Thursday, December 22, 2016

Welcome to the Badlands of Cleveland.

I was on my way to Carnegie and instead of taking E.55th I decided on taking the E. 72nd exit to roads that pointed in that direction. GPS – no, inner compass – of course.

Man talk about taking a drive on the wild side. This is the part of Cleveland that is not all glammed up. I remember most of Clevo looking like this back in the day, it made me feel like popping open a can of warm POC. You from Cleveland know what I mean.

Forget about Aleppo what about these neighborhoods?
I saw a minimart that had a sign that said OPEN 7 DAYS – CLOSED THE REST, not bad open 7 days a year. The playground had barbwire around it, not sure if that was to keep the animals out or in? The only thing white was the snow and even that was an off-gray. I thought the artwork/graffiti was neat until I realized it wasn’t artwork but police outlines of victims’ bodies.
Maybe Lebron needs to dribble a ball down these alleys.

I did receive some stares and one car was on my bumper at every light blowing his horn and glaring at me. Do you think it was the Trump bumper sticker displayed on my car or am I being paranoid?

I drive fast to begin with but in certain areas it gives me a license to do my thing, after all does anyone really follow all laws in the underbelly of any city? One car was playing catch up with me; I caught him in my rear view mirror. I thought this could be interesting. Instead he swerved around me and out of sight. It was a white guy, prim n proper in a nice car. Either a probation officer or someone that strayed of the main and found himself cruising the forgotten.

In all it was very scenic. Boarded up buildings, run down houses. So how about taking a drive on the wild side, just call, I'm ready but I'm also driving.

Gotta Go-Go!

Gee, was this really made for my blog?
Sometimes the dim has to be shown so the light is even brighter.
I guess.