Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Its so quiet!

Hey Gang,

Wow is it quiet, where is everyone? People are always popping in on me. Especially during the Christmas season I usually hear from old friends and acquaintances. But lately no one, not even emails, well a few of you are still emailing. I got a card from Ed in WV, Lisa in Erie, and Connie from NC who said she is not online much anymore and recently bought a house. But I wonder what happened to the rest, like Mark in Indiana, Brenda from NC, Margaret, Michelle from the Philippines, Lisa in Alabama to name a few.
Maybe my rants and mood swings got to everyone, maybe its the economy and the direction our country has taken that has everyone stressed, maybe everyone is taking a break or people have just moved on. Maybe I should take this quiet and just blog and have people follow me over there. Who knows.
You have heard me say this before, its hard to write when little comes across my screen, that and I have been staying home a whole lot more.

I ran into Walt and his youngest daughter Danny at the mall the other day. Danny reminded me that this year don't use regular socks, use socks like Santa brings. Every year I like to bring Walt's kids a gift and a Christmas stocking filled with little trinkets and candy. Last year instead of the typical fuzzy red Christmas stocking I bought regular mens socks. Hey its not the socks - its what's in the socks that count.

One person I have heard from is Tri from Indonesia. She IM'd the other day. Haven't heard from her in some time. She is quite an inspiration. How many of you would do this for a sister? Tri's dad passed away years ago and her Mother took off and left Tri and her sister alone. Tri raised her sister. This year the sister will being going to college and Tri said she will have to find another job to help pay for the schooling and even though she is feeling down she needs to remain strong for her sister.
So would you do that for a sibling, especially one of age?

I want so bad to scream and kick everyone who is in charge of this country, past and present. Ruth and I had planned months ago and worked diligently for her to come here for a Christmas visit. I changed my schedule, saved up money to help with her airfare, planned with my sister so Ruth could stay there. Ruth and I were on the computer for HOURS researching on what to do. I stayed up way past my bedtime, not getting to bed till 7 am. Ruth paid the passport fee, got a security check, paid for the visa, scheduled her appointment with the US embassy. Ruth lives in the southern part of the Philippines and had to fly north to Manilla for the meeting. She arrived in Manilla a day early to make sure she wouldn't miss the appointment, arrived at the US Embassy on time at 8 am, waited four hours in line for a one minute interview just for them to tell her she is denied. I am so fuming mad!
Walt reminded me of a video clip I sent out of Lou Dobbs. The clip was about Lou's anger towards amnesty and rights for illegals. He said if you are trying to get to this country legally, get to the back of the line suckers! And thats exactly how I feel. There is NO reason for someone as Ruth to be denied. Her dad was a minister, NO record of any kind, she has worked at the same school since 1994 and has been that schools principal since 2005. Its twisted.

I will close with....
This time of year there are many of us alone and feeling the emptiness of the season. So if you know of someone alone, an elderly person, someone disabled, our troops over seas or even if its a long forgotten friend, get in touch with that person. It will do a world of good for your soul as well as the other person.

Gotta GoGo!!

I sent this same request out last year. If you have a Christmas memory you would like to share please email and I will include it in the next writing.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

good news, encouraging words and a prayer request

Hey Gang,
Some good news here. Last week I got a bit of a surprise.
I was behind on my taxes for the last half of the year 2008. I just did not have the money. The IRS kept sending me notices with interest and a fine being added to the amount owed. There was nothing I could do, there were NO extra funds available. I managed to save up $340.00 of the $595 I owed the last few months and was going to mail that in but I decided to wait until I had the full amount saved.
Well last week I received a certified letter from the IRS demanding that I contact them before further actions are taken. So I called them to make arrangements. I asked the agent is there anyway to get this reduced? He said let me take a look, give me a few minutes. He returned and said "Because of your excellent credit, past history of timely payments and never missing one, we will reduce it to $332.95." He was probably shocked as I am sure not many IRS agents get thanked but boy did I thank him and wish him a merry Christmas. I immediately mailed in the $340.00 I saved.
Things are starting to change for the better. I have 2 great tenants now, business has slightly picked up even though this month its down again and I only have 2 more outstanding debts left from my nephew. If Euclid will allow me to run my own affairs without interfering I will survive this mess.
I thank all of you for your prayers, encouragement, and those who pitched in financially to right my ship and a special thank you to Walt.

Encouraging Words
During this recession/depression one scripture I keep in mind is Proverbs 10:3
(NIV):The LORD does not let the righteous go hungry but he thwarts the craving of the wicked.

I was discussing this scripture with a friend who's business is also sluggish and income is lacking. I said God never promised us a Cadillac but he did say we wouldn't go hungry.

Sign of the times
I received a Christmas card from Ed in West Virginia. He usually writes a long message not this year. All Ed wrote was:
Hi Carey, Merry Christmas - I'm OK & still working.
Just a sign of the times.

A prayer request from Shirl in Kentucky
Carey, will you send out a prayer request for my daughter Patty ... she is having financial problems and needs to find work ...
Thanks Pal
I just did Shirl. Share this with Patty it may encourage her.

Gotta GoGo

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Careyism - photos of the dead mall, Euclid Square Mall

Hey Gang,
I don't know what else to call it a Careyism, a coincidence but these things always always
happen to me. Maybe I should play the lottery.
Yesterday my niece Crystal sent me a You Tube clip titled Euclid Square Mall (the dead
mall). I sent it to some of you. The clip is very eery. A mall that was once so alive filled with
shoppers, so vibrant with trend setting shops, elegant fountains, mall shows and now it is
mostly abandoned with the surrounding stores also boarded up.
Well Friday I was looking for an auction to attend to pick up some gifts for the holidays.
The auction I had in mind was Hamilton's of Ashtabula because they sell newer merchandise
from buyouts of stores. I did an online search and the first listing that came up for
Hamilton's was an auction being held right here in Euclid at, yes you guessed it,
Euclid Square Mall.
I brought along my camera in hopes that I could snap some photos. I am glad I did.
The mall is virtually shut down. Dillards outlet that once was Dillards and before that was
Higbees, an upscale department store exclusive to Cleveland till the
late 80's
('s) was one of two anchor stores for Euclid Square
Mall, is still in business along with eleven churches. Thats it besides the auction that
opened six months ago.
Such a strange feeling to be inside a place that I use to hang out as a teenager now
all desolate and quiet. Maybe the 11 churches can start a revival.
Gotta GoGo!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving and reverse speech

Hey Gang,
This is how we spent our Thanksgiving evening, playing with reverse speech.
Reverse Speech
After Thanksgiving dinner, discussing life and playing a few games my sister wanted me to show our brother on the computer the clip of President Obama and the speech reversal of him saying Satan. The clip used the program Audacity to reverse the speech. After watching our Godless leader my other sister Candi said we have that program, never knew what it was for. She quickly brought the program up and spoke into the mic "By Jesus's stripes we are healed....."
Before I go further let me quickly give you some background into my sisters family. My brother in law has MS and him and my nieces have other serious health issues.
Well when my sister Candi reversed what she said I heard it immediately over the TV and the noise in the room. Her words backwards said "Sickness as usual". I was stunned but didn't say anything in hopes I was wrong. Everyone got quiet she played it again and we ALL heard it.
Mom tried a few sentences and nothing. I said Mom you need to speak from the heart. So I said say what you always tell me, Carey did you eat yet? I could be in the shower, it could be after a meal, I could be sleeping and Mom is always asking Carey did you eat yet. Well guess what it said backwards? START TO EAT YOU IDIOT!!! We laughed so hard, it was great.
So then Dad spoke into the mic. He said how much he loves us and what and how much we mean to him. Played backwards it said We love you!
No joking, we all heard it.
Mom tried it again and said this time Pezza Di Face (sp?) why are you always doing stupid things? In reverse, we heard the word Nazi and Tony. The significance? My mom always calls Dad, jokingly, Hitler and my Dads fathers name was.... Tony!
I could explain how and why this works but thats for another email. Just remember we are spiritual beings.
Gotta GoGo!!

for those who want to look at the links again of the backwards speech:

Some Careyism's for you

Hey Gang,
Hope everyones Thanksgiving was wonderful. I have more important things to write about but someone said haven't received anything from you in awhile so taking a break to send you these Careyism's.

Home Church
Wednesday the 18th Dov invited me to the house church he attends. Its a small gathering, up to about 10 people. Dov had asked me to attend before but I was always busy. This time I was available so accepted the invite. At this home church they start their bible/prayer service with supper. We were already seated and eating when another member, Stan, arrived. He looked at me and said "Are you the politician"? I was surprised to say the least. I wasn't sure how he knew.
After supper we gathered in the living room. Stan started it off. He said that since they started this home church he has been keeping track of the people they have been praying for. He brought along his note book and a print out sheet for everyone to take home of the prayer requests. He read the requests out loud and lo and behold my name was on the list. I asked do they do this all the time? Stan said no it was something that was on my heart. What timing that the day I decide to attend I get to hear my name mentioned and meet strangers who were praying for me. I was so encouraged and blessed by it. I must add, it was Dov who had asked for prayers for me. Thanks Dov.

The Filipino and the Philippines
As everyone knows I have been in touch with Ruth from the Philippines for sometime now. She is trying to come for a visit. My sister Cindi is a nurse and works with several doctors who are Filipino's. These doctors are hosting a benefit at the Marriot in Beachwood on Dece. 12th to help the Philippines. Cindi received 4 tickets to attend and asked me if I wanted to go. I thought it was just a neat coincidence talking to someone from the Philippines and then being invited to a fund raiser for the Philippines.

Gotta GoGo!!