Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Sherman NY - The Search for Bread

Hey Gang,

This video is part of our trip traveling on NY RT 86 to Coudersport and Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania. We were a few exits away from the most scenic rest area I have ever seen overlooking Chautauqua Lake where we would stop for lunch.
 Bread was needed for our sandwiches so we exited at Findley Lake, NY in search of a store. I always prefer shopping for food while on the road to try different local products, that's if you can find them.
There was no store in sight but there was a vegetable stand that I stocked up on tomatoes and peppers and one raspberry for Anita. The lady manning the stand said there is a Dollar General or get off at the next exit and go to Sherman there is a home town store.
I thought she said the name of the store was Hometown instead she meant a home town store not a corporate or chain store, got it, because I didn't.
So you will see me backtracking, driving and turning around looking for this elusive store named Hometown which was right there all the time named Graham's.
You'll get to meet Harry. Harry was sitting on a bench when I struck up a conversation with him. He was explaining that all the stores in town were originally three stories until the road was raised and took off the bottom story.
You will also hear the 5 o'clock siren, why does it blare at 5, because its the 5 o'clock siren.
Lastly at the end you will hear me say I am traveling in response to a question by Mark the owner of the store who who asked me what I was doing?
Instead of tossing us out I quickly explained I am an author and what I was doing.
The name of the store is Graham's Market in Sherman, NY in case you want to check it out. Neat little grocery store that was spotless. I was impressed with how clean it was.
Mark purchased both of my books "Hey Gang! Ready to G-Go? and Cruising Across America.
Hello Mark if you are out there hope you are enjoying the read and if not hope I am invited back in.
Sit back and enjoy the search for bread, here is the link:

Gotta Go-Go!