Wednesday, November 17, 2021

A moment at an Aldi's parking lot

 A moment at an Aldi's parking lot So there I was pushing my cart full of groceries to my van when a lady asked me if you had to pay for the carts. I said, you do, but you can have mine right after I am done loading my groceries into the boxes. I never purchase bags. She asked if I wanted a hand I replied, sure but I want them placed in the box in alphabetical order. She got stumped in a hurry when she saw the steak. OH BOY! I read her mind immediately. Would this go next to B for Beef or S for steak? I said OH, I was only kidding. My groceries were loaded in my van quickly. She got her cart quarter free and thanked me repeatedly. The End Carey On...

Friday, October 29, 2021

Mike Trivisonno, of WTAM 1100 Cleveland's Newsradio

 I am really shocked and saddened

Mike Trivisonno, of WTAM 1100 Cleveland's Newsradio, dies at the age of 74.
Many people helped pave my path but Mike was instrumental in getting me started with politics and protesting the city and gov.
His march on city hall to bring back the Browns and protesting PSL's is where I got started.

Mike was a great man. I didn't agree with him 100% but I started listening to him way back in the early 90's when he was on FM talking Browns and sports.

He spoke like an average person with the same concerns as you and I.

Trivisonno is a Cleveland legend never to be replaced.

Carey On...

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Wickliffe's Tornado

 To my out of town friends and connections who may not be aware

A tornado briefly touched down last Wednesday in the Geranium City Wickliffe that I reside in, about 5 streets from my house

The storm/tornado moved in quickly and was over quickly

In fact I was out driving around in the area and wasn’t even aware of the tornado

It briefly got dark, windy, rained hard and then it was over

The tornado destroyed one house, toppled trees and our electricity was out from when the storm hit at 4 pm till 5 am the next morning and our internet was down until late Sunday

These are photos are from my late night walk the night it happened to assess the damage

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Another Hobby - Metal Detecting


Another Hobby - Metal Detecting

 Hobby number 131, I think?

What have I had more of, jobs or hobbies? That's a good question, I think it may be hobbies.

My latest hobby is I have taken up metal detecting.
So far I have uncovered 47 pull tabs
And since I found 47 pull tabs I had to research them. Pull tabs are worth zilch but I was curious so looked into them.
Some of the pull tabs I found came from Coke, Bud and one tab is from the advent of pull tabs in 1963.
I also found one spoon dated to the 1970's.
One LARGE spike
One horse shoe that dates to 1860 to 1900. It is hard to date horse shoes but certain characteristics show it to be from that time frame. It was a good foot or more underground.
The location where I found it I can't tell you, you are not allowed to dig there, whoops.
But today I found my best find yet in the local neighborhood park by my house.
Its not in the best shape as its missing its reflector but still a neat find.
It is a 1930's licence plate topper
I am assuming it still has to be worth something.

Complete ones are selling on eBay for $125.

Well, can you dig it? Yes I can
Carey On...

Wednesday, August 11, 2021


What's Hap-been-in?
Well I recently went to School Camp, visited the Stoneboro Fair, camped at Cooks Forest, climbed the stone wall for a peek at Graceland during a trip to Memphis, visited the Christmas Story House in Cleveland, participated in a PowWow, helped spread ashes at a mountain wake and nearly ten more adventures without leaving my recliner thanks to my Ohio friend Carey Masci.
Carey just released his third volume travelogue and all are interesting, entertaining, informative, funny, thoughtful and thought provoking, not necessarily in that order. I recommend all three volumes but, if memory serves me properly, number one is my favorite because it's when Carey was lucky enough to meet me! 😉
Well I better quit there and let Chris Lambert, Author, Columnist and Lecturer tell you what he thinks about it...
Chris writes...
For those who don't like to travel, or who do but haven't in a while, then please read Carey Masci's trilogy of travel tomes and the next voice you hear will be your own shouting just one thing. "Everybody into the family car, we're going for a day trip!"
Masci will indeed inspire you to travel places both far and near to explore the friendly, the unknown and the humorous little out of the way places to visit. You may even be inspired to stay longer than a solitary day, or visit more than a single place. This is what these books will do for you, and as the stories he spins from real life will make you see, that with his observation, his wit and his humor filled descriptions, author Carey Masci is indeed,
The Mark Twain of the Travelogue
I believe each volume sells for $10 from Carey, I used PayPal...
$19.99 on Amazon.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Daylight Savings Time

I hate the clock changes
Stupid dumb and idiotic
So why doesn't the government do as I do if they must play games with our clocks
I will advance my clock 1 minute each day for the next 60 days.
Surely I can miss a minute each day without losing sleep.
Tomorrow I will be 58 minutes late.
But each day I will be closer to running on time
I know what some of you are saying
Carey, you're always late so why does it matter?
Well they do have a point

Carey On...