Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Another Hobby - Metal Detecting


Another Hobby - Metal Detecting

 Hobby number 131, I think?

What have I had more of, jobs or hobbies? That's a good question, I think it may be hobbies.

My latest hobby is I have taken up metal detecting.
So far I have uncovered 47 pull tabs
And since I found 47 pull tabs I had to research them. Pull tabs are worth zilch but I was curious so looked into them.
Some of the pull tabs I found came from Coke, Bud and one tab is from the advent of pull tabs in 1963.
I also found one spoon dated to the 1970's.
One LARGE spike
One horse shoe that dates to 1860 to 1900. It is hard to date horse shoes but certain characteristics show it to be from that time frame. It was a good foot or more underground.
The location where I found it I can't tell you, you are not allowed to dig there, whoops.
But today I found my best find yet in the local neighborhood park by my house.
Its not in the best shape as its missing its reflector but still a neat find.
It is a 1930's licence plate topper
I am assuming it still has to be worth something.

Complete ones are selling on eBay for $125.

Well, can you dig it? Yes I can
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