Sunday, May 22, 2022

Moms Delicious Pigtail Recipe

 Here is something positive - Mom cooking pigtails!

Now you will see where I get my culinary skills and my serious nature from.

If you are not sure what to cook tonight or have guests coming over this may be the dish.


Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Nice Restroom

 One of the restrooms I used on my trip to WV

Very homey, clean and it reminded me of the GoGo Bus
It was at a mini gas station in Maryland
Should have made notes of exact location in case you ever wanted to use it

Gotta Go-Go!

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Always follow your inner voice

 Always follow your inner voice, always!

Tonight while coming home, I had a choice of two roads to take.

The usual one or the other side street

My inner voice said "Take the other side street"!

So glad I listened. 

Laying in the middle of the street was a sack of potatoes, and only one was mashed.

I surveyed the scene; it is 2 am, no one is laying claim, they weren't infested, so into my car they go.

So remember, follow the road your inner voice tells you to travel.

It may not lead to a pot of gold, but it could lead to a sack of Idaho Gold.

Carey On...

Friday, April 1, 2022

What you be saying?

The problem with owning a Korean car and joining a group is that I need an interpreter.
Unlike the American car and van clubs I belong to, I can understand what they are trying to say.
Here is an example:
Hyundai Accent i hatchback 1994
In 1994, hyundai accent i hatchback looks good, and you cannot dispute about it. In this 1994 accent could brag good technical specs. Looking at these images of hyundai accent i hatchback version of 1994 year it is hard to said that you do not want to have this car. Friends, as you know, our authors leaving in different countries, that is why we good knows, how in 1994 hyundai accent i hatchback looks.
Sounds to me like a Biden speech.
Carey On...

Friday, March 18, 2022

A look into the near future


A look into the near future

Monday sports story following an opening day loss by the Browns.

 AP Sports:

Browns traded away their entire roster during the summer except for Baker Mayfield who bravely took the field alone on opening day. The game did not go well for the Cleveland Brown who was thoroughly trounced. Owner Haslam was quite irate about the lopsided loss and blamed it on his QB for being less than an adult.

Mayfield who was playing with a torn ACL, two broken arms, and a partially severed head said he will be out there next Sunday and has to do better. 

Haslam said he is not going to trade Baker regardless and no, he doesn’t need more players but needs to grow up.

Carey On...

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

2022 Winter Fest/Winter Cookout


My phone has been ringing, messages through Messenger arriving daily

Carey is the Winter Cookout/Freeze Fest still happening?

I have been hosting this annual event for over 20 years the last Saturday in February.

Only twice in all that time it has been cancelled. Once in 2020 when I was deadly sick and one other time back in 2004 I believe it was.

Some friends who were a big part of it are no longer with us, Jamie and George, Sad! Others well age has gotten to them, 20 plus years people do age.

Anyway… this Saturday unfortunately I have to work.

I am thinking of hosting it the following Saturday.

Place still undecided, because of covid our freedoms have waned so maybe it will be held at my house again like last year.

Stay tuned and let me know if you like to attend.

Carey On…

Monday, January 31, 2022

Clean those gutters

Today I used my roof rake and cleared out one side of the gutters.

I poured pots of boiling water to open the downspouts.

With the warm-up, rain, and then another heavy round of snow could be a disaster in the making.

And icicles, I know they make a house look like a Hallmark card, but they are heavy and dangerous, knock them down but don't look up, one could impale your eye, and then you would have an icy stare.

Some photos from my 3.5-hour operation rooftop snow removal

All that snow in the drive is from the roof.

Carey On...