Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Walmartians and the brazen theft gone bad

Timing, what timing, seems like I have been blessed with timing even though I run late all the time, I have the uncanny ability to be at the right place or wrong place at the right time.

For instance today after work at about 3 am I went to the communist store (Walmart) in Eastlake for some junk food - a jar of honey, loaf of potato bread and organic apple cider vinegar (just kiddin' there folks).

I asked the lady who was playing watchman over the scan n go to help me out. I told her "I hate these self-checkouts, one time I noticed when I got home that I got free milk, for some reason it didn’t scan, so what happens if this should occur again, who is going to believe it happened by accident if someone should stop me"?

So after the worker checked me out, um I mean the items, we noticed a woman with a cart half-filled proceed to exit the store. The worker yelled "Hey, stop, excuse me, lady, STOP"!

The zombie like Walmartian kept on briskly walking the cart right out the door into the parking lot. She didn’t panic, no look up to see who was yelling at her, just a steady brisk pace out the door.

I followed the worker to the parking lot and said loudly “This ticks me off, man does this make me mad.” The worker put her hands on her hips and just stared then said "I can’t even call the cops because my cell phone is inside.” I said "Here use mine.” After figuring out how to use an older flip phone, Melissa the worker, reached the Eastlake police.

She gave a play by play of what the Walmartian was doing. The zombie like thief kept on going with the cart to the opposite side of the parking lot when suddenly out of nowhere a car zoomed up, doors flew open, stolen goods thrown in, and in the back seat plopped the free loader.

The getaway vehicle took off but within seconds three patrol cars chased it down. On my way out I drove past the cart which still had some goods in to so I returned and told Melissa. 

I went home the same way as the mad dashers and the boys in blue went. Sure enough the car was swarmed with the law.

So it infuriates me, really infuriates me.
1. These no gooders could eventually cause a store to close or alter their hours because of these kinds of heists.
2. It causes increases in prices
3. It could cause our stores in America to turn into third world fortresses with armed guards checking you as you enter and leave a store.

Here I am so concerned I may walk out unintentionally with a gallon of free milk but there are those who are now so brazen they don't even hide what they are stealing or doing.
I would love to throw the book at these scum and if I had my book in hand I would have.

Gotta Go-Go!