Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Its that time of year when sensible people stay indoors and all others head to the....


The event that brings new meaning to the word frozen food.

Its held on SATURDAY February 26th the day after Friday the 25th.
Time 6:30 till the rangers yell LEAVE NOW!
OR come early if you like to help set up as I will be there from about 2pm.
Place: North Chagrin Reservation - Strawberry Lane.

Excitement is building.


Bring your own grill-able and one dish for all to enjoy. I should have most everything else, plates, etc..... But feel free to bring what ever, the more the merrier.

Games, excitement, laughs, frozen food, what more could you ask for.

GoGo items will be available to buy. 50 cent grab bags with decent junk. Maybe even a raffle!


Here's the directions:
Take Rt 90. Exit at the Rt. 91 - Som Center Rd. - Willoughby Hills exit. Turn left off exit. Go exactly 1.4 miles to the park entrance on the left. Landmark is a church about 500 feet on the right called Friends Church before the park entrance.
After taking left into park proceed to stop sign. Directly in front of you will be a park sign that says Strawberry Lane. Turn left. Almost immediately is a parking lot, take a left into the second entrance. The shelter house is about 500 feet back to the right of the lot. Its a long path, go past the outhouse, keep going until you see us. Bring a flash light and wolf repellent. It gets dark at night.

Monday, February 21, 2011

where were you when the lights went out

Hey Gang,

Here it is 4 am and the lights just went out from the ice storm that is going, at least I think that’s the reason. Most normal people would go to bed instead of sitting in the dark but that’s me.

Good thing I threw my bedtime snack in the toaster oven when I did at least now I am having a candle lit bedtime snack. Nothin' like chicken wings, peas and rice by candle light.

This reminds me of years ago when people would sit around and talk or read books by candle only difference now is I'm using a laptop.

So anyways.... less than 5 days until February 26. Are you prepared?

Saturday at 3 am I drove with Gary's niece to the train station to bring Gary who was heading back to Indiana. He is a little bit more reserve, quieter and at times likes to be left alone and I was in one of my off the wall talkative moods. Nice combo, can you spell mischief?
We were standing by the door waiting for the train when a man walked by. Of course I struck up a conversation with him, WOW was this guy a chatterbox. Don't get me wrong, he was polite and a nice person but he sure knew how to talk. In the short time standing there I found out about his daughter, his ex, the time he had to go to court for mortgage fraud for working with someone who was shady and 20 other different things.
I introduced him and he turned around and started up with Gary. Gary slowly backed away found a seat and left me there with the Mr. Filibuster. I didn't care as it was an opportune time to tell this guy Can you do me a favor and look out for my friend, what ever you do please keep checking on Gary and talk to him all you can, he doesn't like trains or being alone, he is a little nervous.
Ain't I a rat?

I never know who I will run into. Like at the train station Saturday. Is it, naw, wait it is..... SENATOR GRENDEL!! What are you doing here? What a surprise. We talked politics, well come on you had to know that, his concerns for America and other things which I can't divulge. But what I can tell you, if I heard correctly, is the reason why the Grendel's were at the train station was because they were heading to Chicago to visit his aunt for her 98th birthday. And if that's not amazing enough, his is aunt just retired from being a legal secretary, What a blessed person.

Lets see what else has been happening, OH I almost forgot to tell you but you know what? I won't tell you, I will leave you in the dark like I am.

Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Most of Northern Hemisphere is covered in snow and iceTuesday, February 8, 2011 4:11 AM

Hey Gang,
As I was shoverling ice over the weekend to get out of my drive I started singing this:

Oh the weather outside is frightful, to some its global warming, but I don't care what they say.. it is cold it is cold it is cold

Oh the thermometers are a plummeting, but Gore says the earth is melting, but I don't care what he says.. it is cold it is cold it is cold
I heard most of the country is very cold, the weather is the same as Obama's cabinet, below normal.

Thanks goodness for global warming, could you imagine how much more snow we could of got?


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life in Cleveland

New series called "DESPERATE SPORTS FANS".
Based in Cleveland about disillusioned Browns backers and fans who sneak out wearing black and gold routing for the Pittsburgh Steelers while trying not to get caught. Airing this fall.

I am currently transferring all my home videos to DVD. I was watching the one from '96 where I was involved with the march to bring back the Browns and protesting PSL's.
I said in the video "..For those at home PSL's mean pre-seat license" and then I said "Or for us in Cleveland it means Poor Sticking Losers."

Later on in the same video we starting shouting NO PSL'S which turned into NO PEANUT SHELLS. Hey you have to see the video, it is funny.

The Pittsburgh Steelers theme this year is : Stairway to 7 a take off of a song by Led Zeppelin titled Stairway to Heaven. The Browns also have theirs taken from a Beatles song, I'm a loser.

Owner of the Cavs Dan Gilbert said after LeBron left that Cleveland would win a championship before he would. Since saying that Gilbert's public appearances have been about as frequent as a Cavs win.

The Cavs could be the first team to win over 60 games and then the following year lose over 60. No punch line, just funny.

Cleveland tried in the last presidential election to host the Republican National Convention but failed which is a shame because they could of highlighted what the Dems have done in this city. Cleveland has tried again this year to get the Democratic National Convention but still fell short. I guess the reasoning this time is Cleveland is already getting the Gay Games so why have the same group of people here twice?

Maybe another reason Charlotte got the Democratic Convention for 2012 is because all of the good Democrats of Cleveland won't be out of jail in time.

Dumb criminals. This is true. Can't say where but one of my accounts that I maintain in Cleveland was busted in to. This office has all kinds of electronic devices and computers. What did the criminal escape with? One projector and ready for this.... an unusable broken laptop. Duh!

           That's Life in Cleveland!

Gotta GoGo!!