Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Stoneboro Fair

Hey Gang,
Summer is not complete unless you attend a fair. Every summer has to include a festival or two and a fair. Its just not summer if it doesn't.

The fair I picked out this summer was the Stoneboro, Pa. fair. Small town America at its finest.

I forgot how hilly Pa is. When I think of hills and mountains I think of WV, Tenn. but Pa sure has its share of up and down and twisty roads. The parking lot was on a hill and the fairgrounds were separated by a high and low section accessible by two tunnels. In between was the track for the different events such as the popular demolition derby and even a kiddy demo derby.

They had a slew of food vendors, rides, livestock, a wildlife exhibit, a huge antique tractor gathering but was lacking in vendors that most fairs have. It was 10 bucks to get in but that included everything, rides and the entertainment. So not a bad deal.

The demolition derby was a blast. The lady next to me got a wee bit too excited. She punched her husband and then pushed me. My coffee went for a ride landing on me. She apologized and said I get a little excited. I said its OK but next time I sit next to you I am wearing a raincoat.

Enjoy the photos.

Gotta Go-Go!!

The car with the pink roof. That was incredible. It had its back wheels torn off, one front wheel barely on but it kept going. Amazing. It came in second place.