Thursday, July 28, 2016


Last year about this time started an ugly spell. Actually it started on July 4th weekend with the Go-Go Bus breaking down in Tionesta, Pa and from there the troubles got worse with it, so much so I never used it again last year.

I only include this because the Bus is an instrument to go out and make money with book signings and meeting people so please in no way think I am comparing it to losing a life.

After that episode, it started a string of losing friends and Dad and other issues with friends I won't mention here.

Late July last year the wife of my tenant since 1999 died in my rental. Art months prior was placed in a nursing home because of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

August a close friend tried committing suicide.

Dad got sick and died a few days after Thanksgiving.

A longtime friend of close to 30 years committed suicide in May.

Another longtime friend went to prison for 5.5 years for something I wish not to talk about.

Dennis just lost his mother at a very young age.

And recently someone I have known since kindergarten and a friend died suddenly. I wasn’t even aware she was sick so to me it was suddenly. Though we have some what drifted and it’s been years since we hung out or she came over we would still greet each other with either a hug or smile. I will miss seeing Margaret at the stores I would frequently see her at. Those stores will definitely seem emptier now.

Yes I know I have many friends and each one is valuable and contributed something to my life but those friends I lost were especially close. And Dad… well you can’t replace losing a Dad.

Gotta Go-Go!