Monday, July 23, 2012

Beaver Creek, Buttermilk Falls and Fish

Dov called and asked hey do you want to go on a road trip I need to see trees, I need to get out of the city. He mentioned a few places like Hocking Hills but it was to far for the amount of time we had. I thought about Leesville, Ohio or maybe Tionesta, Pa.. Instead we stayed a little closer to home and went to Beaver Creek State Park in Ohio.

Beaver Creek State Park is 9 miles south of Rodgers on Rt.7. Rodgers still hosts one of the best flea markets. It’s held every Friday. Has a small diner inside the grounds, has an auction and everything else under the sun from fruits and vegetables to usual and unusual flea market finds. I only stopped briefly at the flea market on the way to Beaver Creek just enough time to grab a bag of oranges for $5.

Instead of writing about Beaver Creek State Park read what is written about it from the ODNR website:

Beaver Creek State Park, in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, is one of Ohio's most scenic parks • The park includes Little Beaver Creek, a state and national wild and scenic river, and 2,722 acres of forest wilderness • The rich history of the area invites visitors to explore Gaston's Mill, pioneer village and abandoned canal locks

It is very peaceful at least when we were there, very few visitors. The pioneer village on the grounds was locked up but you could peer into the windows to see what life was like back in the early 1800’s. It has a school, chapel, house and a few other buildings. They have open house on Saturdays where they allow you to walk in all of the structures.

The thing that hit us the most when we pulled in the park was the smell. It is a pine forest and the smell of pine is so strong, simply wonderful. Just don't park close to the outhouse like we did because the second smell to hit you will be that. Beaver Creek like everywhere else right now is very low because of the drought. But the water was clear and perfect for walking through or sitting and cooling.

We didn’t stay to long at the park we wanted to continue on with our road trip and take a loop home through Pa.. I’m really not sure what roads we took to get to Pa.. We zigged and zagged and ended up close to Beaver Falls and from there got on Rt.18 heading north.

Driving through Beaver Falls we passed an old train station. Signs were posted no trespassing but I stopped anyway. I didn’t venture to far and didn’t enter the old abandoned building but I did snap a few photos.

Right outside of town just a few miles down the road is Buttermilk Falls Nature Area. I asked Dov want to stop and see it? Sure. At the first road I saw I went to turn around but spotted a sign that said FISH FRY – HOMEWOOD VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT. July 13th 5 to 7:30. I told Dov I’m hungry lets go to the fish fry and then head back to the falls. We continued on until we saw another sign that wasn’t well placed and this one said FISH FRY this Lent till 7pm. Dov and I went back and forth, he said it's during lent I said July 13th. I won out and continued on. We guessed at the direction and finally found the Homewood Fire Dept. and it had a big sign that said Fish Fry until 8pm. Good I made it in time but it was so quiet and hardly anyone around maybe it was during lent. I walked into the station and they had a really neat old mid 50’s Chevy fire truck. Could they really still be using this relic?

I found the stairs to the basement hall and asked did I miss the fish fry? Like I actually needed to ask as the place was empty and they were cleaning. Yes we just closed was the reply I got. I said well I wasn’t sure if it was for Lent or today or 7 or at 8. The lady replied we used whatever signs we had left. I said well I could come back in January at 6 if that’s OK. She said well sorry we don’t have any fish but I will give you for free macaroni and cheese and coleslaw if you like. One of the volunteers over heard this and said you really want fish let me start the fryer back up it’ll take about 15 minutes.

The fish fry dinner included: Fresh beer battered haddock, fresh cut French fries, coleslaw and homemade dessert with beverage for $8.00. The fish was excellent.

While waiting I asked the lady is there a back way to the falls or do I need to get back on the main road? She said Oh you can park at the abandoned motel the Valley Inn. We walked towards the door so she could point out the direction. I asked if the falls were scenic. She asked have you ever heard of the movie I am number 4? When she said that another lady joined in and was all excited. They filmed the movie right at the falls and we watched the whole thing. I asked how were you allowed? Well we are the fire department and had to watch them for safety purposes. My husband met Steven Spielberg and talked with him. It was so exciting to see the falls all lit up and the actors making the movie. And the food wow, one tent was set up just for all the different coffees and the buffet table was huge with all kinds of food.

My fish was done and they gave us directions once more. Park at the falling down Valley Inn hotel you can’t miss it, from there cross the railroad tracks, over the train trestle and you will see a path to the falls. I grabbed my supper and hurried out to explore.

Dov and I parked and after some guessing crossed the tracks, found the path and headed to the falls. It was really beautiful but what is usually a 35-foot flowing fall is now just a trickle. It too has been hard hit by the drought. I ate my supper right on top of the falls that’s how dry it was. A really neat experience.

I got home about 1 am from our day out. I flopped on the couch, turned on cable, flipped through the movie channels and what did I stumble upon? I am number 4! HEY I was just there….