Thursday, October 22, 2015

Memoriam for Bruce

Hey Gang,
Back home now. I got in about 4:30 Sunday morning.
It was about a five hour drive back from Indiana which included a drive around Akron taking Chris home.

My thoughts and feelings bounce around quite a bit trying to write about the funeral. It was beyond strange the whole trip. Chris was so enjoyable to talk to that I almost lost sight of the real meaning of why I was there. When we got to the funeral home for the visitation and wake I wasn't sure if I should leave or stay. I was hired to drive Chris but in 24 hours I got to know him so I felt maybe I should stay almost like a friend. Chris told me he wanted me to stay to hear the eulogy for his dad.

I stayed at the visitation for awhile then left and took a short drive. Indiana is a very homey state. Many sections of it have small rural towns that seem lost in time. After a brief look around I returned and napped in the car. My nap ran over so I missed the minister but I did hear what Bruce's friends and Chris had to say about him. You can learn a lot about a person by what people and friends say. They all had high praises for Bruce, so much so that I wish I could have met him.

From what I gather he must have been a bit wild when younger but came to know the Lord and really turned his life around, he was genuine, caring, loving,family man and one terrific guitarist.

The band he played for backed up Mickey Gilley. Here is a link to an album he performed on:

I sat back and reflected during the funeral. This is what came to mind.
1. All families are the same.
2. Life is short.
3. Without God life is useless.
4. How many Bruce's are out there that we just didn't reach out and meet?

I want to thank Chris and his family and friends for welcoming me in during this trying time. You are all in my prayers and are all special.

This is what Chris spoke during the wake:

My message at my father Bruce Durham's funeral
I want to talk with you today about something that touches all of us..
Sometimes we are faced with things we think we just can’t handle and we strive to find the meaning behind it all. And when we can’t do that, often we look up and say God.. how could you do this to us?? How could you put so much on our plate? But we are not operating on God’s timetable.. We don’t understand God’s plan.. How can we?? Let me tell you… this is where faith comes in.. Faith is the substance of things unseen.. And with my father, he wanted us all to see the things that are often unseen. And that is the same faith that will allow us to send Dad Home.. Faith is there to show us His message in our own lives from today forward .. To share that hope and faith.. to love others as bravely and as fiercely as we can. Loss teaches us to not take anything for granted. And from loss comes love.. forgiving, relentless and unconditional love. In that love, you will find peace..

In Ecclesiastes, which Dad discussed with me on our last visit together, I find these words are most likely the ones Dad wants me to share

I have seen what is best for people to do on earth: They should eat, drink, and enjoy the work they have during their short time here. God has given them these few days, and that is all they have. If God gives some people wealth, property, and the power to enjoy those things, they should enjoy them. They should accept the things they have and enjoy their work—that is a gift from God. People don’t have many years to live, so they must remember these things all their life. God will keep them busy with the work they love to do.

Ray was known by family and friends as Bruce, his middle name.

I was taken aback when I viewed this photo. I did not plan having the headstone with Durham in the photo.
It looks pefectly placed.