traveling 10 mph over the posted limit? Of course not. Did the cop care? Nope! She got a ticket. How many of us can relate to this?  
So why my tirade? I received a ticket for a no turn on red. If you are not familiar with the intersection where this happened I can guarantee you would of turned right also. It is very poorly marked and at a place you have to question why can't I turn right on red? Even after the cop told me, I didn't believe it was marked so I went back later on and took photos of the intersection.  
The same situation played out as with my sister receiving her ticket. The cop asked for my license and registration. Did he ask any other questions like if I was familiar with the intersection? Did he take in to consideration my clean driving record? Did he take in to account I was not under the influence, the condition of my car? NO to all of these! He just wrote the ticket and immediately after issuing it he left the side street he was lurking on where he could view the intersection. I am positive he was stationed there for no other reason than to write easy tickets to fill quota.  
Instead of waiving the ticket and saving court costs I chose to attend court to fight it. The judge didn't give me much of a chance to speak because of my clean driving record with zero points she quickly ruled on the case. The judge said she has a policy of keeping clean driving records clean so instead of a traffic ticket it was changed to a non-driving offense with a fine of $75 plus court costs. The gavel went down, case closed.  
I left the court room feeling somewhat better until I went to pay the fine. I thought $75 plus costs would be around $110.00. Nope! $172.00!!!  
The break down of the fine reads as such:  
Continuance (I asked for a new date) $ 2.00  
Victims of crime $ 9.00  
State Revenue Fund $15.00  
Court Costs $41.00  
Computer Fund $ 5.00  
Special Project $10.00  
Criminal Justice $ 5.00  
Charge Amendment $10.00  
Fine/Lyndhurst $75.00  
Reading this list now understand what I am getting at? Computer fund? Victims of crime? Special Project? How does those fit in with my penalty? It doesn't. Us drivers are cash cows to the local government, plain and simple. Enforcement of traffic laws are as much or more about raising money as it is about safety.  
Same with wearing a seat belt it should be left up to the discretion of the occupants of the car. But this summer there is a campaign called click it or ticket to make sure you are using your seat belt. Law enforcement will be conducting traffic blitzes. Do you like that terminology? Originally seat belt tickets were a secondary offense which means you couldn't be stopped for not wearing one. Only if you were stopped for another offense could you be given a seat belt violation ticket. Now it doesn't matter. This gives law enforcement another reason to stop you to find something wrong and more access to your wallet.  
Our government is quickly becoming so intrusive so big brother so controlling that we are close to losing what little freedom we have left. If we don't fight back and say enough there will come a time we won't have a voice to do so. That also will be silenced.  

Monday, May 5, 2008

State of the Hey Gang Address part 2 and more

Hey Gang,

Remember I told you Cindy R. worked at a coffee shop? Well she wanted me to tell everyone that she DOES NOT work at a coffee shop so don't go looking for her. See she told me she was working at a coffee shop not working at a coffee shop, understand? Me neither so let me explain. Cindy brings her lap top to the coffee shop to do her work hence she was working at a coffee shop. Either way she is still working at a coffee shop.

Dave from Andover reporting in.
Dave wrote and apologized for not keeping up. Life is different now, he says, seeing a very nice lady. That's great Dave happy for you!

The new cabin
The Melissa's, aka the Kittleson's, went camping. Becky said that it went great and they had a good time with the Melissa's. They stayed in a new cabin it was soooo nice.

The Prowler
Jeff B. had an alarming surprise last week when him and his mom returned home one evening. Someone had got into their house. Jeff said the intruder was pretty neat. He left a banana skin in the kitchen sink. Jeff nervously checked the rest of the rooms and noticed prints in his shower. Just not any prints but paw prints from a raccoon. They never found the critter until his Mom went to bed and she heard something. The raccoon got into her closet. Jeff called the police and they said the game warden won't be in until morning so just close the bedroom door and he will be out to your place then. So they did that. The following day the raccoon was gone. The raccoon jumped up at least 5 feet to reach the window, broke the screen and got out. A few days later early in the morning sometime between 4 am and 8 am he returned. Same scenario, he ate some food and went into the bathroom but this time he left. It has Jeff and the warden completely baffled how he is getting in and how he exited the second time. A trap has been placed but no signs of the masked bandit since.

Walt's B'day Gift
Walt a few months back was complaining he pants were getting a bit tight. So for his birthday recently I bought him a pair of pants guaranteed to fit. They were size 32 leg by 80 waist. The amazing thing is the label on the jeans said made out of a stretch fabric. Can you imagine size 80 and still needing extra room? When I bought the pants the lady said you know you can't return these. I said maybe I should try them on then to make sure they fit. Walt tried them on, I had the leg size right but they were a little loose.

Rowes new ride
Rowe in Ca. sold his beautiful 1964 A100 pick up. His was one of the earliest built. Rowe is now the owner of a snazzy PT Cruiser.

That's Devotion
Dave C. quit for working for himself, handy man jobs and home remodeling, and went back to a factory. The reason, it was taking up to much of his time. He said now he can devote more time to church and the ministry. That's devotion.

Jeff's surprise to me.
Most of you have heard me moan and complain about bad situations I have been through because of friends and failed relationships. I have to forget about them and think of the many good true friends I have. Jeff M. surprised me a month early with a birthday gift, a cell phone. YES - what all of you have been clamoring about, I now have a cell phone of my own. Thanks Jeff I can't say it enough, you are a real blessing. Though I still think its a conspiracy to get Carey updated, first the computer now this. BUT just don't touch my closet, I love my clothes from the 70's.
OH the cell number is 440-796-1946. But don't call me when I am driving as I won't answer, neither will I when I am eating, showering or on the toilet. Nick in Florida you may actually be able to reach my now. Thanks again Jeff M.

Janet no longer from Kentucky
Janet wrote and said We are moving to another state again. This time its Virgina, should be interesting, about 250 some miles from NYC I believe. Was suppose to be California but it didn't workout. Would love to hear from you people!. What's going on with everyone.
Janet from another Planet.

That's all for now, tomorow a very serious email.
Gotta GoGo!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back to the river bank dump

Hey Gang,
Sending along a few photos of my recent finds.
I went back to that river bank dump with my nephew to find more treasures. Seth my nephew hit an excellent spot and found everything except the mini pitcher which I dug up. That little pitcher has the date Sept. 20, 1925 on the bottom.
He found 4 prefect milk bottles. They were Deans and Belle Vernon of Cleveland, Ohio. He also found a Double Eagle pop bottle much older than the one I found, this one has to date back to the early 30's. The one I found earlier I believe is from the 40's.
The neatest thing found Seth dug up also. It was a little porcelain, I think, doll. It is so small about 2 inches. Most of the hair was worn off, there was just a trace of black left on the top of the head. The arms and legs were missing. It has holes which I am sure was for string that held the arms and legs on. It has some numbers and Germany stamped on the back. Even with pieces missing it has to be worth something. And the date, I am guessing but it has to be pre 1900 easily.

In one photo is a rusted metal thing with a round knob on it. That is a radiator cap, from cars of long ago, pre 1920. I am going to soak it to see if there is any markings on it.
Just as I thought the more I dig the bottles are getting older.
Hope the photos are clear enough for you.
Gotta GoGo!!