Thursday, September 18, 2014

Decision and the Cherry Springs trip

Hey Gang,
I made a decision. What decision? I will tell you.

I haven't been blogging much lately because of concentrating on my book. But I have kept busy writing stories, I just never posted them. So I got to thinking... maybe I shouldn't blog about my travels and experiences any more and just put them in book two. BOOK TWO??? Where is book one??

When I handed the publisher my work he said “WHOA you have enough for two books. What I would recommend is a series of short books no longer than about 100 pages in total.”

So with this material not included in the first book which is about to be released I started planning ahead for book two and book three. Book two and three!!! YES that is ONLY IF interest and sales are that great for book one.

So here's my decision... I will blog to keep my readers interested BUT and I repeat BUT only part of my stories. If a person wants to read the full adventure he would have to buy my books.

What's your thoughts on this plan? Yes terrific, or Carey you have gone batty, you cheap skate?


Hey Gang,
I am back from Cherry Springs State Park which is in Susquehannock State Forest in Pennsylvania.  Cherry Springs is one of the darkest spots on the eastern seaboard. It's so dark astronomers come from all over to star gaze and take photos.

I love trips where nothing is planned but everything works out like they were and that’s how this trip went. The only things planned were seeing the dark park and maybe the Coudersport Ice Mine, other than that we would wing it.  Likewise with the routes. I only jotted down 90 east to 86 east to Olean, New York then head south into Pennsylvania and once there ask for directions. 

 Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate. I joked on the way that I hope the darkest spot on the eastern seaboard isn't made even darker by the cloud cover. My sad prediction came true as it was cloudy or rainy for two days of the three day trip. At least the last day coming home was sunny and summer like.

 Our first official stop on the road was a restroom break on Rt. 86 in Chautauqua Lake. This rest area is one of the nicest and most extravagant I've ever seen. Way over the top. The view of Chautauqua Lake is just awesome. You could actually spend an afternoon here picnicking its that nice.

After our break it was back onto Rt. 86 until a road construction detour had the freeway blocked and threw us off and onto Rt. 417 in Salamanca. This actually worked out for the better because 417 runs right into Olean.

 We ate lunch outside of Olean in a little place that was set up more like a house with mismatched chairs and tables. The food was good. I asked our waitress for directions towards Coudersport, Pa.. She tried drawing a map. After a few futile attempts she finally made one that was legible. The cook saw it and said “Forget all that just stay on 417 until 44 and that will get you there”. I felt bad for the waitress so told her I would save her map and hang it on my fridge.

As I mentioned I didn't make much plans for this trip but everything went as if I did. The cooks directions took us right into Coudersport. Once in town we immediately located a grocery store to buy food because we didn't bring any so we could travel light. In the store parking lot I asked a man parked next to me if he knew how to get to Cherry Springs. He did and gave us directions. Then at Cherry Springs there was an unexpected surprise, there was a sign that read Star Party – Public Night.

Gotta GoGo!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

stay tuned

Hey Gang,
Just received this...

Thank you for ordering a proof of Hey Gang! Ready to Go-Go?, Title #4927077. Your order was received and is currently being processed. Your proof will ship shortly. Delivery times may vary depending upon shipping method.

Once you receive your proof, we suggest you review it thoroughly before approving it for distribution.

Best regards,
The CreateSpace Team

  Unless something is drastically miswritten the book is done and should be available shortly. I will be having a book signing party at my place if interested in coming.
    Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Rest Area Made for a King

Hey Gang,
Your tax dollars are being flushed - literally.
Recently I stopped at a rest area on Rt. 86 in Chautauqua Lake New York.

Let me tell you... this has to be the most elaborate rest area I have ever been to. It's way over the top.

What's inside of this beautiful structure nicer than a lot of homes? A empty room where pay telephones use to be, a small room for vending machines, another small room with travel brochures and an information desk with more maps and brochures and an attendant to answer questions about tourism or routes. Oh and of course a men's and women's toilet with a family toilet squeezed between.

The outside is equally as nice. Its beautifully landscaped and cared for with a view of the lake that is awesome.  You could actually spend an afternoon here picnicking, its that nice.

I remember years ago most rest areas were sort of park like, a more natural setting, just a parking lot with trees to park under to get some zzzz's. For conveniences there was a hand pump for well water and pit toilets. Yes I do appreciate the more modern flush toilets but come on, are tax dollars really being wisely spent? Wouldn't a plain brick building with toilets get the job done as easily? After all what I am leaving behind is not a prized possession.

I think our taxes are being flushed away.

Gotta GoGo!!

ps: I need to add... it is scary that just about everywhere you go they are removing pay phones. Even the attendant here at the Chautauqua rest area agreed with me that removing them is dangerous. Suppose you have an emergency and you have no service or your cell phone fails with no one around? Now what?