Thursday, November 27, 2008


Hey Gang,
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! And what are you thankful for? Here are your responses.....
Carey, thanks for asking!

I am thankful my 52-year-old brother Mark, who really should be dead from his cancer, is still in remission due to the outpouring of prayers all over the country. - Dawn Slike

This is my list small but that sums it up.

1.Thankful that God has given me a wonderful family and friends. Even when times are rough, we pull together. And no one is sick or deathly ill.
2. Thankful and proud my husband joined the military, because he was going through rough times working.
3.Thankful that my children know how to act . So many people don't decipline their kids these days.
Janet from another planet,
God Bless everyone and have a happy safe Thanksgiving.
i am thankful that i share the gift of life .... i am also thankful for all that God has done for me and He has done a lot ....

Shirl ...
I am thankful for God sending his son Jesus christ down to die on the cross so that through his death I am saved for just the asking. am thankful because The Lord has given me such a wonderful husband. I am thankful to have the home I am in and the job I have. I am thankful that my surgery went really well and I am back to great health. I am thankful to maybe have the opportunity one day to adopt some children in the place of having them since I can no longer do so. I am thankful for my life and love of life. I am thankful for all my friends, in person and on the internet. I am thankful to have a sister and a brother and 3 nephews and 3 neices. I am thankful to be able to talk to and spend some time with my 92 year old grandmother. And lastly, I am thankful that I can be thankful....happy thanksgiving and God Bless.....

Thankful to still be alive and be in remission
Jeff Marshaus


Hey Carey, I hope you and your family have a wonderfully Blessed Thanksgiving.

What am I Thankful For: -Having the Love of God and the knowing that he is taking care of me.
-My Family
-My Friends
-My Home in the mountains by a small lake
-My Health
-For just knowing I am loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-And, so much more, too numerous to name them all

I hope you have a lot to be thankful for also,

Happy Thanksgiving Carey..........................Connie


Lisa is thankful for:
Emily's giggles
Jake's smiles
Lucy's kisses
Music that makes me weep
Full moons on summer nights
Water, rocks and trees
Hugs that revive me
Friends that have never lost faith in me
Family that sustains me
God who provides all of the above

I'm thankful for a warm place to lay my head, friends family movies roadtrips food to eat and god loving on me
To start I am thankful for my family and a few but true friends that have remained that this year. Also, even working in a hospital there has been cut backs so I am thankful I still have a job and am working. My house that I have been working on to make into my home. Thankful we still have some freedom left to worship,pray and are able to write what we are thankful for. God has blessed me with health even though I was sick a few times this year. Most of all thankful I was raised a Christain this year we have seen God's word concerning end times coming to pass at a fast speed. Thankful that God gave my another day another birthday. Thankful my brother has a web site to express our thoughts and up coming events.

I am thankful that my wife is now an 11 year breast cancer survivor.
I am thankful that my wife, my son, and I have all been blessed with good
health and a good life this past year.
I am thankful for all the loving friends and relatives that I am blessed
Thankful for my wife , family, and friends, and another year to spend with them!
What am I thankful for? I am thankful for another year of being self employed and making ends meet. I am thankful for having both houses filled. Thankful that Euclid has backed off. Thankful that even in the midst of 4 dollar gas I was able to find a way to enjoy the GoGo Bus. Thankful for the trips I was invited on. Thankful for the trip with Mark & Becky's family. Thankful for the invite to the car show in Cory, Pa from Dennis and being able to meet his grandpa. Thankful I was finally able to see Letchworth in the fall. Thankful that an old friend contacted me and thankful I was able to help her through a rough spot. Thankful for my health. Thankful for the cell phone Jeff got me. Thankful that my writings are getting more exposure. Thankful for Walt and his family. Thankful for the internet and being able to keep in touch with the wonderful friends I have that give advice, info or just being there to listen, like John in Maine, Vince
and Wayne in Pa, Mark in Indiana, Rowe in Ca., Shirl in Kentucky. Thankful that Dad is still healthy and comes along on the jobs with me. Thankful for Mary the most awesome neighbor who keeps an eye on my rental. Thankful for Jeff B. who keeps plugging away on the website. Thankful for my family. Thankful for Pastor Jim and his wife Lisa. Gosh I could go on and on. If you received this thanks for being my friend.
Gotta GoGo!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This just in women going topless - men wearing bra's!

This just in women going topless - men wearing bra's! Details at 11.....

As Vince in Pa. reminded me, Its a strange strange world we live in Master Jack. How true! Whatever happened to manly men like Tiny Tim?

more on Letchworth

Unfortunately, I had such a rough night of no sleep, just terrible, but for me I should be use to it because it is the norm. Even with no sleep I still woke fairly early, about 10ish.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letchworth State Park 3

So where was I? Oh the night hiking.
As I said previously I was trying to find the rivers edge and thank God I didn't! But what I did find though was more wood for the fire and not on the ground either, attached high up on a pine tree with dead branches. So I pestered Dov along with Lisa's advice of hey you better go help Carey knock limbs down or else. Sometimes me being a pest pays off as in this case where it was much cheaper than the camp store where a 4 piece log bundle was 6 bucks and we did have enough wood to last for two days.

 I arrived about on time to pick up Lisa who was packed and anxiously waiting for us.
But it turned out that my excitement about finding corn was only shared by me, as Dov doesn't eat vegetables and Lisa doesn't like corn! But shhhh I wasn't suppose to mention it.