Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My year in review - 2008.

Hey Gang
My year in review - 2008.
Another year of way up to wayyyyyy down to back up, in that regards it was a normal year for me. And another thing that was also the same was I did something I keep saying I would never do again - get involved in politics. Even though this was at the tail end of 2007 it carried over into 2008, being a delegate for Governor Huckabee. If I am correct I was the first on his band wagon for this area. My hopes seemed they could become a reality but unfortunately the media and establishment did Huckabee in. 2008 saw a few of my past predictions come true. I said a few years back McCain would grab the GOP nomination and ultimately lose it from lack of support from the Christian Right and I also said the time was right for a black as president. Even though I was not a McCain fan but for the good of the party and this country I volunteered for his visit at Mentor High. I also met and spoke with Dennis Kucinich twice. I hosted a backyard party for Mike Guitierez who ran for state representative. So I was fairly active in the political realm. In 2008 saw my other warnings of the demise of the domestic auto makers and how this country is broke become closer to reality.
Business was horrible to OK back to bad to a leveling off near the end of the year. The upside coincided with the decline of the fuel prices. During the lean months a good friend bailed me out with a healthy cash gift to make it through. That was a real Godsend. And some of you may remember that business that owed me $2,400 from way back in 2006, they finally paid me.
Minor and near major legal issues hounded me. Two traffic violations, one I represented myself I won, the other got an attorney and lost. I challenged the late fee for my property tax and also won that. Then there was the legal problem with the big brother government of Euclid and my rentals. I succumbed to paying a partial registration fee on one house but argued and defended my right to block them from entering the house for an inside inspection. It was a busy year fighting all this.
As for traveling, my wings were clipped again but I started to realize gas prices weren't coming down this past summer so I plated the GoGo Bus and decided to travel in it once again, shorter distances but I was out and about in it. Kentucky in February to pick up Millard - Salt Fork, Ohio with Mark & Becky and family with Lisa and Millard coming along also - Cory, Pa. to visit Dennis and enter a car show - back to Kentucky - Letchworth in the Fall with Dov and Lisa, something I've wanted to see for years. And a few other little trips nearby sprinkled in, like Geneva on the Lake, Presque Isle, Pa. and the Geauga County Fair.
Though I am not the best swimmer and for sure know nothing about scuba diving, Walt had me attending functions with the scuba club he belongs to, the Aqua Amigos. We went to the Commodores Club for a spring picnic, a month later the USS Cod sub where we got to spend as much time as we liked after hours touring it and most recently a trip to Huron to attend the Bay Area Divers 25Th Anniversary banquet where I met two famed divers, David Trotter and Jim Kennard.
We lost Grandma this year, she died in her sleep, still relatively heathly at 97, thats the way to go. My cat also passed on from poisoning, that was horrible.
A couple of old friends got in contact with me again, Lisa from Erie and Dennis of Cory, Pa. whom I haven't spoken with in a couple of years. Its good to have them back around.
2008 saw the end of a couple of events I annually hold, the Winter Cookout, a Memorial day cookout/camp out, and My Christmas Spaghetti dinner party because of a conflict of scheduling with my sisters Christmas party. I hope to be able to revive them in '09. The relatively new tradition of cooking spaghetti and spending Christmas eve with Walt and his family though took place again. After dinner we went to this old church in Mentor called, Mentor Christian Church. The congregation started way back in 1828. The new church, if you can call it that, was built in 1915. It was so cozy and such a throwback to earlier days, what a wonderful way to spend Christmas eve. The church is rectangular, with a balcony above. They still play the organ. For the close they lit candles, shut of the lights and sang Silent Night. Walt said he kept looking around to see if John Boy from the Walton's was going to appear. Christmas it self was quiet but Friday I made another pasta dinner and had friends over and gave them their gifts. And tonight, Tuesday, I was invited by Walt and his brother Steve & his wife Monica to see Trans Siberian Orchestra. WOW what a show, the best way to describe it is its like a religious acid trip. You have to see the show, everyone needs to at least once. What a audio and visual experience.
So it was an up and down - up and down year, lots of good and some bad. Wonder how '09 will play out.

Gotta GoGo!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas Friends!!

Hey Gang,
So I was going to send out another Christmas memory but in all this last minute frenzy of shopping, making sauce, making chocolate, doing dishes, wrapping gifts, packing the van I got inspired with something else instead. How many renditions of the Night Before Christmas do you know? Well this is my half finished version. I would love to finish it but when I wake I need to fry pizzelles, buy a few more last minute items, and be at Walts with all the food before 4 for an early supper so we can make it to church before 7. And its now 6:39 am. Oh Boy, am I in trouble.
Here it is, my version of the Night Before Christmas:

Well its the eve before Christmas eve and all through my house the spaghetti pot was stirring, I was busy as a mouse. The stocking were stuffed with the utmost of care, in hopes that the chocolate wouldn't melt from my place to theirs.

The Kellys were nestled all snug in their bed, while visions of spaghetti and meatballs danced in their heads.
With Momma in the kitchen, and I on the stove
She had just opened more jars and I added the cloves.

When out of the pot arose such a splatter, I sprang from me feet to see what was the matter.
Away to the stove I flew like a flash, lowered the heat in a mad frenzied dash.

The sauce had landed on the gifts with the bows,
Also on our tree from the tippy top to below.
It was getting late I said with a snear,
Just let the sauce sit, if we wipe it will smear.

I kept on stirring so lively and quick
I knew if it wasn't cooked well, we'ld all be sick.
Sniffing like a beagle, my scents they came
It needed more seasonings I shouted them by name:
Now dishes, now dashes
Now stirring and mixing
More garlic, and pepper
More parsley and basil
To the top of the pot
All the way to the top
Now dash, dash away
Dash away all

As the sauce was still cooking away I did fly
To stuff more socks and wrap gifts I did buy
Then off to my van with much cleaning to do
It had to be emptied, the gifts wouldn't fit there was just no room

And then in a twinkling I heard on the roof
What sounded like horses or at least all their hoofs
As I drew out my head and was turning around
Down came the sleet and rain with a bound

It rained so hard I got wet from head to my foot
But I couldn't stop, the gifts to the van had to be put
A bundle of gifts I had flung on my back
I looked so disheveled I was all out of whack

Thats it, maybe I will finish it like the other 127 short stories I started - maybe.

Good Night Friends, I am tired! MMM, it does smell good over here!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Hey Gang Christmas, another memory of mine

Hey Gang,
This memory only goes back to last year, it concerns Connie in N.C. who collects dolls.
I had these two little old dolls that she was interested in purchasing from me. Months had passed and I never mailed them to her. Christmas was approaching and I thought Connie always responds to my writing, sends prayers for those in need, always uplifting, why don't I just send her the little dolls as a Christmas present and forget selling them. Little did I know how special this would turn out to be. I will let you read what she wrote last Christmas season when the dolls arrived in her mailbox.

CAREY .....THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! Thank you for making my Christmas so much brighter. I was really depressed because this is my first Christmas without Mama and getting my yearly Christmas Doll from her. I couldn't believe when I opened your box and saw those two adorable little dolls. I would have been glad to have paid you for them, but receiving them the way I did made them even more special.

I also want to thank you for your Christmas wish for me. Believe it or not, but my Mom's everyday wish was for me to get a home big enough to display my dolls. If God allows me to live, in the next few years that dream will come true. I also like the part about the old convertible. I love classics and I would love to have a classic Mustang convertible. And yes, even to travel the USA in. IT COULD HAPPEN!!!!!

Thank you again Carey.......................Connie

I am still thankful I sent those dolls as it made someone very happy and another lasting memory.

Gotta GoGo!!

A Hey Gang Christmas, from the Philippines and another from me

Hey Gang,
This is from Ruth in the Philippines. I didn't know if they celebrate Christmas so I asked her.

Of course we do celebrate christmas since i am a christian and here's my story to tell.....

The church where i grew up used to have a christmas program and presented some stage play written by my father which he took from the story of the Bible. When the story went sentimental i usually stay infront near the stage and cry...but when the program closes i will forget all the crying because what excites us children is when we will be given packs of goodies from the church..It has been the tradition of the church to do that every christmas to extend God's goodness through giving to the less fortunate neighbors of ours who are not christians too then to us children and all members of the church.Last Sunday, i recalled that incident again since the church where i now attended does that too... we were the ones who distributed the packs of goodies to the non christian visitors and when every visitor was given we also got our shares and said.....ohhhhhhhhhhh to the children and pointing to ourselves... hahaha!.as if i was a child again. What makes
it so special now is we treasure the value of giving and i hope it will not only be on christmas season but the whole year through. It feels good when we give..right Carey?

Have a more joyous christmas and a blessed new year ahead!


Another Christmas memory, this reminds me of that Elvis song, Blue Christmas, and it also involves Pam, the girl I gave the toilet seat to.
We had a Christmas party with friends and Pam did most of the cooking. Don't remember much of that supper other than two things, one I decided to make gizzards, that didn't go over to well and the other, blue food coloring and that REALLY didn't go over to well. Growing up my older sister once in awhile would add some red food coloring to our mashed potatoes. I remembered it was silly fun as a kid. So I decided for this meal lets do the same but lets do blue. But I didn't just add it to the potatoes BUT to everything, and not just a wee bit to add a touch of color but a whole lot to make it really BLUE. BOY OH BOY did Pam cry, you ruined my meal, look how terrible it looks. Everyone's teeth and lips turned blue. Its amazing to this day people don't remember what we ate only the color. Awww yes - Christmas memories.

Only one more day till Christmas!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Hey Gang Christmas - Shirls memory and another of mine

Hey Gang,

I remember one Christmas that really stands out in my memories ... I think I was about 11 or 12 years old at the time ... I had asked mom for a bicycle that year and she replied that she didn't think they could afford a bicycle. So for the rest of the days before Christmas I felt kind of gloomy because I really wanted a bike ... come Christmas morning all three of us kids bounded out of bed and ran into the living room, myself in the lead, when all of a sudden I stopped dead in my tracks causing my brothers to bump into me almost knocking me down ... for there around the Christmas tree stood three brand new bicycles, one for each of us ... I hugged mom and dad and was so happy ... that is one Christmas story I remember well. There was a lot of other presents under the tree too ....

Shirl ...


Another fine memory of mine is the gift I bought for Pam a good friend of mine. Boy, did it almost ruin a friendship but it definitely ruined the party that year. What was the gift? A toilet seat. I still don't know why she cried and wouldn't accept it. I tried telling her how useful of a gift it was. You can use it year round, other people will use it and every time you sit on it you will think of me. No use, she wouldn't talk to me the rest of the night and I had to take it back.

Gotta GoGo!!

Gosh after Lisa and Shirl's wonderful memories maybe I shouldn't of added my stinky story.

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Hey Gang Christmas

Hey Gang,
Changing the pace here for a bit, will get to the conclusion of the Hey Gang Address soon. Seeing that we are only days away from Christmas thought I would take a small break from my political writings, though I have about 4 started in my draft folder. A lot of important and serious stuff happening that should be talked about but its time we all try to get in a brighter cheerier mood.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO instead of sending one long Christmas email out I thought from now until Christmas I would send one Christmas memory story a day. And I thought it would be really neat that if you have any, send it to me and I will include in my blog and send it out to the Gang. Oh don't tell me you don't have any holiday memories or stories to tell. For instance Lisa in Erie was telling me how her Mom would ring the bells, you know what, thats not for me to write about thats her story to tell. She can conclude it, here's one of mine. Some of you may remember this cute story but for the new additions on the list you will enjoy it.
I met this older gentleman in church about 14 years ago. His name was Dave Sertz who passed away a few years back. He had a stroke and was confined to a wheel chair. The guy that would pick him up for church couldn't one day so he asked me you live closer to Dave can you take him to church? Thats how I struck up a friendship with Dave. This one Christmas Dave had no one to take him to the store. He kept calling and asking Carey please take me to the store I need to buy a Christmas gift. I was incredibly busy and kept putting him off. Finally 2 days before Christmas I called Dave and asked do you still need to go to the store? He said yes. So I agreed to take him. I got to his house late and he said hurry to the Richmond Mall we don't have much time. I rushed him over there and asked which store? Dave said lets hurry to JC Penney's. I took him there and then asked now where? He said to the Mens department. I got him up there in time and
asked now what? He said find yourself something you like.
All that time he was bugging me to take him to the store was to buy me a gift. Ain't that special?? Thinking about it it still brings a tear to my eye. That is one Christmas memory I will never forget.
OK see how easy that was, now your turn.

Gotta GoGo!!

A Hey Gang Christmas - Lisa's memory

Hey Gang,
Lisa from Erie, Pa. responded and wrote:

When we were kids, Christmas Eve was the main event.

First we would go to my grandmothers for a traditional Italian feast. After that we'd go home and get our PJ's on and go to bed....but never slept. We waited anxiously in anticipation of Santa's arrival. Mom and Dad would go to midnight Mass and when they returned home Mama would ring the bells that were hung on the front door and yell "Bye Santa!!" which was our signal that it was time to open the presents! Once all the gifts were unwrapped, we throw our coats on over our robes and head to my aunt's house where the entire family (gramma, aunts, uncles and countless cousins) ate and sang and laughed until the sun came up!

If you asked me what the presents were, I probably couldn't recall most of them. My fondest memories of Christmas are the ones of the love and laughter (and food) that made my family so amazing


Now that gives me a warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling!
Gotta GoGo!!

Another story of those silly eating Chinese and Cantonese

Hey Gang,
Another story of those silly eating Chinese and Cantonese.
And yes you guessed it, its about eating cats & dogs. Why cats? Because the Cantonese insist cat meat tastes purrfect.
Where do they get them? Some from cat houses others are ordered from the catalog.
There is kidnapping and now pets are being stolen I guess you would call it a catnap, hmmm I suppose by cat burglars.
Cats do have nine lives but in China they only make one good meal.
It is a shame though all those cats being eaten, a real catastrophe. You can tell those people are pagans and not Catholics.

Gotta GoGo!!

from Yahoo news

Thursday, December 18, 2008

State of the Gang Address for Dec. 08 part II

Hey Gang,

As I was saying in my last email my inbox keeps filling with invites to various sites. Well lo and behold I received yet two more today. One was, I sent you a Prayer! from "Krazy Kid", who ever he/she is and the other from Bob S. which said I sent you a big Kiss! using the Big Kiss application. UGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Bob you should know I don't kiss smokers. KIDDING!!! Seriously though, I know its not your fault and anyone else's but before you join these things or check them out be careful. When you enter those internet community sites a lot of them automatically attach themselves to your address book and send out invites to EVERYONE.
I feel I speak for many people when I say most don't like changes. Countless times I've received Carey delete the old one - add my new one. So my suggestion is find a personal site or blog that works for you and stick with it. If you do, you will start to build a following. You might even have enough followers to build a cult. OK kidding again, would hate to have the Feds on me for encouraging the start of a cult and the drinking of Kool Aid but the point is you will build contacts.
So don't be mad if I don't accept your invite to any of the other online communities. I can't possibly join all of them, I am way to busy with what I have going on in cyber world as it is.
Here are ones I decided to keep:
Obviously emails and my website,
My fun travel Hey Gang blog:
My political blog,
(You can also find my political writings at check out the left and right list)
and Myspace.
Lastly, I also write articles for Ezine Articles, just type in my name and on occasions for the GOP when I don't get censored,
OK let all that sink in and will be back tomorrow to conclude this.

Gotta GoGo!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

State of the Gang Address for Dec. 08

Hey Gang,
Thought I should address what has been filling up my inbox and send a HELLO out to everyone as its been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to quiet. I know that doesn't seem to make sense but let me explain.
Last couple of weeks possibly more, I've received hardly any emails. BUT what I am lacking in personal emails and how are you's from the Gang, I receive more than enough invites to join all kinds of online communities such as Face Book, Blow a Kiss, Myspace, Gib Link, LinkedIn, Fanbox, Tagged, just to name a few. WOW! I have received a Kiss from Bob almost twice a day for a week now, Ruth has sent me a kiss, now that kiss I don't mind, prayers from friends who are atheists, tagged from people I didn't even know were alive, invites to join business communities, welcomes to hop on board wife swapping, I don't even have a wife, how can anyone keep up with all of this and I know some of you belong to more than one! WHY? Help me out, someone has to stop the madness!!
Let me explain something. I started way before Myspace took the internet world by storm. Its a real shame that I didn't capitalize on the idea. My initial webmaster went crazy jealous and deleted the original GoGo Bus site. Our plan was to link friends and acquaintances together. After that jealous boy did what he did, I hired and fired a host of web masters. Not one could capture the feel of what I had in mind. By the time Jeff B. took GoGo Bus over Myspace was launched and I lost out. In the very beginning of Myspace I alienated a lot of people because I refused to join or answer anyones invite. I kept hoping that the Bus site would be finished plus I didn't quite get the concept. I finally realized that Myspace is a mini website. A personal website that anyone could build. It was then I joined and started adding people and also used Myspace to direct people to I still hardly ever respond when people write
through Myspace but at least I add people and I do visit friends Myspace profiles. This is no different than you visiting so I have come to respect your site on Myspace.

I know you hate reading anything of length so will stop here and send part II tomorrow.

Gotta GoGo!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Hey Gang,
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! And what are you thankful for? Here are your responses.....
Carey, thanks for asking!

I am thankful my 52-year-old brother Mark, who really should be dead from his cancer, is still in remission due to the outpouring of prayers all over the country. - Dawn Slike

This is my list small but that sums it up.

1.Thankful that God has given me a wonderful family and friends. Even when times are rough, we pull together. And no one is sick or deathly ill.
2. Thankful and proud my husband joined the military, because he was going through rough times working.
3.Thankful that my children know how to act . So many people don't decipline their kids these days.
Janet from another planet,
God Bless everyone and have a happy safe Thanksgiving.
i am thankful that i share the gift of life .... i am also thankful for all that God has done for me and He has done a lot ....

Shirl ...
I am thankful for God sending his son Jesus christ down to die on the cross so that through his death I am saved for just the asking. am thankful because The Lord has given me such a wonderful husband. I am thankful to have the home I am in and the job I have. I am thankful that my surgery went really well and I am back to great health. I am thankful to maybe have the opportunity one day to adopt some children in the place of having them since I can no longer do so. I am thankful for my life and love of life. I am thankful for all my friends, in person and on the internet. I am thankful to have a sister and a brother and 3 nephews and 3 neices. I am thankful to be able to talk to and spend some time with my 92 year old grandmother. And lastly, I am thankful that I can be thankful....happy thanksgiving and God Bless.....

Thankful to still be alive and be in remission
Jeff Marshaus


Hey Carey, I hope you and your family have a wonderfully Blessed Thanksgiving.

What am I Thankful For: -Having the Love of God and the knowing that he is taking care of me.
-My Family
-My Friends
-My Home in the mountains by a small lake
-My Health
-For just knowing I am loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-And, so much more, too numerous to name them all

I hope you have a lot to be thankful for also,

Happy Thanksgiving Carey..........................Connie


Lisa is thankful for:
Emily's giggles
Jake's smiles
Lucy's kisses
Music that makes me weep
Full moons on summer nights
Water, rocks and trees
Hugs that revive me
Friends that have never lost faith in me
Family that sustains me
God who provides all of the above

I'm thankful for a warm place to lay my head, friends family movies roadtrips food to eat and god loving on me
To start I am thankful for my family and a few but true friends that have remained that this year. Also, even working in a hospital there has been cut backs so I am thankful I still have a job and am working. My house that I have been working on to make into my home. Thankful we still have some freedom left to worship,pray and are able to write what we are thankful for. God has blessed me with health even though I was sick a few times this year. Most of all thankful I was raised a Christain this year we have seen God's word concerning end times coming to pass at a fast speed. Thankful that God gave my another day another birthday. Thankful my brother has a web site to express our thoughts and up coming events.

I am thankful that my wife is now an 11 year breast cancer survivor.
I am thankful that my wife, my son, and I have all been blessed with good
health and a good life this past year.
I am thankful for all the loving friends and relatives that I am blessed
Thankful for my wife , family, and friends, and another year to spend with them!
What am I thankful for? I am thankful for another year of being self employed and making ends meet. I am thankful for having both houses filled. Thankful that Euclid has backed off. Thankful that even in the midst of 4 dollar gas I was able to find a way to enjoy the GoGo Bus. Thankful for the trips I was invited on. Thankful for the trip with Mark & Becky's family. Thankful for the invite to the car show in Cory, Pa from Dennis and being able to meet his grandpa. Thankful I was finally able to see Letchworth in the fall. Thankful that an old friend contacted me and thankful I was able to help her through a rough spot. Thankful for my health. Thankful for the cell phone Jeff got me. Thankful that my writings are getting more exposure. Thankful for Walt and his family. Thankful for the internet and being able to keep in touch with the wonderful friends I have that give advice, info or just being there to listen, like John in Maine, Vince
and Wayne in Pa, Mark in Indiana, Rowe in Ca., Shirl in Kentucky. Thankful that Dad is still healthy and comes along on the jobs with me. Thankful for Mary the most awesome neighbor who keeps an eye on my rental. Thankful for Jeff B. who keeps plugging away on the website. Thankful for my family. Thankful for Pastor Jim and his wife Lisa. Gosh I could go on and on. If you received this thanks for being my friend.
Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This just in women going topless - men wearing bra's!

This just in women going topless - men wearing bra's! Details at 11.....

As Vince in Pa. reminded me, Its a strange strange world we live in Master Jack. How true! Whatever happened to manly men like Tiny Tim?

more on Letchworth

Unfortunately, I had such a rough night of no sleep, just terrible, but for me I should be use to it because it is the norm. Even with no sleep I still woke fairly early, about 10ish.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letchworth State Park 3

So where was I? Oh the night hiking.
As I said previously I was trying to find the rivers edge and thank God I didn't! But what I did find though was more wood for the fire and not on the ground either, attached high up on a pine tree with dead branches. So I pestered Dov along with Lisa's advice of hey you better go help Carey knock limbs down or else. Sometimes me being a pest pays off as in this case where it was much cheaper than the camp store where a 4 piece log bundle was 6 bucks and we did have enough wood to last for two days.

 I arrived about on time to pick up Lisa who was packed and anxiously waiting for us.
But it turned out that my excitement about finding corn was only shared by me, as Dov doesn't eat vegetables and Lisa doesn't like corn! But shhhh I wasn't suppose to mention it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lost in the shuffle

Hey Gang,
Fiiiiinally getting back to the weekend trip with Dov and Lisa we took a few weeks ago. What you didn't know I escaped? Well you should be checking on the message board and you would of.
I can and will be writing about where we went and what we did but I want to start with something more important first, some of the fine people we met while on our excursion. After all, life is all about people, ain't it?
Their names were Bob & Linda, our heaven sent angels, Ron, who dropped in on our Sunday supper, and Jason Keeler I met outside of Covered Bridge Pizza in Kingsville, Ohio. There was other friendly people on the trip, the gas station attendant, who actually still pumps gas, the greeters at the camp ground, and the toll both lady.

But I'm running late to pick up tickets for McCains visit so guess what? You still have to wait, sorry I'll try to hurry back.
Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Scenery

Hey Gang,
Thought I should send these out before the change of the season so you can enjoy them. Where were these taken at? Won't tell you this post but see if you can guess. One clue, they aren't from Wickliffe. Enjoy!

Gotta GoGo!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hey Gang Update Sept. 2008

Hey Gang,
Here's update part two though its been kind of quiet, haven't been hearing much from some of you. But here's some of the things I do know that I can pass on.
This ain't recent news but it was the first time I saw Mark's new bike, so to me it is. The bike's a beauty, a Yamaha 1100. They have come a long way. Heres the link if you want to see what one looks like.
The color of Marks is raven with flames. Congrats again Mark.

Shirl has a full house. Shirl has allowed her granddaughter and husband and their two babies to live with her until the granddaughters apartment becomes available. Shirl only lives in a one bedroom so I applaud her for opening her house to her family. All to often today families shuffle off other members or close doors just because of the inconvenience.

My brother in law who has numerous health issues came through the gall bladder surgery with no complications. Thanks for the prayers.

Jeff B. and his mother went on vacation recently to Cancun and saw amongst many other things the Mayan Ruins. His Mother is 90 and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact Jeff was worried that his Mom may of planned to much and wouldn't be able to keep up.

Jeff M. resumed truck driving once again. He is somewhere out on the road as you read this. Last night he was in Illinois heading to Dallas.

Ter's son Terry won the 2008 Super Stock/Late Model championship at Auto City Speedway here in Michigan last weekend. Ter's one proud papa.

Moms & Dads new pooch. Since our poor Bo went to the pearly gates about 3 years ago and our cat Gracy went more recently Dad has been wanting a furry friend. My niece spotted a two year old Italian Greyhound/Fox Terrier mix. So my sister went out and bought it for the folks. Her name is Sophia. Having a grey hound mix and a fox terrier before, this lil dog has both traits. What a blessing this dog is. Wonderful disposition and has taken to all of us instantly. And now Dad is happy.

Emily from California contacted me. I met her during the primaries back in Dece. in a political chat room. She got married this past winter and is doing fine. Emily said between classes, debating with muslims etc she's been super busy. She has started a blog and asked if I would be the co-author. And to that I said YES. Emily I believe is even more Conservative than I am. Look out liberals on the west coast! I will include her blog next writing, stay tuned its worth a read especially if you are a woman.

And finally I will include Rowe's comments to Ter'.
I liked Ter's letter. I didn't know he was such a good writer. All of us who have lived through the good and bad times of this country feel the same, deep love and pride for being American. Through out history there has been seasons of good and seasons of bad. From global warming to the ice age back towards global warming, from peace to war and back to peace, from prosperity to ruin, from health to sickness. I don't think we should panic, but I know we should pray. Just my opinion.
And that is a terrifc way to end this email.

If you care to add what you have been up to just send me an email and will include it.

Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey Gang part one

Hey Gang,
Its been awhile, well I mean its been awhile since I wrote a Hey Gang update of sorts. Things since late July have been on a whirl wind. All kinds of good and all kinds of ughhhh! Just as Dov said, he made that observation during our phone conversation last night. He said you know what I notice about you is that something fun is always happening to you which is good but then you have to add in something bad. BUT thats just my life. I don't make this stuff up, it just happens to me. Sometimes I feel like I am a ping pong in a hurricane. Its always up and down and a lot of times both happen at once......thats just my life.
Lately I have been spending a lot of time with Lisa, as if you didn't know, helping her through a rough spot in her life. BUT, have to say, I am enjoying the friendship, its been fun even through her trying times. There I go again, a good with a bad.

Some of the stuff that has been happening in her life has been a real Hummina hummina. Two weeks ago Lisa came to visit and stayed with my sister Cynthia. She just adored my sisters house and felt right at home. In the cupboard Lisa found the same coffee she used, the same pot and when she went to use the shower it was her brand of shampoo. I would say that would make one feel at home. Later on in the day we went out to the Miscellany Barn in Painesville. It has three houses and one barn filled with antiques, junk and furniture. Who does Lisa run into way out here? Her cousin. Maybe at a busy mall or something like that, but at an antique place. Ya just can't make this stuff up. Afterwards we went to the Perch Fest which is another whole story in itself. What a lame festival. It hardly had anything to do with perch other than one tent serving perch and the line was a three hour wait for the dinner.
Sunday Lisa was a bit disappointed that she didn't make church. Waking up a little late we weren't sure what we were going to do. But Rich left a message saying Punderson State Park 1 o'clock so I decide to drive out there to see what was going on. What a surprise, his church was a having a lake side baptism, I forget the exact term his Messianic Church uses but it is similar to a baptism. We got there near the middle but still enough time to here a few testimonies and baptisms. It may not of been the type of church Lisa is use to but it was a church service. it was just a fun weekend.
OH one more thing about Lisa. She is looking to move and find a new house. The house right next to her parents place is for sale and it's in her price range. She is very excited about that. Hopefully it will work out for her.
I wrote all that about Lisa not only because I write about what is going on in my life and she has been a big part the last few months but also because of all those, for lack of better words - coincidences. Though I am sure quite a few were definitely God directed, maybe not the coffee unless it was Chock Full of Nuts because Chock Full of Nuts is that heavenly coffee.
Next installment I will give updates on the rest of the Gang.

Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where there is smoke there is fire......

Hey Gang,
I finally stopped at the Texas Steakhouse in Mentor which was formerly Road House and before that it was the Original Girves Brown Derby to take photos. Mom and my sister Cindi tipped me off that I needed to. Why? Just look at the last photo with their slogan, you will understand. It was late at night with very little lights but I think you can still see that from the fire it was a total lose. But their slogan is kind of prophetic, huh.

Gotta GoGo!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend of the 16th and Lisa's message

Hey Gang,
I'm slowly getting caught up to date, this is about the weekend of the 16th.
Have you ever planned something and have everything just click and go smoothly? Have you ever wanted to share something with a friend or loved one knowing how wonderful or good it would be for them? I experienced both the weekend of August 16th.
I sent out an email asking who wanted to go camping or possibly a beach outing. The beach plans fell apart but Mark called asking if I wanted to go to Salt Fork and camp with his family. I agreed but was reluctant and just not really into it. In fact it wasn't until late Friday I finally told him I was going.
But before then, about mid week, I was talking to Lisa trying to help her through a rough time, a lot of changes going on in her life. I can't write all what we discussed but this is a very shortened version, and yes Lisa I need to put the part where I was stern with you. I told her what your problem is you don't want things to change, you are going back to your problems. So what was my finally advice to her? You need to go camping this weekend with us! Most people would of said lets meet at the bar so we can talk, or lets go to church, not me - lets go camping. It sort of reminded me of when I met Shirl and took her camping but thats another story.
Maybe some of you don't understand but to me camping is thee best place to clear your head and do some serious thinking. Especially late at night going for a walk, the air, the stars, the night sounds of the insects and animals, its so serene and beautiful. I just knew this would do Lisa wonders to be away from everything for a few days and wanted so badly for her to experience this. Plus the clincher was Lisa has children close in age to Mark & Becky's, it would be perfect for everyone. I love Mark & Becky's kids, had to throw that in. And it did turn out as I envisioned. Even though we never went on a hayless hay ride everyone had a blast and Lisa was able to have some quiet time to put things into perspective. I want to thank Mark & Becky again not only for the invite but also for the hospitality, allowing us to be part of their family and extending a helping hand to a friend in need. Thats how Mark & Becky are, though they never met Lisa
they accepted her and her children as one immediately.
NOW the really good part. Lisa had a miracle if you would call it that. You know what, instead of rewriting her words she said I could forward on what happened when she got home. So here's Lisa's story.

"I drove home full of all sorts of things to go over in my head. Thinking and worring and laughing and crying. I was sort of worried about the money I spent and thought I'd figure out something later. I had to go on this trip. I'm praying on it all the way home along with tons of other things thanking GOD for you and for the way my kids enjoyed themselves and such. I come home to my darling Emily she runs out to greet us I pour the coffee she made me and start to tell her all about our adventure. As I am talking to her, I check the mailbox. I received two very very important pieces of mail the first one I recognized immediately! The second letter was from St Luke's School. I figured it was a bill...tuition payments start soon. It was a check! A check, not a bill. Do you believe in miracles Carey? I do. The check was enough to cover what I spent this weekend with $20.00 left to get a few things we are out of here. I called my mom
immediately. Hi mom...I'm home safe....wanna hear a story. Proceeded to tell her about the wonderful weekend I had and why I HAD TO GO and then broke down sobbing when I got to the part about the check! It was like a sign from GOD that going this weekend was the right thing, the only thing,(the predestined thing??) to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He had my back all along. The check was mailed before I decided to go. He just had you help my decide to go. I still cry now thinking about it."

You just can't plans things like that, you just have to follow the inner voice in you and all will go well.

Now I am caught up, I guess I could write about last weekend in Presque Isle which was a blast but the holiday weekend is upon us and I need to take off to kentucky to drive Millard back home. Hope everyone has a terrific holiday.

Your Friend Always,
Gotta GoGo!!

Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekends of August 9Th & the 16Th

Hey Gang,
I best get started with my telling of the weekends of the 9Th and 16Th because another weekend is here and I am off to Presque Isle in the morning and probably will come back with more tales, besides there is an important message from Lisa that needs to be passed along.
Soooooooooo lets begin with the weekend of the 9Th because I want you to meet someone, Dennis's grandfather, Dan. But first let me set it up. Life is strange, I haven't seen Dennis since about late 2005 when he disappeared, people do that who live in the Cleveland area. Then in a span of a week I spent a couple of week days with him and then the weekend. He invited me out to Cory, Pa. for a car show. Dov and I stayed in the Bus, Millard slept in the spare bed room. Immediately I knew I would like Dennis's grandpa judging by color of the rooms, turquoise, just like the interior of the Bus, how go-goish is that!
The car show was held at Meade Park. A wonderful park with a museum on the grounds, a small petting zoo and different pavilions and shelter houses. Very nicely laid out for a day of picnicking and relaxing. We got there on time to register and as with most places I take the GoGo Bus it got all kinds of Oooos & Ahhhs and WHAT THE HECK IS IT? The registration table was excited that someone as far away as Cleveland would attend their little town car show.
I thought for sure I would be a lock for a trophy as I thought Dennis's Grandpa Dan's '56 VW would be a for sure. Nope to both. Almost all car shows you always know who is going to win. Its always some kind of muscle car. As much as I like them, its boring seeing the same cars take home trophies. In the best Mopar a '64 Plymouth GTX won it. And in the best import that had us all stunned was a mid 90's Mitsubishi! How does a rare '56 VW that was ordered direct from Germany lose to that? Not being conceited but judging by the amount of people by the Bus it had to win. I spoke with one of the members of the association who helped put on the car show and even he said, I didn't do the judging, I would of voted for your Dodge. In no particular order I thought for sure these cars would walk away with something. Well in a way I did win something, I won the raffle, a free bottle of tire shine and when I was out getting a burger they called me to the stage. I went up there and the guy said its not for a trophy and a lady added here's an event t-shirt, thanks so much for driving out. A consolation prize, I guess.
Here's the cars I thought should of won: a beautiful four door '64 Buick Electra, the GoGo Bus, Grandpa's '56 VW, early '50's Packard and a '77 Mercury Bobcat wagon that was in excellent condition. All those are unique and you just don't see a lot of them.
After the show we went back to Dennis's house and I got to spend some time with Grandpa Dan. A very talented guy. I don't think there is much he can't do. He showed me a photo album of different charity house projects he was sent on through his church. He helped rebuild houses after Katrina, on Indian reservations and others. All charity work, wish I could remember the organization and the church he attends. But even more impressive is his carvings. He has cases of things he carved. My favorites, which I have enclosed photos of, is the pirate and the birds. His also has a sense of humor. See if you can guess what the photo titled "what is it" is. He gave me his card, it reads: WOODCARVINGS BY DAN MORGAN. We had a nice long conversation about politics, his charity work and other topics, a friendly person with a lot of hospitality. Thanks Dennis again for the invite, we all enjoyed ourselves, even during the cheesy movie at the drive in in the rain.
I best get to bed, Erie, Pa is calling me. Next email is the camp out with Mark & Becky and the Melissa's and maybe I can squeeze in Lisa's message.
Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

My week part 5 and the weekends of August 9Th & the 16Th

Hey Gang,
This is part 5 of my week that happened way back in July to August first which seems so long ago and anticlimactic that I will cut it short. And also since then, other fun and important things have taken place. But what the heck I will just roll in the closing of this story right along with the weekends of August 9Th and the 16Th.
See, I was going to write about my whole experience at the Verizon store, which I still may but in another email. That was one crazy experience and part of the hectic week but will wait on that. What I will include though for you to read is the cute letter Little Jimmy, Walt's son, left me when I stayed in his room to watch their house. It reads: "Carey here is the info you need to use my room. The stuffed animals are on my trunk feel free to use them. The alarm clock is past the dresser the instruction booklet is behind it. Only change the alarm time, you can use the alarm I will put it back. If you make a mess clean it." Well... I thought it was cute.
So anyways before leaving to pick up Millard that Friday, which I was suppose to be there by 2 pm but didn't arrive until 3 am Saturday, Jeff had arranged for me to pick up the cell phone he got me. What a friend you are Jeff, can't say thank you enough. He planned it perfectly so I would have the cell in time for the ride to Kentucky. And yes I needed it. Not only because I got lost but I have to admit, talking to Lisa from Erie made a stretch of road fly by.
The getting lost part was this, in March coming home from Kentucky I took a shortcut home. It was a new route that just opened. Heading there this time I tried remembering it in reverse which is hard enough but what made it even more difficult was I forgot my map and it was dark. I mean dark, REAL DARK, and in the middle of no where, nothing but trees and mountains. So I pulled off the road and called Jeff M. who is a trucker and asked where ya at? In Georgia. Good pull out your at atlas and HELP. I found out I was really close to where I wanted to be so no big deal. Yeah I know this new phone has GPS which Jeff wanted me to have but hey give me a break one modern gadget at a time. This year is the cell phone, next year maybe I will learn how to use more than the call feature. Besides with a cell phone all I need to do is call Jeff and scream help.
I better stop now because you guys yell when I write to much in one sitting so next email it will be about August 9Th and 16TH weekends.

Gotta GoGo!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My week part 4

Hey Gang,
Haven't heard from many of you lately. Guess everyone is out and about trying to cram in the last few weeks of the summer. BUT there is life out there! Becky wrote and shouted:
"my week part 3 ,...where is 4 - you ever gonna tell us how the cat died?"

Well glad you asked, my weeks have been running into each other and can't keep up BUT thats all you had to do - just ask.
So it was Wednesday July 30 and in between the timing belt change, the phone ringing and trying to figure out the cleaning for Marlenes is when the phone rings yet again with Mom on the other end all frantic, "Carey Gracie is dieing!" I calmed her down and said use my credit card and rush her to the vet. She quickly explained that they couldn't find the cat all last night. About 3 in the afternoon when Mom went out to water the plants she saw Gracie crouched down in the grass. Mom at first thought she was on the prowl for something. But as Mom got closer she noticed right away Gracie was dieing. Her eyes were closed, her mouth wide open and she was gasping for air. Dad thought maybe she was just over heated so they threw cold water on her. Nothing.
They get to the vet and the prognosis was not good, Gracie was poisoned. They gave her IV's in hopes of flushing out the toxins. The vet said take her home, maybe by chance the IV's will work if not bring her to the emergency and she will have to be put down. Mom calls about 9 with the somewhat good news that there is a chance Gracie will make it and with her tail wagging it's a good sign so they thought.
At 10 Mom calls yet again CAREY WE NEED TO GET GRACIE TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM SHE IS DIEING. The folks and my sister said Gracie threw her head way back, gave the most hideous meow with her eyes rolled back and her body completely limp. We found out the toxin had shut down her central nervous system and caused sever brain damage, the tail wagging was involuntary. We had no choice but to put her down.
I searched the yard and found nothing so not sure if some SOB did this or if she got into something. The vet wanted to run tests to find what kind of poison but it's very expensive. I would of loved to of known but just didn't have the extra money.
How sad a cat so full of spunk had to die like this. The last time I saw Gracie was Tueday night about 10 when I was leaving for Walt's. She plopped a dead mouse down at my feet and meowed showing off her gift to me.
I do have to apologize to all the cat lovers out there. Never really having a cat but always having dogs I never realized how much fun and a companion they can be, especially this one. My neighbors tossed Gracie out when their son went into the service. It would stray into the yard but would never come up to me. But one night while working in the garage she jumped on my back and stayed there like a fur collar while I did my work. It was then we adopted her. We still miss her.
Speaking of sad pet news I have to include Shirl and what happened to her little pooch Heidi sometime on Saturday. Heidi snuck out of the house and was struck by a car and killed. Shirl I am extremely sorry and know how you are feeling. Pets become family members and as I say dogs are like little kids in fur coats who never grow up.
I will finish part 5 when I get the chance.

Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Last Week part 3

Hey Gang,
I am at the part of the story where I was going to write about how my cat died, instead I am going to jump way ahead to yesterday since it was so wonderful, then I will backtrack.
I met with Lisa of Erie at Geneva on the Lake. First time I have seen her in years. Even though she needed a friend to talk about a pressing issue in her life the day was just fabulous. Perfect weather, setting, just a gorgeous day. I drove the Bus to meet her since it was way early for me, this way afterwards I planned on going to the park to relax and nap. The life of Reilly huh? But I never did make it to the park, on my way to getting a burger I was sidetracked. I peaked in a store on N. Broadway in Geneva and a lady hollered COME ON IN! How can Carey refuse an invite like that so I did. The store was called "Wood N Toy Stuff", all kinds of toys and gadgets with the theme of the store being toys before batteries. These ladies were so friendly and amusing. I almost got the impression that it didn't matter if they sold anything. They were enjoying their handiwork and each other's company. This is why I try to skip the corporate store as
much as possible. What you may save on money you miss out on the personal friendly service the little store gives.
I saw a beaded necklace similar to the one bought in Hawaii that I lost. I tried it on but it was a bit to long. So Judy said I can make it shorter. I thought she would just shorten the one that was picked out, nope, she strung up a new one for me. As I was waiting for the necklace to be made, Taffy explained what this odd looking game was. It was ladder ball and she challenged me to two rounds of it. I was then invited to sit back and relax in this old rocking chair that their one friend claimed as her seat. The rocking chair was from the early 1800's and if I remember correctly it was Taffy's great great grandfathers. As I was rocking back and forth listening to them giggle and make jokes we got to talking.
Judie who was making my necklace asked where I was from. She said so am I from Wickliffe and starting asking do you know this person and that person. I found out she lived in the old Willis house which is really neat. Recently Matt Jaworski one of the councilman for Wickliffe told me of this blighted house sitting vacant for years. I drove by the place and never knew it was there because of all the trees and bushes hiding it. I asked Jeff M. if he knew about this house. He said oh yeah my brother and I were in it, the Willis's owned it.
Judie went on to tell me some of the history. The house was part of a bigger estate. It was started in 1860, completed in 1866. Her parents bought it in 1950. Judy wanted to have it registered as an historical place to save the house but it was her mothers wishes after leaving for it to be sold and razed. It was in need of renovation anyways. It had water heat and one winter while it was sitting empty they forgot to turn off the water and all the pipes froze and did major damage. As she was telling me this she teared up over memories of the house and her family.
My necklace was complete and it was time for me to go but I was leaving with more than just a necklace, I was leaving with some great memories that I know I will look back on. If you are in the area go visit them and sit in the ole rocking chair, relax and take it all in.
The name of the store once more is WOOD N TOY STUFF by Judie Otto and daughter Lyn and her friend Taffy's jewelry she sells is called Accent by DeWolfe. 10 N. Broadway, Geneva, Ohio.

Gotta GoGo!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Last week part 2

Hey Gang,
Where was I? Oh yeah I was talking about the other reunion. I received a letter from Lisa of Erie, Pa. the Saturday before. Lisa I met years ago at a restaurant she worked at. Gosh the name of the place skips me, if I think hard enough I can pull it out. Anyways I was flirting with her and asked Hey want to get married? My friends thought I was batty but Lisa came back and gave me her address. We wrote back and forth for quite a few years until she got married. And no not to me. Last time we were in touch was briefly about 2001. She emailed and called Wednesday in the middle of the timing belt war. It was so good to hear from her. Lisa has a personal problem and some decisions to make so keep her in your prayers.
While feeling elated with Lisa emailing and calling, excited to see Dennis, then worried with whats going on with Kristine, she calls kind of disheveled needing to talk, on to panicking because I forgot about Marlene's, and finally having the wind knocked out of me with Mom calling almost in tears "Carey Gracie is dieing!!!!" WOW what a roller coaster. Gracie is my cat, should say was my cat. Fergie! I believe thats it, Fergie, the place Lisa worked at.
I need sleep its been an incredible 2 weeks of nonstop.

Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last week part 1 - my apology to Marlene

Hey Gang,
What a week it was last week! First I need to apologize to Marlene at Stitch & Screen. I was suppose to clean for her on Thursday and wasn't able to make it. Unless I am deathly sick as I was in late March of this year or there is some unfortunate circumstance that pops up I never skip or cancel a scheduled job. So again I want to make sure you know Marlene I sincerely apologize for not showing to get your house ready for your party, after reading this you'll understand. While I'm talking about Marlene, check out her website at She makes all the GoGo merchandise and the shirts for my cleaning business. Quality work!!!!! I've known Marlene and her family since about '96 so order with confidence, her work is A1!
So why was I running around like a nut last week? It was planned four months prior Walt's vacation and that he wanted me to watch and take care of his place, also planned for months was Millard's visit which I had to drive down to Ky to pick him up on Friday. Then about 2 weeks ago I scheduled Marlene's and of course my regular weekly accounts needed to be done. What wasn't scheduled is my tenant moving out, he was nice enough to leave the gas and electricity on for 10 days so I could clean the place HAD to take advantage of that, my timing belt needed to be replaced before the long trip to Ky and my cat dieing. To make matters even more hectic, besides help with the timing belt, I was running solo all last week.
The timing belt on the Lil Daewoo took way longer than we thought, a day and half longer. Not much info on the car and parts are almost as easy to get as parts for an Edsel. But the car is worth it. 34 MPG worth it. Before I never got over 32 mpg. With the new belt that Dennis installed correctly I got a little over 34. The previous owner had the belt a tooth off on the crank this made a huge difference.
Last week was also a reunion week. Dennis whom who I haven't seen in close to three years came over to work on the Daewoo. I contacted him about two weeks ago and asked where ya been and do you still work on cars? Dennis is the one that invited me to Vegas with him to see the Academy of Country Music Awards show in '04. What a memorable trip. He ended up staying for two days until he finished the job on the Daewoo and since he was on a roll he fixed my lawn mower. It was kind of funny. After he left we were horrified. His vehicle left a huge oil slick in Walt's drive. We thought he would never make it back to Cory, Pa. He emailed when he got home and said he stopped over Rich's and picked up a deep fryer he left there when he lived in town. The fryer tipped over and oil leaked out of his car door onto the drive. A cooking oil slick we can live with, wouldn't want the EPA to declare Walt's house a brown spot.
The other reunion was with.......

Gotta GoGo!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feedback about the GoGo Bus Rides Again and Shirl's Creations

Hey Gang,
Thats what I miss - feedback. OH sure I still get some but not enough like I use to. BUT I did receive a response from Rowe out in California to "The GoGo Bus Rides Again" story. It made me feel so good that he shared with me his experience, it really means a lot. I have been going to Geneva on the Lake since I was a little kid and Rowe's writing paints another picture of what it was like many years ago. I can only imagine that he met my friend Loril who died back in 2006 at the age of 97. Loril owned the corner store on the strip since 1935. So chances are Rowe and his family must of went in it, if anything at least to browse. Someone bought Loril's store. It was weird stepping in it without him there. It is now opened as an antique shop and yes some of Loril's old stock is for sale. I bought two pairs of new old stock sunglasses from the 60's. I am sending along a photo of me and Loril, you might remember seeing it as I sent it out before.
Well read what Rowe wrote:

"Boy, that brought back memories !!! I spent a week there with my mom, dad, sister and aunt and uncle. We rented a cabin for a week back in 1944. I was 10 years old and I remember how much fun it was to get up early in the morning and get in the row boat and row around the lake. Ah, what a care free time that was. We were starting to win the war and everything seemed wonderful. My dad worked for a Co. in Bedford called Jack and Heinz as a machinist. You may have heard of that Co. My uncle had TB and was not able to go to war and he was finally sent to a TB ward for a year where they were able to "fix" him. He lived a very healthy life after that and died a couple years ago at the age of 93. He lived in Willoughby, Oh.

Thanks again Rowe that was very enjoyable. Also in that same email "The GoGo Bus Rides Again" I told you I ran into two old friends well today I bumped into Bills brother Jamie. Thats how I met Bill. I was friends with Jamie first. I haven't seen him either in about 2 years. Thats kind of neat. And lastly I present to you Shirls Creations made by Shirl in Ky. I am posting a couple of photos of the crafts she makes. I think these are incredible. She is one talented woman as she also draws and paints. Leave comments if you like about Shirl's creations or ask how she makes them. She may just tell you.

Thats all, Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The GoGo Bus rides again!!

Hey Gang,
The GoGo Bus rides again!!! Finally, after numerous trial and errors I have the right carb on it. Its running fab!
I have been so grumpy as of late with these dreaded gas prices and not going any where. I said the heck with it, if our national debt is at trillions and our government keeps spending well then seeing that I don't have nearly as big of a debt I can spend a little money that I don't have. Pretty good logic to me. So I called Dov and drove out to Geneva on the Lake. It felt so good to be in one of the oldest lake front resorts in Ohio where only one corporation has moved in, which I won't plug, driving in a throw back. Ahh yes it was good to be around people gawking, running into old friends and just being silly. Just what the doc ordered. And there's no better way to end a sunny Sunday cruising and enjoying life than stopping at a little ice cream stand, getting out of the bus and being greeted by a customer with "Nice vehicle you came to the right place the flavor of the day is grape". Understand?... grape, the Bus is purple.... not sure if I had to explain that one. Ahhh yes it was a good day! I was just very grapeful being able to get out and enjoy it, oh thats a little to punny.

The Love Birds
So there in the distance was this couple sitting close to each other on a bench near the lake. Dov said why don't we run pass them and annoy them. I said yeah lets go drag that lawn ornament of a huge horse and I will ask them can you hold my horse for me. As we were making all these off the wall jokes both of them yelled almost at the same time "IS THAT CAREY"! How funny those love birds were old friends of mine, Bill and his wife Terry. It was so good to see them. So always remember this, be careful of the strangers you are laughing at, they could be your friends or worse yet a family member.
Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hows the summer going?

Hey Gang,
Hows the summer going? Here, slow and not going out as much for the obvious reason, the price of gas. Even though its been a few months since the price has skyrocketed, everywhere I go its still the buzz and no one's finding it easy to live with. I heard from one friend that his friend who manages a rental car place was laid off. Not as many people are traveling, hmmm wonder why? Doug at Kaufmans radiator said his business is slow. Less driving, less maintenance, less business. I talked with someone who is involved with Lorain speedway and he said attendance is way down. Drivers are still participating but he noticed that before when a car went down for repairs it was back on the track the next week, now they are gone for three weeks. Lorain is doing all it can to fill the seats with different kinds of promotions etc.....
Big Al who is actively involved in the old car hobby wrote: "Hi Carey, I've been out, but not as much. Every cruise I have been to was down in numbers. Even the Buggin State in Erie had over 700 last year and less then 500 when I went a couple weeks ago. This was with perfect weather which does make a difference".
I was doing the math on how much it would cost to drive to Kentucky to pick up a friend who wanted to come up and stay for a month. When gas was about $1.20, which wasn't all that long ago, that trip of about 700 miles in the GoGo Bus that gets 15 mpg cost about $56.00. Now, its about $186.00!! So it looks like I will take my Lil' Lanos but it will still cost way more than it did before, $87.00 in a car the size of a large roller skate. What can you do.
We aren't alone in our struggle. We laugh that maybe we can go back to the horse and buggy like the Amish, oh yeah? In the News Herald June 30 edition was an article titled "Rising gas costs pinching wallets of the Amish, too". It stated a host of reasons why. Lack of tourism is one. Another is the cost of propane and diesel to run their stores. Keim Family Market said fuel costs are $8,000 per month, last year they were $4,000! Thats horrible!
You just never figure all the other things affected by this. Less gas sales, less taxes for road repair. Small independent gas station makes their money on snacks and pop sales. With the high prices most people aren't spending that extra buck which could force a lot of the small stations out of business.
Back to my plight with my business. I keep hearing, your prices aren't bad and we need the work done but right now things are a little slow call us again in a few months and see how things are.
But what do you expect? We kept voting into office the EGores of this nation. Also our habits didn't change and the dollar, oh yes the dollar. Look out below!!!! Globalism, environmental wackos, and liberalism thats how you spell CRASH?
And finally I do need to add this. Remember the problems I had with my rentals in Euclid? Well right now its tough for a lot of people who don't have money for repairs being demanded and for sure can't afford the extra permits placed on them. So what are cities like Euclid going to do when things completely tank? Will these cities confiscate people's houses and jail everyone for not adhering to those demands? These cities need to start taking into serious consideration all permits and added fees. Property and income taxes are one thing and are needed but if people are about to lose their houses the cities will have to rescind those added fees. Or will they?
What set off this long tirade? Jeff M. who is a truck driver sent me the article below. Not sure where he got it. He changed the title to "This is un real .. looks like my job will be gone ( if i even have one?) Read it and you will understand, this is getting very serious. If things don't correct themselves soon we may all be wishing for the return of $4 per gallon gas. Read the article and starting praying folks if you haven't been already.

The predictions of $200 oil have made it to the front page of The Wall Street Journal. They have been hanging around in less prominent places, but now they gain some further legitimacy. According to the paper, "Oil's historic ascent from $100 to nearly $150 a barrel in just six months is lending weight to a far grimmer prediction: Crude could reach $200 a barrel by the end of the year." The Journal predicts this would push gas prices to $6 a gallon.
If gas goes that high, several industries will be toast. Airlines and auto companies are obvious. The bankruptcy courts will be filled to overflowing with their lawyers and creditors' counsels. The result could be one of the largest restructuring in the recent history of the US economy. Where the capital will come from to do this is anyone's guess.
The falling of the dominoes does not end there. Gas and oil prices at unprecedented levels may well push energy costs to 20% to 25% of the income of many middle class households. In regions where the weather gets particularly cold in the Winter, that number could go even higher. Consumer spending would be completely arrested. Retail sales would be damaged beyond all but the most negative predictions.
Any industry which relies on transportation, whether it is newspapers or forestry products, would face costs which could easily wipe out gross margins. The impact could be so profound that it could effect the way that some people get most of their daily news.
Oil at $200 would seize up the economy to the extent that virtually no industry would me immune. Fixing the problem could take a year, and, perhaps, much longer. The US has not seen anything like it and has no experience with remedies, which makes solving the trouble all the harder.
Douglas A. McIntyre

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Something fun.

Something fun.

I forget but I'm not senile
OK so maybe I have been forgetting a few things lately. Nothing serious and its definitely not senility, I just forget. For instance Walt, his kids and I went to the Mayfield Cruise In. One of the BEST in the area. They have a section of Wilson Mills Rd of about a 1/4 mile long closed so that the cruisers can cruise and show off their ride. We had a few strangers join us and as we are put-sing along I smelled antifreeze. Not wanting everyone to freak out I kept quiet. It didn't boil over. After the cruise I drove out to Mentor and noticed the GoGo Bus was running a bit hot. Still it didn't boil over. The following day I decided to check the radiator to see what is going on. Well absent minded me forgot before we left for the cruise that I took off the radiator cap to add water. Not only didn't I remember to add water but I left the cap completely off. The whole night I drove low on water and with no cap. Duhhh!

I forget but really I'm not senile
So there I was at Heisley Racket Club with Walt and his son Jimmy. Little Jimmy wanted to play me. So I said sure. I couldn't figure out why the ball wasn't going straight and why I wasn't getting enough power out of my swing. We finished playing and as we were leaving the court I looked at my racket and DUHHHH I forgot to take it out of its case. I played the whole game with the cover still on the racket.

I forget but I'm not senile
OK so maybe I have been forgetting a few things lately. Nothing serious and its definitely not senility, just I forget. For instance Walt, his kids and I went to the Mayfield Cruise In. One of the BEST in the area. They have a section of Wilson Mills Rd of about a 1/4 mile long closed so that the cruisers can cruise and show off their ride. Oh wait a second I forgot I already wrote this.

Lovable Dad
I get home and Mom was a bit upset. She had argued with Dad over a phone call he wanted her to make. Dad insisted he couldn't hear the lady. As Mom was telling me this Dad was sleeping in the other room. I said I know how it is because you just don't know if its because he can't hear or he just doesn't want to make a phone call. From a sound sleep and a different room I hear Dad yell WHATS THE MATTER WITH YOU, YOU KNOW I CAN'T HEAR!!

Lovable Mom
We were outside and Mom points to the sky and says Oh look Carey there they are, the entrails from the plane.

Greeting Cards
John in Maine replied back to my email about made in America greeting card companies and how I buy Hallmark. He wrote: If you're anti gun, Hallmark is your card company but not mine. They contribute to Gun Control Inc.. I replied back with: You would think Hallmark would be pro gun. More guns mean more killings mean more sympathy cards bought. OK OK stop throwing the tomatoes I was only joking.

What cards does John buy?
I buy most of mine online from Current, haven't seen made in China on them as yet, plus it helps the shipping companies here.

Thats all for now, I need my energy to battle the Euclid City Henchman and my ongoing rental problem.
Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Behind every dark cavity there is a silver filling.

Hey Gang,
Behind every dark cavity there is a silver filling.
OK maybe I don't quite have a silver filling yet but I
will get a filling of some sort soon.
I changed my west coast swing, as I call it, to
clean last week to Wednesday instead of the usual
Thursdays. For those who don't live around here I
live in the east suburbs of Cleveland and have a few
janitorial accounts in the far west suburbs of
Cleveland, there that explains that. It was a double
blessing day, one for me and the other for Jeff.
One of my accounts on the west side is a dentist
office that I've had since I just about started my
business. This dentist cleans and maintains my teeth
and I take care of his carpet. He told me good news
and bad news but I also got good news out of the bad
news. Follow that?
The first good news was my teeth and gums got a
clean bill of health. My dentist said "You aren't
listening to me, I told you to fall asleep with a
mouthful of candy, your teeth are to good. How can I
make any money off of you"?
But then the bad news. When I was a kid I had
chipped one of my front teeth. He didn't like how
that tooth looked so he X-rayed it. After all these
years the chipped tooth was abscessed and it needs a
root canal.
Now the good news about the bad news. The dentist
said "If you come in on my off day consider it a
anniversary gift for being in business so long".
FREE!!! WOW! He has no idea what a blessing this is
with my finances right now upside down. I would love
to tell you his name but he told me shhhh don't say
anything. He doesn't like accolades and I guess he
doesn't do this for just anyone.
Well dentist you know who you are thanks again and
Now Jeff's news. He was stranded in Toledo, Ohio
which is west of Cleveland. He called and said can
you do me a favor and pick me up? Being already in
Westlake which is about 32 miles from my house I said
sure, I just happen to be working tonight on the west
side instead of Thursday.
You just can't plan things like this and.... most
people wouldn't write about stuff like this either.
But thats why you like me because I do, right?
So todays moral of the story is Behind every dark
cavity there is a silver filling, in other words -
don't fret things will work out. For me after the
hassles with my rental it is a welcome relief to be
given this unexpected blessing by my dentist.
You know.... I might as well go further with this
and include the truck stop we ate at with Jeff
before heading back home. The truck stop is called
ROADEEZ. It is right off of turnpike 80 exit RT. 280,
Millbury. This truck stop makes home cooked meals
unlike TA which has prepackaged ones.
Our waitress was Joanne an older lady who use to own
a restaurant in Ocala, Florida and did most of the
baking and cooking for it. She moved back to Ohio to
be closer to her 19 grandchildren. Its amazing what
people tell me. Joanne makes the pies for Roadeez.
I am not much of a desert eater but she said you have
to try the peanut butter pie I make. So I ordered it
and let me tell you, wow is it good. She said it has
cream cheese and peanut butter in it. If in the area
PLEASE STOP and order the peanut butter pie and bring
me back a piece.
Ok now I can end this story.

Gotta GoGo!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

This & Dat

Hey Gang,
Here's some fun things that gives me a break from the Euclid problem.
Hope you enjoy these.

And yet another reason why I don't shop Wal-Mart
OK I know my niece and some of my good friends work there so my apologies to them BUT Wal-Mart proved me right once again why I don't shop there. I went to buy thank you cards and guess what? American Greetings cards are made in China. Sorry can't buy anything that says American followed by made in China. So I went to Drug Mart and lo and behold Hallmark cards made in the USA. Were they more
expensive? Of course but isn't your job worth saving?
Think about it.

Double Eagle and my article
In the last bottle hunt I brought my nephew he found an old Double Eagle bottle similar to the one I dug up previously. He asked questions about it so I went on line to look for the website where I found some of
the information I used in my article. I wanted to confirm for him what I wrote. Every link I clicked on led back to my article. Finally I gave up and told Seth just reread mine I told you I wasn't lying. Did you follow that?

Bagged Hillary
I was driving on E. 200 St. in Euclid on Friday and passed a garage sale sign. What this person did was take a Hillary for President yard sign, place a white trash bag over it and write GARAGE SALE but you could still see the other sign through it. I was so excited to see it because finally someone placed a bag over Hillary.

Speaking of Hillary
C'Mon you know its hard for me not to slip in a few things politically. This was Vince in Pa's. observation. He writes: Isn't it ironic.....I believe Hillary stayed with Bill only because she believed that would get her elected President one day, And I truly believe the reason she can't beat Obama, and the reason he won't select her to be his VP, is because of Bill :).
Absolutely Vince like that old joke back in the 90's Why didn't Hillary divorce Bill? So she could remain president. Maybe its time for the Ole Dog to kick Slick Willy to the curb. Lets pray we have seen the last of those two.

Orange from whence thou came?
Megan wrote and told me she had a strange visitor. It was an orange sitting right in the middle of her yard. She said the first thing she did was walk over to it and look up. She felt stupid afterwards knowing
she doesn't have any orange trees. Megan is still puzzled by the stray orange and how it got there as her and Rich don't buy oranges.

Pinky Grows Longer
Gary from Tulsa formerly of S. Ohio and Cleveland and Indiana IM'd me with this incredible story:
Hey I just got back from street witnessing and I saw God grow out a girls pinky that had been shot. Her finger was about half, I saw it start twiching under the power of God and it grew some. It happened at a
gas station down here called Quick Trip

My nephew set my computer up with Safari. It works ok but it seems that when I write my stories through Yahoo using Safari my words and alignment come out scrambled. So if you receive one of my emails with that problem you know why.

Gotta GoGo!!