Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Strange Incident at Winter Cookout/Freezefest 2014

Strange Incident at Winter Cookout/Freezefest 2014

I was in the shelter house enjoying the fire when I received a call from Jeff saying I am almost there, pulling in now. 

The shelter house has two entrances.  There is the long narrow paved path leading from the main parking lot and another shorter entrance off Buttermilk Falls Pkwy that is just for unloading but most people park there anyway.  As I was talking to Jeff I walked out to meet him at the drop off entrance.  A car was pulling in so I walked towards it.  I was waving my flashlight thinking it was Jeff when the car stopped then backed upped quite quickly and bam hit something.  I walked briskly towards the car waving my flashlight and yelling whoa – stop, I was feeling bad for Jeff.  The car then pulled forward and backed up once more and again BAM hit something.  The car pulled forward and sounds of dragging could be heard.  I ran up to the car which I then noticed it wasn’t Jeff but thought it may be another friend so I put my face up to the driver’s window knocking on it.

The window came down but it was no one I knew so I jumped back.  There were two males in the car.  The driver maybe mid to late 40’s the other appeared younger.  Both had looks of shock on their face but their actions were stoic.  I said dude are you OK, you just hit a pole.  I went to look at the back of their car and it was messed up badly.  I then returned to their car and said your car is tore up dude.  The driver said its OK stepped on the gas, went forward, backed up then zoomed off.

After they sped away I went back to look at the pole with Nick.  The wooden entrance pole had a corner shaved off, the metal entrance sign was bent and lying in the snow was part of their cars bumper.

  My mind raced with what was that all about???  Were they drunk, doped up with illegal drugs in the car, were they meeting for queer sex?  Then I thought if these two were up to no good was my walking towards them talking on the phone and waving a flashlight have been their reason for panicking and driving reckless?


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Early reviews of my upcoming book.

Hi, Carey - 

I'm happy to say that I love your style and these great vignettes! :-))

1) Your website or presence could blow up and everyone will want your book or 2) Another book or writing of yours could blow up and, by way of that, everyone will want to read this book! I believe in hard work, taking chances and the wonderful blessings of God! And, I like your stories. 


Good Morning Carey,

An update pertaining to your body of work.

As I shared I was in a bad accident this past summer and shattered my right arm.  I am still behind in all of my book contracts and cannot take on another project in the foreseeable future. Your work is entertaining and anecdotal in a sort of "Readers Digest" style. I would recommend that you compile volumes of these stories into groups that come out to at least 100 page books and print.
Stay tuned!
Gotta GoGo!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Thoughts

Well one word      Tee EEE BOW - TEBOW

The decision to cut Tebow has the final say.  Where will Denver turn to find a QB?  Weeden is available.

Judging the game vs. the commercials Tebow had a far better performance than Manning.

What does the NFL mean to Peyton Manning?  Neck Feeling Lousy

The headlines should read SNAP - CRACKLE & POP - FLOP.
Snap for the horrible first snap, crackle for Mannings neck, pop for the hits put on by Seatle and flop for how Denver played.

The slaughter was so bad and Denver took such a beating I thought Mel Gibson wrote the script for this game.

    Gotta GoGo!!