Friday, August 31, 2018

200 miles for supper - Thank you Gale, Kristine, and Judy & Ed part 1

What a great get away, glad I forced myself to go. I started feeling as if I was losing that adventuresome side. Seriously. I have been going nonstop (besides the short break to the Jimco Rally) with work since about late winter so it was really hard for me to slow down.

Initially wanted to attend the Clifton Gorge Music & Arts Festival, maybe see some friends like Gale who lives sort of in that direction and from there maybe Kristine and Judy. While trying to come up with a game plan, Dee, one of the vendors at Antiques and Uniques, recommended the antique malls in Springfield, Ohio. There’s another Careyism for you. Of all the places someone could recommend seeing, Dee suggests Springfield which is en route to where I was thinking of going.

Anyway tentatively planned was an early Friday take off but a packed Thursday made me leave once again past midnight, ya had to know that was coming. So the revised plans were to at least make it to Springfield before day break before pulling over to sleep, which I did.

I can park just about anywhere but being a light sleeper I had to drive away from the exit to find a spot. I went east on 41 first then into the heart of Springfield. Now I know why there are so many antique malls in the area. Springfield has some really old buildings, and all of the houses are aged. The city looks not really run down but how do I say it, kind of neglected, not updated, maybe that’s the right way to put it. Springfield definitely calls for a return trip.

After driving all over Springfield at 6 am I found another place Dee mentioned, a large lake, Buck Creek State Park. And it was quiet, zzzzzzz. So quiet I slept in till 1 pm. What finally woke me? A quick burst of rain. Immediately after the burst it was sunny. I was glad for Gods wakeup call or I may have slept in till 2.

I only checked out one antique mall, I think it was the smallest, only 700 vendors – wow! It was overload, way way too much. You need a lot of time to enjoy it. I quickly left. The festival was no longer an option because of the time and rain so I called Gale.

Instead of going out to eat Gale invited me over for dinner. Gale gave me directions and said he would be on the side of the road, at least I think that’s what he said. When I approached the exit on the side of the freeway was a car sitting, thinking it may be him I slowed down, went onto the berm, got back on the road and took off. Not only didn’t I recognize him but I thought Gale has too much sense to wait alongside the freeway I had to hear him wrong. Nope, it was him alright. They passed me so I followed and when we exited Gale jumped in my vehicle. And guess what? We got lost on the way to his house. His GPS didn’t help and my paper maps we didn’t bother with since we had no clue where we were. But I did get to see 37 different corn fields. Eventually we found our way in time for supper.

Gale might think I am joking when I said I had to get around a man of reason but it’s true.  I have other friends who are close to the same thinking politically as I am but nothing like the friends I met through the Constitution Party. It’s great to be in the company of people who are like minded. Besides being a true patriot with a great wife Gale has an early 70’s Plymouth Satelite. How can I not like the man?

Gale thought I was spending the night but with only 2 days I wanted to visit other friends. After supper it was time for me to hit the road.
Leaving there I used the modern rest area called Walmart, a most confusing Walmart. A sign read NO OVER NIGHT PARKING IN THE RV LOT. It didn’t stop me or four other RV’s from parking overnight. When I woke John and Amy from Harrisburg, Pa. came over to say hi. They were on their way to the Easy Rider Bike Rodeo in Chillicothe. John bought both copies of my books.

From there I met up with Kristine at the Spot on Main coffee shop in Jackson, haven’t seen her in years. Apple Brian showed up. After coffee it was off to breakfast at Valero, don’t make note of this place, blah food. You know instead of writing about some of the people Kristine introduced me to this is her post from Facebook:
FOREVER FRIENDS...Carey Masci visits Jackson Ohio again. Carey and I have been friends since 2004 and have been on adventures together, anyway...he made his appearance in Jackson, Ohio this past Sunday. He wanted to meet the "infamous" Ron Queen, "original hippie Terry Brewer, and the "porch sisters/porch sitters" Becky Stroth and Julina Lurhman "apple John Brian", and others. As always, he stirred things up by driving his 1969 Tradesman bus. Carey has written 2 books about his travels, and he tells me that the "adventures of Carey and Kristine" are in book 3.

There you have it. And I indeed enjoyed meeting her friends.

The other person on my list I was hoping to see was Judy and her husband and it turned out they live close to Jackson. Ed mentioned a restaurant that we could meet up later at and Kristine knew exactly where it was. I had no idea how this would fall all into place.

While waiting to meet up with Judy & Ed, Kristine and I got caught up. Time stood still but also flew. If not for another burst of rain that reminded Kristine the windows on her Jeep were down we may have been even later to meet Judy. Kristine’s clock on the wall doesn’t work, no wonder it read 10 to 4 the entire time I was there, I just thought time moved slower in S. Ohio. If not for that burst of rain that made us run in to grab her keys I would have never noticed the time, we might still be sitting their talking.

I met Judy & Ed through the Constitution Party. Judy is some activist, so knowledgeable about current events and exposing corruption. I love her passion for America. And Ed, he can be a real card with his comments. I love this couple.
Ed thank you for the meal, it was great. Ed introduced me to the owner Chinese Johnny and even bought him a copy of my book “Cruising Across America”.

From there it was porch time in Jackson at Kristine’s neighbor’s house. It was getting a bit late or I would have sat there much longer swapping stories and conversing. Thanks again Kristine for introducing me and showing me around.

I was going to hightail it home but I decided on the slow route. I parked in Logan the gateway to Ohio;s scenic wonderland overnight. In the morning I came across a front yard sale that I stopped at and met the most interesting person. I was invited in her house and had a really great conversation with her. You know what… just meet her for yourself. Here is Kristine artist/activist/Christian:
So was this the end of my trip? Nope. Next blogging I will take you on a walk through New Straitesville and Shawnee which is as close to a ghost town you will find in the eastern US.

Gotta Go-Go!

ps: I know most people think its nuts to travel over 200 miles to eat supper with someone but for me staying in touch with good friends is priceless. I would rather squeeze in a dinner than try to make plans for a longer visit that may never happen. When you have the time, just go. It's memories that you will be glad you have.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Catching Up While I have Down Time

Hey Gang,
Sitting here at the Jimco Vintage Rally in nearby Thompson, Ohio. What a great group of people and so relaxing. Just what I needed.

I remember Trump during his campaign kept saying you are going to be so sick of winning you're going to say stop, we can't take no more or something like that. Well in a way that's how I feel. I have been going full tilt since late winter and just needed a break from working. But please Trump, don't stop now, keep the gravy train on rolling.

Anyway lots to write about. But in typical Carey fashion I need to rewind to sometime in April. I am at this house I am rehabbing for a friend. I pull in the drive and a car quickly pulls in behind me. A tall well built male jumps out it. Before I can get out he asks do you live here, own this house? I asked are you with the Feds or police? He laughs and says no I noticed this house was empty and I am looking to rent. I invite him and his lady in to look around, next thing I know he sends his wife home and stays to help me paint. Just like that we are painting and talking about everything you are not suppose to talk about, politics, religion, Obama, Trump. By the way he is black. When done he says keep me informed I want to rent the house. No pay asked for, nothing just a handshake, he leaves. God can send angels so I guess why not painters. End of story.

Yesterday, Thursday, I had some disagreements with the person who just signed the lease for the previously mentioned house above. I thought they were going to ask out before even moving in so that unraveled me. Then I receive a text that my tenant next door to the house I just rehabbed may want out of his lease. Nice way to start a day.

So I run over to the rehab house and make straight some concerns. As I am leaving Joe, the man who helped paint drops by and says what happened, did you rent the house? I said yes, I could not reach you in fact I saved the text that was sent back in June. He didn't understand what happened but he said I see the text well I still like you and consider you a friend. He was about to leave and I said wait a minute, read this text from my tenant. Joe did and with that he said if your tenant moves I am grabbing it.

Just like that my day started horrible and turned around. Stay tuned to the conclusion if if my tenant leaves and Joe moves in.

After that I went to Josh's Meats on the corner of Lakeshore Blvd and E 200 in Euclid. Since my new diet I wanted to stock up on meats. Um diet? Yeah ask me sometime. I joked around with Josh the owner when I saw his ground meat almost in the shape of donuts. I asked is that a meat donut? He laughed and said no it came out of the grinder like that. I ignored it and asked again more seriously, now do you powder it and fry it like a regular donut.. He then caught on and asked if I was a comedian. I said no but people say I make them laugh. Seeing an opening I said let me grab something to show you while you get my meats together.

I ran to my van grabbed a book and showed it to him. Josh said OK we are at $23 what about a book and 13 for the meat? So tip number 63 on how to sell a book. Go to your local butcher and while he cuts up your meat you act like a cutup.

So now the day is really going swell. With that energy I pack up the Go-Go Bus which only took me 4 hours. 4 hours?! Yes, I cannot leave on a trip with dirty dishes, an unmade bed, clothes in the hamper. Oh but this is not at home this is the rolling Purple People Greeter. Nothing worse then driving around with dirty dishes. Never know when someone wants to look in.

And now I am at the Jimco Rally. What is funny I live the closest to this event and I am always running late. I didn't arrive until almost 3 am and sure enough just like Tom Bodett at Motel 6 there was Jim with the lights on waiting for me. What hospitality, love these people!

Today Friday I tried to pretend I didn't know the area. I took a couple, Denny and Susie, from Florida and Pennsylvania to Middlefield and Mespo. Things sure have changed in Amishville, Hello Kitty is as popular as hello horsey. None of use were impressed,

Well I best get some sleep. I am excited in the morning I am going with a small group to Fairport Harbor to see a lighthouse and then Painesville, I heard there are out of town Mexicans there. Maybe I can get a photo of one. Build that taco, I mean build that wall!

Its fun being a tourist in your own hometown. You can act stupid and say hey I am not from around here.

Gotta Go-Go!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Weird connections or divine encounters

Hey Gang,
I live the most interesting life. Weird connections always occur to me or maybe they are more like divine encounters. And no I am not talking about the fly in my oatmeal.

For instance last night, no lets back track to two weeks ago, naw lets go back to last year and then talk about two weeks ago then Sunday night.

Last year at the Ashtabula cruise in at Lake Shore Park I met Jay. Won’t use his last name though he is sort of a public figure because of his YouTube postings so he may read this and say Hey you could have supplied my full name. Anyway Jay approached me as I sat inside the Go-Go Bus. We had a lengthy conversation about vans, travel and what not. After that we connected via Facebook and kept in touch sporadically through comments on our posts.

Jay is originally from Brooklyn, NY then recently moved to Youngstown, Ohio. This spring Jay lands a job in Cleveland of all places. Since he is not familiar with Cleveland he asks if I could find him a place to stay.

What are the chances of meeting someone and for them to move close to where you live? OK maybe no big deal to you but what about this one.

Two weeks ago I was watching the show the Diggers. It’s about two guys with metal detectors that search historical sites. This episode they were looking for clues of where the famous fight of the Hatfield and McCoy’s took place.

The following day a man was sitting on the front porch of the house next to my rental. He had just moved in. I introduced myself and immediately knew he was not from around here. Joe was his name. He told me he was from WV close to the Kentucky boarder. He then proceeded to say he’s a direct descendant of the Hatfield’s. His great great grandfather was Devil Anse.

Joe googled the farm and showed me the layout. I told him I know some of these stories because of the TV show I watched last night. Joe gave me plenty of tips what to see if I ever travel down there.

OK did you enjoy that one, I mean what’s the chances of watching a TV show about a family then meeting a direct descendant?

Now that brings us to Sunday night at the Madison Walmart. I always park on the opposite and of the earth when at any store with the Go-Go Bus to avoid carts and people parking close to me.

So anyway as I was leaving a man with a floppy hat, flip flops and cargo shorts passes me smiling and says Hey I like you shirt! The saying on my shirt was GOD IS NOT FINISHED WITH ME YET. I say thank you and proceed out the door.

As I walk to the parking lot I can see someone has parked right next to me. Upset I say loudly OK what the heck are we having a party or what? The car was a banged up mid 70’s Fiat drop top and in the back seat hanging over the windshield was a surf board. Are we in Ohio?

I thought since he parked so close to me I am going to shove my postcard under his wiper. As I finished doing it a man yells while running towards me Hey that’s my car! When he gets up to me he says Is that your vehicle, I parked close to you on purpose because of my older car and I am the one who just said nice shirt to you. Yes I realize that.

Scott was his name. He is from Toledo and was on his way to Montauk, NY not only to do some surfing but also to meet with someone to raise money for his ministry of helping women in the Sudan.

He then started grilling me about the Bus. So I said here take a look at these, I wrote both of these books. Scott put them under his arm. I said those are for sale can’t give them to you. OH I know I want to buy them but I am short of cash so what about going to the gas station, I will use my card to put gas in your van and I get the books. So that is what we did.

Hey I will even take bananas in exchange for a book, payment is a payment, right?

So how was that story? Someone makes a comment to me in the store and it happens to be the person who parked next to me. But the most fascinating part is Scott wants me to set up for his ministry at the Mecum Car Auction in Harrisburg, Pa. this week.
Will I go? Maybe stay tuned!

Gotta Go-Go