Monday, August 22, 2011

my online chat

Hey Gang,
Boy oh boy I tell you, with all the other problems we have going on add customer service to the list of things gone wrong. This is my actual chat I had with the Western Union online help center.

I was trying for hours to send money through the computer using Western Union and it wouldn't let me so finally I tried the HELP. When I was done I needed help as in mental help from going crazy because of W. Union.

Here's the chat:

Carrie C.: Hi, my name is Carrie C.. How may I help you?
carey masci: hi carrie my name is carey
carey masci: how funny
carey masci: my issue is this
carey masci: i have been trying all day to make an online transaction
carey masci: it heeps saying
carey masci: we are unable to process your transaction
carey masci: what do i do?
Carrie C.: I would be happy to help you with that.
Carrie C.: Can you copy and paste the full message you received?
carey masci: will try
carey masci: here it is
carey masci: We are unable to process your transaction.

carey masci: it is in a white box with a red outline
carey masci: below that it says date of money transfer: 08/22/2011
carey masci: it also says
carey masci: Money Transfer Is Not Complete

Carrie C.: Did you get the MTCN?
carey masci: what is that
carey masci: and where is it
Carrie C.: Can you copy and paste the full message?
carey masci:

Money Transfer Is Not Complete
We are unable to process your transaction.

Date of Money Transfer: 08/22/2011

Need Help?
chat online now or
Call 1-877-989-3268

carey masci: thats all there is
Carrie C.: We apologize for any inconvenience.
carey masci: thanks
Carrie C.: If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
Carrie C.: Thank you for contacting Western Union.

Best Regards,

The Western Union Customer Care Team
Carrie C. has disconnected.

THAT'S IT! Plus they had the audacity to send me a survey on how they did.

The whole world has gone crazy. I would complain but I may get another help line.

Gotta GoGo!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jimco Rally Part 2

This is part 2, I didn't have access to the internet so I wrote this on my laptop after the bonfire gathering

Hey Gang,
Everyone woke fairly early at Jimco's. I finally got up at about 9am. Made coffee first then opened the doors. OH there's my keys. I left them in the door lock again. Gee someone could of got in and taken me for a real ride.

I missed the morning breakfast with the gang so I ate cereal. Then everyone started coming up to take a peak at the GoGo Bus. I have had it for many years but still feel great the comments and smiles I get. They voted me best of show, no prize or plaque just a friendly gesture but was honored to be picked.

As I said I don't live far from here but the group loves going to Sands RV in near by Madison so I went along. Sands is the site of the old Unger Motorhome company. Sands still sells parts and all kinds of accessories for RV's of all makes. I made the most of the trip and sat back and pretended I was MILES away from home. And believe me, it did seem like I was on a far away vacation.

I drove with JD and his wife Ethylene who are from the Springfield, Mo. area. We talked politics and pretty much agree on the ills of this nation. It was very enjoyable driving and talking with them. JD use to work for BASF in the pesticide division and has been in 49 of the states because of his former job. I am excited to have met JD because he may be able to diagnose whats wrong with the plants in my yard.

When we got back from our shopping experience which included Walmart which I sat in the car waiting, we took a group shot. There was about 15 of us, the furthest was Rusty of Texas and one couple, TG and his wife LJ are from Canada. The photo was taken in front of the GoGo Bus and a 72 Winnebago. Lots of laughs and joking.

The '72 is owned by Brad of NJ. His parents are the original owners so its never left the family. John took his first trip in it when he was 6 months old. It has 170,000 miles but is all original and well taken care of. A beautiful time piece.

Jimco showed me his garage of collectables and THEE first Winnebago off the assembly line, 001. Its a 1966, all original and LOW miles. He has 5 others and a 86 Corvette and the first TV he bought in '84 that still works. Some collection, I was impressed.

At 5:30 we had a pot luck dinner and of course I was late getting mine to the buffet table. I made, I don't know what you would call it, I took two boxes of instant flavored rice and followed the directions except I only used 1 ¼ bags of the seasonings that came with it. I then browned western style pork ribs that I sliced up into small chunks. Cooked it with butter and olive oil, added Italian seasonings, pepper, some sugar. After that was browned I threw it in with the rice that seemed a little dry so added a little bit of coffee. Then I browned some green bell pepper in olive oil with sugar, salt and pepper. Threw that in. Then heated up a can of diced pineapple with a little sugar and olive oil. Threw that in the pot, mixed it all up and walla. Delicious.

At the table we had shrimp with Jimcos home made cocktail sauce, perfect. Chris and Tina had wrapped pork, beef and a turkey separately in foil and threw it in a pit of hot ashes they dug. There was also sliced potatoes and onions made by Dan, corn on the cob by Tim, and plenty of deserts.

After dinner Jimco lit a huge bonfire and we sat and talked and talked until about 10:30.

Great group of people, felt so at ease.

Gotta GoGo!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jimco Rally 1

I didn't have access to the internet so posting about the Jimco rally now.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------Hey Gang,
Well I made it. I made it to the JIMCO Vintage RV rally in Thompson. It was tough trying to get everything together as the GoGo Bus just 2 weeks ago went in for surgery to repair rot. I only got it back 10 days ago and besides polishing and cleaning from not using it in such a long time I had to replace the floor and carpet. Dad is still is very handy and likes to pitch in helped as did John in Barberton who lent a hand with the wood for the floor. So a big thank you to them.

Another person, a supposed friend who was suppose to attend the rally and help load the Bus was a no show - again.
I was just telling someone this week who has had her share of chaos because of users and friends not keeping their word. I said you need to clean house and get around positive people. For the most part I have done that in the last few years with friends who were anchors but I need to take my own advice with a certain person who lives at the top of my street and I've known since the 4th grade. This person has repeatedly done this,. Its better to plans things by yourself than to think help is there or someone will attend an event with you and not show or even call. That's rotten. Time to clean house.
That's my rant for the day.

Now.... about the rally.

I ran late, whats new? It started Wednesday. I wanted to be here either early evening Thursday or early Friday, I made it late Friday night about 10:30. It was only in Thompson which is under 35 miles from my house but can you believe I got lost? The directions said take a right on Madison Road. I went up and down RT 166 numerous times before I realized 528 is Madison Rd, DUH! That's another reason for the late arrival.

When I pulled in I knocked on the door and was greeted with a big smile from Jimco's wife Lydia. Then Jimco the owner of the property and rally came out, jumped into my Bus and showed me to my spot. Before he headed back he gave me the rundown and some history of the place.

The rally is held on a 30 acre tree farm. Jimco sells hardwood from it. Before that he was a mechanic who restored many different vehicles. His ex fiancee who passed away was the one who got him into RV's. He started with one Winnebago and from there he kept adding and selling. He has the VERY FIRST Winnebago off the assembly line, 001. Jimco said he would show it to me in the morning I am very excited to see it. His future plans are to hot rod a Winnebago and race it that will still be fully functional. I bet I will still beat him in the GoGo Bus, well of course down hill. I tell people the Bus does 30 mph uphill and 130 down.

Anxious for morning to see the other rigs and meet everyone.
Well I went to bed very very early, at midnight. Couldn't sleep because of the damp sheets smell like moof. Hey I forgot that I haven't used the Bus for traveling in some time, should of aired everything out before embarking on a camp out. The smell got to me and the bugs. It sounds like an airport in here with everything buzzing above my head. I just had to chase a cricket out of here. I should instal a screen door on the GoGo Bus.

Off to try and sleep again, most campers wake very early. Not sure what time this bunch will wake up but best try to sleep.

Gotta GoGo!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The X factor

Hey Gang,
So tired and so much to do. I shouldn't be writing fun or Hey Gang emails as I have so many other things going on. But I thought I better write something to let you know I am alive and doing fine.

The topic I chose to write about is something I wrote about in the past. The mysterious contrail X's. I tried in earnest to find the old article I wrote abo

ut this strange phenomenon but can't locate it. If one of you still have it - please forward it back to me. I think I wrote it in 2007 or 8.

Now these X's that appeared over my house happened two weeks ago. There was one to the west and one to the east. By the time I grabbed my camera they already started to change and vaporize into clouds.

I am not saying its the gov manipulating our weather, and I not saying it ain't, what I am saying what the heck are they?? Its hard to believe these are regular jet or airplane contrails. Who would authorize or have a flight pattern where two aircraft's intersect?

These were so highly visible I called my mother because I know she is always looking up to spot these entrails as she calls them.

Again I doubt if these are normal jet exhaust or contrails because after a few minutes the X's expand, become billowy and then the sky clouds up. Hmmmm.

Research HARP and weather modifications and tell me your thoughts or if you spotted the mysterious X's.

Gotta GoGo!!