Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bring on 2016 I am Ready

Hey Gang
I had to drag myself to write about 2015 and that's exactly how I feel – drag myself. I am sure to some of you of 2015 was a good or maybe even a great year but not to me, it was a year that was made to forget.

2015 should have been a fun year with the release of my book “Hey Gang! Ready to Go-Go?”. I had plenty of car shows and book signings set up to promote and sell my book but most never materialized. Besides a few that I did attend like the Willoughby Cruise In and the cruise in in Greenville, Pennsylvania that were fairly successful not much happened. I did however get the book placed on shelves in quite a few stores which is a positive. The other positive is I have a space at Antiques & Uniques in Wickliffe selling miscellaneous antiques, collectibles and what nots.

The Cleveland Browns like year started downhill in July and was so stressful I call this past summer the nonexistent summer. In fact I tried my best to recall what was before July and without going back to my blog or writings I can't remember much. I am sure if I tried real hard I can bring back to memory some of the events of the first 6 months of 2015 but they won't come easy.

July started off great at the Greensville, Pa car show for the 4th weekend. We ended up in Tionesta after the show where things quickly spiraled downward. We were stuck for two days because the Go-Go Bus broke down. Whats worse than being stuck in a small town? Being stuck in a small town with a friend who is having a nervous break down from being stuck in a small town. Eventually I had to have the Bus towed to Painesville, Ohio at a garage I knew and from there things sunk even further.

Its a LONG LONG story which I won't write about here but for reasons still unknown the garage dragged the Bus off their lot and dumped into the weeds. A police report was made, the Bus was towed out of the field at 11 pm and brought to another garage. Three months of hard working trying everything to get it running resulted in me just about rewiring the whole thing when finally the culprit was realized... Advance Auto in Tittusville, Pa sold me the wrong regulator.

I did squeeze in two trips, both were invites from friends. I did a quick three day trip to Oshkosh, Wisonson with Ruth that Walt and Jimmy invited us on. It was fun but rush, rush and rush. The other trip was also a hurry up trip and one not really for pleasure. That was the trip to Morehead, Kentucky for the Kim Davis rally. And I believe that was all the traveling I did.

Mid July was when the nightmare began with finding my tenant dead in the house. What a tragic affair that was. It consumed a lot of my summer. Then sometime in August a close friend tried committing suicide. I took his son under my wing which I was more than happy to do so.

October saw the disbanding of the Constitution Party in Ohio which I was involved with. The framework is still up but lack of growth has made us take a step back and cancel the fall convention.

After months and months the new Go-Go Bus website was released with a hitch. The server I paid in advance for some reason doesn't support the website. Don't ask me, I was explained why numerous times and it still doesn't make sense. So I have thousands of dollars in a website, don't laugh, that can only be viewed with the test link.

Early November after helping the daughter of the tenant who died remove her belongings she tried suicide and ended up in a hospital. Some of her stuff is still in the garage.

Then right after Thanksgiving Dad passed on which needless to say has put a damper on my mood this holiday season. Days after Dad passed away family friend Joe, his Mom died. And just recently I got word from another close family friend that his wife took their kids and left him with no note or warning, just left.

A memorable time sandwiched between those sad situations was the Christmas surprise set up for Mary. Besides helping her that was really fun and put some joy into this season.

So for those who were there for me through all these trying situations let me say thank you again. And if I forgot to write about a fun event or time we had I apologize but as I wrote most of 2015 was definitively a year to forget and I am doing my best to do just that.

Bring on 2016, I am ready for it.

Gotta Go-Go,

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A recent Christmas Memory - 2015

Hey Gang,
Almost everyone at this time of year looks back at fond memories of Christmas seasons of the past. Sometimes looking back we tend not to take hold of what memories we could be creating now. It doesn’t always have to do with family or even with you directly. For instance here is one that happened recently that I will remember for a long time.

The Table
This memory actually started in the late spring of this year. A friend was in need of kitchen table. I am not even sure how we got on the topic of her needing a table. About this same time my neighbor was moving and had a table for sale. I immediately bought it thinking it would be perfect for my friend Mary. Unfortunately it wasn’t, it was too large for her apartment.

Shortly after I spotted a table that fit the dimensions and style Mary was looking for, a small drop-leaf table with two chairs. It was at Antiques & Uniques where I rent a space. I called another friend, Chuck, and asked what do you think of us pitching in a buying this for our mutual friend Mary? He agreed with the plan and encouraged it. Unfortunately or maybe it was fortunately neither one of us acted on it, months passed and we forgot all about it.

Fast forward to late November… Mary went to Antiques and Uniques for the first time. Still in need of a table she spotted the same table I saw way back in June. It was now hi-lighted at the front of the store. Immediately upon seeing it she wanted it.

When Mary returned home she emailed asking since I work there if I could keep an eye on the table because she wanted to try and save for it. That’s all I needed to hear. Back to plan A. First I went to Antiques & Uniques and asked if I could put the table in lay-away and set up a secret fund. They agreed to both. I then contacted Chuck to help spread the word of pitching in to buy the table.

While we waited for the donations to come in Mary went back to Antiques & Uniques to visit the table not knowing what we had planned.  The table was no longer being displayed up front so she inquired where it was. They informed her it was sold – so sorry. Well let’s just say Mary was a wee bit upset and deflated. I knew a table was sorely needed as Mary didn’t have one so I got worried that she may try to buy another table so I lied. I told her that I had a table from my rental and as soon as I was able I would give it to her.  Um… it’s OK to lie when surprising someone, isn’t it?

Well I was a concerned the first few days because donations were not coming in but the second week they did, in fact it was quickly paid off with an added bonus - a surplus. I told Antiques & Uniques with the extra money raised I want a gift certificate for the store.

Immediately after the table was paid I started scheming once again to get Mary there so we could surprise her with it. So I called and asked her about meeting me at Antiques & Uniques snack bar for a cup of coffee or light snack and then browse the aisles and Christmas shop together. She was all for it. What was even better than that is she blasted this message out on Facebook about our outing:

Hello and Merry Christmas everyone. Carey Masci is requesting a small gathering at Antiques & Uniques in Wicklife, Friday at 4 pm. Coffee or a light diner at the Cafe. Meander through the aisles, never know when you will find a treasure to take home. If you have some time, stop on in.

I loved it; she was actually helping plan her own surprise.

 Well did the surprise work? Absolutely and I must add perfectly! Mary didn’t have a clue.

Even though it took six months to get Mary a table and she did with out for all those months I am thankful that it did. It still would have been a surprise during the summer but the timing of it sure made a good memory – a Christmas memory for everyone who was involved, something we will remember for a long time and I’m positive Mary would agree.

I hope you are making memories this year!

Have a Merry Blessed Go-Go Christmas,
Carey Masci

Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Memoriam for Dad - Bino

I had a hard time figuring out how to start this because Dad was such a full character. You could write books about Dad.

So if we are going to talk about Dad we should start and include arguing. He brought arguing into a new art form. I tell people Dad is about the only person I know who could argue about the shades of a color. It’s blue. Dad in response No its light blue. But it’s still blue. NO its light blue. And that would turn into an argument. It would end, the following day Dad would see me and say Just let me say one more thing and then we can drop it.

Another one of our lasting arguments or shall I say heated discussions was about boxing. He would go on about how Rocky Marciano was the best boxer. I would argue that Mohammed Ali was. Dad would say I saw both boxers I should know, what’s wrong with you, use your brain. It was always what’s wrong with you use your brain for everything. Finally years later Dad admitted you know… you’re right Mohammed Ali would have beat Rocky Marciano. Sorry Dad I’ve been watching Marciano’s old clips on the computer and he would have killed Ali. We never did settle that argument.

As time went on we still argued but not as heated as they once were, more like discussions. I never felt they hindered us but pushed us forward towards the truth and challenged us. Iron does sharpen Iron. I am glad he challenged me as it armed me for life and standing up for what I believe.

Dad was also very giving. And I am not talking about just giving his opinion which he was very gifted at. I mean giving as in everything. It was hard to out give Dad. I don’t know if Dad ever met someone who didn’t walk away with something. Whether it was food, a drink or literally the shirt off his back Dad was always giving. Dad was always open with a hug, a handshake and smile to everyone.

This past summer I took him out to IHOP after a lengthy spell of sitting inside. He was like a little kid all excited with a big smile to go out. Once inside Dad had a greeting, a God Bless you, a handshake to everyone that walked in. That was Dad.

In a lot of ways I feel that Dad lived some of his dreams through my life and I lived my life through his dreams. Dad always loved travel and had me hooked at an early age. In fact the beginning of my book starts with following in Dads Tire Tracks. Dad always dreamed of a motorhome, I eventually bought one that he equally enjoyed if not more.

Dad always told me he wished he had the gift to talk to people as I do. Dad said he wish he knew how to put words together as I do. What is funny is I give Dad the credit for my ability to do both.

My involvement with politics, that was also because of Dad. Dad was always up on current events and Bible prophesy’s. We never argued politics because we were almost always in agreement. A lot of my opinion was shaped by him.

Dad didn’t read much either but he seemed to know just about everything. Even as he got older no matter how much I knew and did, I still asked his advice and he always seemed to be one step above me. In fact even with only an 8th grade education, which he always mentioned, he use to edit a lot of my writings and find mistakes that I missed. I am sure he could edit this.

And being a father, His father wasn’t the best father so how did Dad learn to be a true loving Christian Dad? That was a puzzle to me.

I always tell people that I am not your typical Italian, I am not Catholic, love Country music and I am not prejudice. That also came from Dad. He was open to everyone, he didn’t care what color or nationality you were, you were invited in.

Thinking way back, I remember being very sick as a child. Dad would hold me and say if I could take the sickness instead of you, I would. That was another side of Dad, the compassionate side, the opposite side of using a baseball bat on someone as he always warned.

Dad always brought up God and reminded me often about reading the Bible and encouraged all my friends the same.

I could go on with so many other things about Dad but will end with his humor. In so many bad situations or when someone was trying to talk serious to him he would joke. This lasted until the very end. Because of his outlook and humor he never got old to me. I still had hope of Dad getting out of bed because he kept telling us when he is better we are going somewhere. Dad really went out on top.

So I will conclude with this….
Before we decided to take Dad to the hospital this past Sunday Mom called me at work and said Dad is trying to talk and he is beating on the drum you bought him, get home. We didn't know at this time why his actions were so bizarre, it was because of a stroke. The only movement he had was his foot kept moving and his hand was moving up and down until they gave him the drum which he repeatedly beat on. Suddenly it occurred to me what Dad was trying to do. He was trying to communicate.

So I grabbed a pen and paper and told Dad write something. As he was writing I hollered for the family to come and help me figure out what he was trying to write. This is what Dad wrote and he wrote it in cursive: I'll be down to get you in a.... WHAT DOES IT MEAN, WHATS HE TRYING TO SAY, wait he wants to write more. don't be late. HUH? Cindi spoke up and said that's an old song.

I asked Dad again to write something for me. This time he wrote: I am writing something for U. What a card. I asked once more before the paramedics arrived if he wanted to write anything else, he did and wrote this gem:  He who laughs last so grows the tree words of wisdom by Swami Bino
My sister wasn't too happy with Dads humor but to me it was just him even in a bad situation calming us down and saying hey I am OK.

Well Dad when does the taxi arrive?

Monday, November 30, 2015

About Dad - words of wisdom

Hey Gang
Well Dad seems to have taken a drastic turn for the worse. Many of you know about 4 years ago it did not look good for Dad. We called the family and close friends to the hospital it looked that bad. We prayed that he would be healed and God would extend his life and He did. Dad suddenly was talking about going home to eat spaghetti. And spaghetti he ate.

Dad was doing real good in fact I even took him on some day trips. He started slowing down sometime in August. A decision then was made about using Hospice that split the family. But once again he perked up. In September he went out for Moms birthday, he looked and felt fine. Then shortly after that outing he got some sort of infection and became bed ridden, his mind though was still fairly sharp.

About a week ago Dad again looked good and we thought he would make Christmas and his 89th birthday in January. He still may but at this point it is very uncertain. When Mom woke Dad was not moving. She thought he was in a coma.

Later on in the day Mom called me at worked and said Dad is trying to talk and he is beating on the drum you bought him, get home. The only movement he had was his foot kept moving and his hand was moving up and down until they gave him the drum which he repeatedly beat on.

I came home but he was not to responsive except the beating of the drum. Suddenly it occurred to me what Dad was trying to do. He was trying to communicate. So I grabbed a pen and paper and told Dad write something.

Well they say the nut doesn't fall far from the tree, I'm not talking about me here of course my brother and sisters. I am the normal one. Anyway.....

As he was writing I hollered for the family to come and help me figure out what he was trying to write. This is what Dad wrote and he wrote it in cursive: I'll be down to get you in a.... WHAT DOES IT MEAN, WHATS HE TRYING TO SAY, wait he wants to write more. don't be late. HUH? My sister Cindi speaks up and says that's an old song.

I asked Dad again to write something for me. This time he wrote: I am writing something for U. What a card. I asked once more before the paramedics arrived if he wanted to write anything else, he did and wrote this gem: He who laughs last so grows the tree words of wisdom by Swami Bino. And then some of you wonder where I get my sense of humor? My sister wasn't to happy with Dads humor but to me it was just him even in a bad situation calming us down and saying hey I am OK.

Dad is now in the hospital and the early word is he had a massive stroke. I will keep you informed.

Gotta Go-Go!

In honor of Dad:

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Two Quick Ones - The Browns and Sugarcreek

Hey Gang,
Two quick ones for you.
Look for the Browns to win big on Monday night. Josh McCown will want to extract revenge and prove he is a worthy starting quarterback. He knows that his career is winding down so he will put up big numbers.   

Besides that reason yours truly will be attending his first Browns game at First Energy Stadium this coming Monday night, just writing first makes me laugh when talking about the Browns.  So how could the Browns lose with me in attendance.

The seat I have is top notch and I didn't even have to pull teeth for it. The person I will be attending the game with did. His father was the team dentist for the old Cleveland Barons and the Browns and my client/friend still has some ties with the Browns.

I love these little connections in my life that just make me go hummina hummina and smile wide. Just last week I came upon something that I shouldn't even be writing or talking about. But it does have a connection with the Browns. So when the ticket was offered on the heals of this find I said most certainly I will go. And that's all on this topic. I will report back in after the record setting performance of Josh.

Now..... onto Holmes County.
Thank you Ruth, Donovan, Jamie, Janet, Malinda, Paul and Stephanie for the fun group outing. I always love group adventures. The laughs, camaraderie, being able to share in what you are experiencing is just great.

We traveled 77 S to 39 W into Sugarcreek our first stop. I took a wrong road but luckily it dead ended into a large sign that said Welcome to Sugarcreek. I just played it off as if I planned on going down this road just for a group photo. It worked but since they read this they will know it was a whoops moment.Oh well.

Progress is invading Amishland but it is still scenic with lots of small unique shops to visit. Sugarcreek now has the worlds largest cuckoo clock. It once was at Alpine Alpha restaurant in Wilmot that closed. Besides the largest cuckoo clock Sugarcreek has some really fun stores.

I was excited because two of those stores purchased my book and are now carrying it. Big Mike's Finders Keepers and Freeman and Rhoda's store the Gospel Shop.

You just have to visit Finders Keepers. The sign in the window says weirdtiques and what not shop, how true. What I really really enjoyed about Finders Keepers is the owners personality. A lot of collectible stores have people working who are kind of stodgy watching over you. Not Big Mike, he was so pleasant talking to customers reminiscing having fun. What else impressed me was the condition of his antiques and collectibles. Most were in such good condition they seemed new. Impressive.

The other place my book Hey Gang! Ready to Go-Go? is being carried is the Gospel Shop. This description is taken from their website: There are many things to find at The Gospel Shop. It is not a place that only sells books, but all kinds of inspirational products. There is a room located at the front of the shop that houses Christmas decor and festive items to help customers celebrate the holiday season. Throughout the rest of the store, a variety of faith-based and inspirational merchandise can be found. Clothing, purses, cards, Bibles, music, as well as a section dedicated to children are all part of the welcoming atmosphere at the shop. And if you can’t find what you are looking for on the shelves, they will gladly look into getting it for you..

So if ever in Sugarcreek go visit Big Mike at Finders Keepers and Rhoda at the Gospel Shop, tell them I sent you
Gotta Go-Go!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Borwns talk

Hey Gang
If Sunday wasn’t bad enough Romeo Crennel and Brian Hoyer jabbed a finger in Cleveland’s eye. They sure looked decent on Monday Night Football. Didn’t they? Gotta love it.

Speaking of Sunday…. I woke up my usually time of about 1. I turned on the tube as I normally do to see if the world ended and what was on? A disaster in France with a stampede of people running. That’s depressing so I switch channels to the Browns game and I witnessed another disaster. Manziel throwing the football behind him on the first play with the Steelers stampeding. OY!

Yes football returned to Cleveland in 1999 and Browns fans ARE STLL WAITING for the team to show up. But it wasn’t all bad. Manziel was sober.

There is a new app available only being offered in the Cleveland viewing area. It switches Browns uniforms to the opposition and the opposition uniforms to the Browns. This way every Sunday Browns fans are guaranteed to watch a winner.

Mike Pettine vows that if the front office sticks with him he will guarantee a six win season in four years. For Cleveland that’s Super Bowl territory so there is hope.

At least the Browns are not the only team with quarterback questions. Ole Stiff Neck in Denver seems to be on a downward spiral. They should have kept on praying with Tebow or is it playing with? I told you when the deal was made it was a bad move. Denver won some games but not the top prize.

Finally back to the Browns. Did you honestly think the Browns would win more than 4 or 5 games this season? I didn't. So quit getting upset and enjoy Sundays, the Browns are right on schedule. They never disappoint unless you're looking for a winning season. GO BROWNS!

Gotta Go-Go!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Memoriam for Bruce

Hey Gang,
Back home now. I got in about 4:30 Sunday morning.
It was about a five hour drive back from Indiana which included a drive around Akron taking Chris home.

My thoughts and feelings bounce around quite a bit trying to write about the funeral. It was beyond strange the whole trip. Chris was so enjoyable to talk to that I almost lost sight of the real meaning of why I was there. When we got to the funeral home for the visitation and wake I wasn't sure if I should leave or stay. I was hired to drive Chris but in 24 hours I got to know him so I felt maybe I should stay almost like a friend. Chris told me he wanted me to stay to hear the eulogy for his dad.

I stayed at the visitation for awhile then left and took a short drive. Indiana is a very homey state. Many sections of it have small rural towns that seem lost in time. After a brief look around I returned and napped in the car. My nap ran over so I missed the minister but I did hear what Bruce's friends and Chris had to say about him. You can learn a lot about a person by what people and friends say. They all had high praises for Bruce, so much so that I wish I could have met him.

From what I gather he must have been a bit wild when younger but came to know the Lord and really turned his life around, he was genuine, caring, loving,family man and one terrific guitarist.

The band he played for backed up Mickey Gilley. Here is a link to an album he performed on:

I sat back and reflected during the funeral. This is what came to mind.
1. All families are the same.
2. Life is short.
3. Without God life is useless.
4. How many Bruce's are out there that we just didn't reach out and meet?

I want to thank Chris and his family and friends for welcoming me in during this trying time. You are all in my prayers and are all special.

This is what Chris spoke during the wake:

My message at my father Bruce Durham's funeral
I want to talk with you today about something that touches all of us..
Sometimes we are faced with things we think we just can’t handle and we strive to find the meaning behind it all. And when we can’t do that, often we look up and say God.. how could you do this to us?? How could you put so much on our plate? But we are not operating on God’s timetable.. We don’t understand God’s plan.. How can we?? Let me tell you… this is where faith comes in.. Faith is the substance of things unseen.. And with my father, he wanted us all to see the things that are often unseen. And that is the same faith that will allow us to send Dad Home.. Faith is there to show us His message in our own lives from today forward .. To share that hope and faith.. to love others as bravely and as fiercely as we can. Loss teaches us to not take anything for granted. And from loss comes love.. forgiving, relentless and unconditional love. In that love, you will find peace..

In Ecclesiastes, which Dad discussed with me on our last visit together, I find these words are most likely the ones Dad wants me to share

I have seen what is best for people to do on earth: They should eat, drink, and enjoy the work they have during their short time here. God has given them these few days, and that is all they have. If God gives some people wealth, property, and the power to enjoy those things, they should enjoy them. They should accept the things they have and enjoy their work—that is a gift from God. People don’t have many years to live, so they must remember these things all their life. God will keep them busy with the work they love to do.

Ray was known by family and friends as Bruce, his middle name.

I was taken aback when I viewed this photo. I did not plan having the headstone with Durham in the photo.
It looks pefectly placed.