Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feedback about the GoGo Bus Rides Again and Shirl's Creations

Hey Gang,
Thats what I miss - feedback. OH sure I still get some but not enough like I use to. BUT I did receive a response from Rowe out in California to "The GoGo Bus Rides Again" story. It made me feel so good that he shared with me his experience, it really means a lot. I have been going to Geneva on the Lake since I was a little kid and Rowe's writing paints another picture of what it was like many years ago. I can only imagine that he met my friend Loril who died back in 2006 at the age of 97. Loril owned the corner store on the strip since 1935. So chances are Rowe and his family must of went in it, if anything at least to browse. Someone bought Loril's store. It was weird stepping in it without him there. It is now opened as an antique shop and yes some of Loril's old stock is for sale. I bought two pairs of new old stock sunglasses from the 60's. I am sending along a photo of me and Loril, you might remember seeing it as I sent it out before.
Well read what Rowe wrote:

"Boy, that brought back memories !!! I spent a week there with my mom, dad, sister and aunt and uncle. We rented a cabin for a week back in 1944. I was 10 years old and I remember how much fun it was to get up early in the morning and get in the row boat and row around the lake. Ah, what a care free time that was. We were starting to win the war and everything seemed wonderful. My dad worked for a Co. in Bedford called Jack and Heinz as a machinist. You may have heard of that Co. My uncle had TB and was not able to go to war and he was finally sent to a TB ward for a year where they were able to "fix" him. He lived a very healthy life after that and died a couple years ago at the age of 93. He lived in Willoughby, Oh.

Thanks again Rowe that was very enjoyable. Also in that same email "The GoGo Bus Rides Again" I told you I ran into two old friends well today I bumped into Bills brother Jamie. Thats how I met Bill. I was friends with Jamie first. I haven't seen him either in about 2 years. Thats kind of neat. And lastly I present to you Shirls Creations made by Shirl in Ky. I am posting a couple of photos of the crafts she makes. I think these are incredible. She is one talented woman as she also draws and paints. Leave comments if you like about Shirl's creations or ask how she makes them. She may just tell you.

Thats all, Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The GoGo Bus rides again!!

Hey Gang,
The GoGo Bus rides again!!! Finally, after numerous trial and errors I have the right carb on it. Its running fab!
I have been so grumpy as of late with these dreaded gas prices and not going any where. I said the heck with it, if our national debt is at trillions and our government keeps spending well then seeing that I don't have nearly as big of a debt I can spend a little money that I don't have. Pretty good logic to me. So I called Dov and drove out to Geneva on the Lake. It felt so good to be in one of the oldest lake front resorts in Ohio where only one corporation has moved in, which I won't plug, driving in a throw back. Ahh yes it was good to be around people gawking, running into old friends and just being silly. Just what the doc ordered. And there's no better way to end a sunny Sunday cruising and enjoying life than stopping at a little ice cream stand, getting out of the bus and being greeted by a customer with "Nice vehicle you came to the right place the flavor of the day is grape". Understand?... grape, the Bus is purple.... not sure if I had to explain that one. Ahhh yes it was a good day! I was just very grapeful being able to get out and enjoy it, oh thats a little to punny.

The Love Birds
So there in the distance was this couple sitting close to each other on a bench near the lake. Dov said why don't we run pass them and annoy them. I said yeah lets go drag that lawn ornament of a huge horse and I will ask them can you hold my horse for me. As we were making all these off the wall jokes both of them yelled almost at the same time "IS THAT CAREY"! How funny those love birds were old friends of mine, Bill and his wife Terry. It was so good to see them. So always remember this, be careful of the strangers you are laughing at, they could be your friends or worse yet a family member.
Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hows the summer going?

Hey Gang,
Hows the summer going? Here, slow and not going out as much for the obvious reason, the price of gas. Even though its been a few months since the price has skyrocketed, everywhere I go its still the buzz and no one's finding it easy to live with. I heard from one friend that his friend who manages a rental car place was laid off. Not as many people are traveling, hmmm wonder why? Doug at Kaufmans radiator said his business is slow. Less driving, less maintenance, less business. I talked with someone who is involved with Lorain speedway and he said attendance is way down. Drivers are still participating but he noticed that before when a car went down for repairs it was back on the track the next week, now they are gone for three weeks. Lorain is doing all it can to fill the seats with different kinds of promotions etc.....
Big Al who is actively involved in the old car hobby wrote: "Hi Carey, I've been out, but not as much. Every cruise I have been to was down in numbers. Even the Buggin State in Erie had over 700 last year and less then 500 when I went a couple weeks ago. This was with perfect weather which does make a difference".
I was doing the math on how much it would cost to drive to Kentucky to pick up a friend who wanted to come up and stay for a month. When gas was about $1.20, which wasn't all that long ago, that trip of about 700 miles in the GoGo Bus that gets 15 mpg cost about $56.00. Now, its about $186.00!! So it looks like I will take my Lil' Lanos but it will still cost way more than it did before, $87.00 in a car the size of a large roller skate. What can you do.
We aren't alone in our struggle. We laugh that maybe we can go back to the horse and buggy like the Amish, oh yeah? In the News Herald June 30 edition was an article titled "Rising gas costs pinching wallets of the Amish, too". It stated a host of reasons why. Lack of tourism is one. Another is the cost of propane and diesel to run their stores. Keim Family Market said fuel costs are $8,000 per month, last year they were $4,000! Thats horrible!
You just never figure all the other things affected by this. Less gas sales, less taxes for road repair. Small independent gas station makes their money on snacks and pop sales. With the high prices most people aren't spending that extra buck which could force a lot of the small stations out of business.
Back to my plight with my business. I keep hearing, your prices aren't bad and we need the work done but right now things are a little slow call us again in a few months and see how things are.
But what do you expect? We kept voting into office the EGores of this nation. Also our habits didn't change and the dollar, oh yes the dollar. Look out below!!!! Globalism, environmental wackos, and liberalism thats how you spell CRASH?
And finally I do need to add this. Remember the problems I had with my rentals in Euclid? Well right now its tough for a lot of people who don't have money for repairs being demanded and for sure can't afford the extra permits placed on them. So what are cities like Euclid going to do when things completely tank? Will these cities confiscate people's houses and jail everyone for not adhering to those demands? These cities need to start taking into serious consideration all permits and added fees. Property and income taxes are one thing and are needed but if people are about to lose their houses the cities will have to rescind those added fees. Or will they?
What set off this long tirade? Jeff M. who is a truck driver sent me the article below. Not sure where he got it. He changed the title to "This is un real .. looks like my job will be gone ( if i even have one?) Read it and you will understand, this is getting very serious. If things don't correct themselves soon we may all be wishing for the return of $4 per gallon gas. Read the article and starting praying folks if you haven't been already.

The predictions of $200 oil have made it to the front page of The Wall Street Journal. They have been hanging around in less prominent places, but now they gain some further legitimacy. According to the paper, "Oil's historic ascent from $100 to nearly $150 a barrel in just six months is lending weight to a far grimmer prediction: Crude could reach $200 a barrel by the end of the year." The Journal predicts this would push gas prices to $6 a gallon.
If gas goes that high, several industries will be toast. Airlines and auto companies are obvious. The bankruptcy courts will be filled to overflowing with their lawyers and creditors' counsels. The result could be one of the largest restructuring in the recent history of the US economy. Where the capital will come from to do this is anyone's guess.
The falling of the dominoes does not end there. Gas and oil prices at unprecedented levels may well push energy costs to 20% to 25% of the income of many middle class households. In regions where the weather gets particularly cold in the Winter, that number could go even higher. Consumer spending would be completely arrested. Retail sales would be damaged beyond all but the most negative predictions.
Any industry which relies on transportation, whether it is newspapers or forestry products, would face costs which could easily wipe out gross margins. The impact could be so profound that it could effect the way that some people get most of their daily news.
Oil at $200 would seize up the economy to the extent that virtually no industry would me immune. Fixing the problem could take a year, and, perhaps, much longer. The US has not seen anything like it and has no experience with remedies, which makes solving the trouble all the harder.
Douglas A. McIntyre

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Something fun.

Something fun.

I forget but I'm not senile
OK so maybe I have been forgetting a few things lately. Nothing serious and its definitely not senility, I just forget. For instance Walt, his kids and I went to the Mayfield Cruise In. One of the BEST in the area. They have a section of Wilson Mills Rd of about a 1/4 mile long closed so that the cruisers can cruise and show off their ride. We had a few strangers join us and as we are put-sing along I smelled antifreeze. Not wanting everyone to freak out I kept quiet. It didn't boil over. After the cruise I drove out to Mentor and noticed the GoGo Bus was running a bit hot. Still it didn't boil over. The following day I decided to check the radiator to see what is going on. Well absent minded me forgot before we left for the cruise that I took off the radiator cap to add water. Not only didn't I remember to add water but I left the cap completely off. The whole night I drove low on water and with no cap. Duhhh!

I forget but really I'm not senile
So there I was at Heisley Racket Club with Walt and his son Jimmy. Little Jimmy wanted to play me. So I said sure. I couldn't figure out why the ball wasn't going straight and why I wasn't getting enough power out of my swing. We finished playing and as we were leaving the court I looked at my racket and DUHHHH I forgot to take it out of its case. I played the whole game with the cover still on the racket.

I forget but I'm not senile
OK so maybe I have been forgetting a few things lately. Nothing serious and its definitely not senility, just I forget. For instance Walt, his kids and I went to the Mayfield Cruise In. One of the BEST in the area. They have a section of Wilson Mills Rd of about a 1/4 mile long closed so that the cruisers can cruise and show off their ride. Oh wait a second I forgot I already wrote this.

Lovable Dad
I get home and Mom was a bit upset. She had argued with Dad over a phone call he wanted her to make. Dad insisted he couldn't hear the lady. As Mom was telling me this Dad was sleeping in the other room. I said I know how it is because you just don't know if its because he can't hear or he just doesn't want to make a phone call. From a sound sleep and a different room I hear Dad yell WHATS THE MATTER WITH YOU, YOU KNOW I CAN'T HEAR!!

Lovable Mom
We were outside and Mom points to the sky and says Oh look Carey there they are, the entrails from the plane.

Greeting Cards
John in Maine replied back to my email about made in America greeting card companies and how I buy Hallmark. He wrote: If you're anti gun, Hallmark is your card company but not mine. They contribute to Gun Control Inc.. I replied back with: You would think Hallmark would be pro gun. More guns mean more killings mean more sympathy cards bought. OK OK stop throwing the tomatoes I was only joking.

What cards does John buy?
I buy most of mine online from Current, haven't seen made in China on them as yet, plus it helps the shipping companies here.

Thats all for now, I need my energy to battle the Euclid City Henchman and my ongoing rental problem.
Gotta GoGo!!