Sunday, December 25, 2011


Hey Gang!

Wow - I don't know how it felt to you but this year and season flew – flash - its Christmas already.

It was a busy holiday season with work, Dad in the hospital and politics. I attended a Christmas business trade dinner and show in Columbus with Dov that was fun. Was invited to Greg Schmidt's business dinner party, delicious food and good company. And then I was locked in .... let me start at the beginning.

Jimmy invited me to his Christmas concert at school. He invited me to a few others but just couldn't make it but this one there was no way I was going to miss it.

So I went to my Tuesday account a little earlier than usual so I could attend his concert at 7. I normally end the cleaning at this place about 8 or later.

Greg the owner tells me tonight we will do things differently, I am going to leave you, I will lock all the doors just shut the lights on the way out, usually he stays until I am finished.

Well everything seemed to be lining up perfectly where I could be finished on time. With the owner and workers gone early this meant I could vac and clean without having to stop if they received a phone call or if a client came in.

I rush through the cleaning and finished on the dot at 7. The school is right down the road so it didn't matter if I was a few minutes late and Walt was saving me a seat. I grab my supplies and head to the garage where my locker was kept. The door automatically shut behind me as it usually does which was no big deal. I throw my stuff in the locker, look at the clock only 3 minutes after 7, not bad. Put the lock on the locker and go to turn the knob on the door to reenter the office where my coat and keys were but the knob didn't turn. Tried it again, OH (*&^**%^$% WHO LOCKED THE DOOR – HELP!!!

Well to conclude this story it took me over an hour to get that door open and yes I missed the concert.

Thats a Christmas memory that I wish wouldn't of been made

The Christmas Spaghetti dinner/gift exchange went excellent. Delicious pasta, well of course I cooked it, plenty of desserts, some decent and silly gifts with about 15 showing and everyone brought a lot of energy and great conversation. Who says you can't talk politics or religion at a party? Well we did and no one squabbled or fought but laughed – YES!

As Dave Macko said It was a lie perpetuated by the enemy to silence and divide us, and he is right.

The fun gifts were the HUGE pants Walt brought, size 80 waist by 32. Joe brought a wooden Buddha and Dave Macko got that gift and I brought a huge wooden head and Joe got that.

That's all – Merry Christmas again everyone, love you guys!

Carey Masci