Sunday, June 23, 2013

Carey’s Treasure Filled Weekend

Hey Gang,
What an interesting weekend of finding treasures.

  Saturday I went to the auction and arrived at my usual time of 10 pm.  This auction starts at 6 and has been known to go into the wee hours of the night.  One time it lasted till 4:30 am.  They stay until all items are gone or people stop buying.

Unfortunately this time I bought only one small box of junk for $1.00 before they said thanks for coming.  But there were a few things of merit in the small pile, scroll saw blades, an old lamp and a few other things.  I think I can make my buck back.

Before leaving I went to take a look at the unsold items and looked in a box of old car parts.  A gentleman came up to me and said I bought the box, took what I wanted and leaving it, you want it take it, the parts are for a 55 Ford.  I asked twice to make sure it was free.  I said I feel like I am steeling it.  He assured me I wasn’t so I loaded up the box.

On the way home I went to Annabelle’s Dinner to see who was left from the cruise in.  John and Tom were still hanging out so I told them about the free box of parts.  We went through it and found an old Ford Wonder Bar radio.  I was informed by Tom it was worth $200 or more.  I searched online and sure enough it’s worth that.

Then on Sunday I was going through box after box of OLD stuff I had pack ratted away from years of collecting and when I ran an antique shop back in the mid 90’s.  The mice did quite a job of chewing and I lost hundreds of dollars.  Old TV guides from the ‘50’s chewed, old books, clothes from the early 1900’s chewed.

In one box I pulled out a 1950’s box camera called the Rocket Camera.  I went to open it and noticed it had film.  I quickly closed it.  So today will be heading to the camera shop to see if they can develop what’s in there.  Anxious to find out.

OH the reason I am cleaning out the garage. 

This coming Thursday through Sunday? will be having a garage sale.  Mom is also clearing out some very nice old items.  It’s not your typical garage sale.  If you’re local come on out.

Pass on the word for me.  If I can will post some photos.

  Gotta GoGo!!