Wednesday, July 30, 2014

about my book

Hey Gang,
Met with the publisher and the book is now down loaded.

In a few days will have copies to proof read. 

The book will sell for $9.95 so start saving your pennies.

I know you will want copies for all your neighbors and kin folk everywhere.

Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

covers that didn't make the cut

Hey Gang, These are the covers that did not make the cut. I came up with this one: Jeff's creation: Jeff has come up with a third one that I am happy with. More than likely that is the book cover so stay tuned. Gotta GoGo!! Carey

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

weekend part 2

Sunday I took out my little plastic fantastic car. My plans were to take ride to anywhere for a cookout. So I decided on Rt.2 to Rt.45 to find a park. But first we stopped at the antique co-op to check on things. All was fine there but over head things looked a bit bleak. Called mom to ask her if there were any warnings blaring on the TV? She said none. Five minutes later she calls back and said wow is it raining now. I was heading east and watching behind me as the storm was trying to play catch up. I didn't want dark clouds to put a damper on things so we stopped at IGA for dinner anyway. I grabbed pork riblets and a tough cut of beef, who can afford a good cut steak anymore? I know I can't like I use to. Fuel was running low so I stopped at a gas station in Ashtabula during a dazzling display of thunder and lightening. A tanker was dispensing gasoline and he shouted to me can you believe those dimwits, I was in Cleveland where I could of filled up but they told me to drive all the way out to Weirton, WV to pick up my load, they are crazy. I said well I don't think either one of us should be around these gas tanks with all this lightening. He yelled back don't worry, if it goes BOOM you nor I will remember it. He had the most terrific accent. I found out he was born in Dublin but when a baby his parents moved here. He was so friendly I gave him my card which just happened to be the only card I had and that was the Constitution Party card. He looked at the card in the rain and said I am all about freedom, I attended rallies in Painesville to stop the illegals – It's not to late to lock the gate! He told a quick political joke, I shook his hand then it was off to try and find a dry spot to cook. I stayed on 45 until I saw Rock Creek. Driving through it I spotted the Rock Creek Rotary Park Sign. It is a very small park with one small shelter, 2 picnic tables and one grill. The highlight though is the creek and falls, just beautiful. We stopped at one more grocery store for some last minute items then the dumpster at Dollar General for some cardboard to start the fire. I am glad I grabbed a large piece as it came in handy. We turned around, headed back to the park and had it to ourselves well at lest for a bit we did. One more photo of a car at the Garrettsville Festival

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

my weekend of June 27 through 29

Hey Gang, What a terrific weekend I had. So terrific I thought I should tell you about it even in the midst of a hundred things going on. I wanted to take a break and have fun this weekend and I did. Friday Ruth, Paul and I went to the Mt. Carmel festival down the street from my house. Its a nice fest, not that big but I get to see neighbors and friends I haven't seen in awhile plus just being out enjoying the weather and sights and sounds of summer is good enough reason to go. Saturday I tidied up the GoGo Bus as best as I could to head to the Garretsville Summerfest. My niece Crystal sent me a list of Ohio events and found it there. Thanks! Ruth and I arrived about 6p.m. with the car show already in full swing. I didn't even know about the show. Vehicles were suppose to register but I just drove around the barricade and was directed where to park. Driving the Bus, which is always a crowd favorite, I usually get Cart Blanche. I was impressed with some of the vehicles at the cruise in, one was an original '37 Lincoln and a highly custom Geo Metro that really got my attention. We parked and took off to walk around main street and check out all the festivities. It is not that large of a town but they had four bands playing at each intersection and one at the church. There was a 50's band, The Gospel Wagon country band that seemed like they were locked in 60's twang, a Heart cover band and four guys playing soft rock, something for everyone. The town is also very scenic with a pedestrian bridge over the falls that run through it. We saw signs everywhere for the chicken dinner at St. Ambrose so we ate there. Let me tell you... that was one delicious chicken dinner with some of the best green beans I ever did eat. Wow. Half a chicken, mashed potato's, green beans, bun, drink and desert for 10 bucks. For an after dinner snack I got a small pizza that was eh average at best. After dinner I stopped at the Portage County Tea Party booth that was humorously placed next to the Democratic booth. I asked the gentleman manning it how many fights has he gotten into? I said I got to take a photo of this so he leaned over into the Dem space and the man sitting there was not too pleased. Maybe he will ask his Democratic politician friends to pass a law to stop such photos. By the time we got back to the Bus the car show died down so I moved it closer to the remaining cars and immediately it got swarmed. I was a little taken aback when this one lady asked can I see in, next thing I know kids were piling in and not coming out. But how can you get mad at giggling kids having fun? I raced back home to catch an hour of the Mt. Carmel festival with Joe and saw a few more people I haven't in awhile. Sunday I took out my little plastic fantastic car....