Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Been busy the last few days

Hey Gang,
Been busy the last few days cleaning up the old Big Lots in Wickliffe getting it ready for the antique/crafts and collectible co-op called Antiques & Uniques. Tom and Barb the owners are setting up a top notch operation. When I was contracted to do the floor I thought OK clean up, set up booths and be done. Nope, they have gutted the place and are rebuilding it. Wow. Stop out if you want to take a peak before the opening. They still have some spaces available for vendors. I think this is going to be a success for Wickliffe.

This past Saturday went to Chardon to find a spot for me to stand and sell my book at the Chardon Maple Festival, that didn't go so well but what did was our visit to the Chardon Lyric Theater on Water St., playing was Anne Frank. John wanted to see it and Ruth had no clue about it. I myself wasn't keen on watching it as it is so sad. I read the book when in school and saw the movie many years ago. It is something all should see but doesn't make for a pleasant evening, at least not for me.
These are the notes I posted on Facebook.
Haunted tonight. As I told the actor who played Otto, Tonight was a very unsatisfying/satisfying night. You did a great job but you moved me almost to the point of tears. Well done. He replied yes I understand what you mean, mixed emotions.
I recommend it, especially for my socialist liberal friends.
It was very well acted. There has to be a special place in hell for those Nazi's.

Sunday – friends were curious how my book signing went at the craft show in Streetsboro. I made PEANUTS and I learned a lot. This was the first show I set up at and learned the lesson of asking about advertising, how many vendors will be there, what will they sell but the most important question where did you advertise. I asked one vendor didn't they advertise? Her reply was they put it on Facebook. WHAT! I am not kidding when I say 10 people came in. 10!
All the vendors sat in their booth or walked around visiting other vendors. Some had a lot of effort in setting up their booth. It was so dead the last half hour I went to my car and slept. What did I miss when I went back in – nothing, the vendors were packing.
So I made peanuts, literally. I swapped one book for two bags of peanuts from another vendor. At least I made peanuts.

Gotta Go-Go!

Monday, March 9, 2015

That should teach him, or will it?

Hey Gang,
That should teach him, or will it?

I am not a fan at all of cigarettes, I tolerate them some but I do what I can to keep my distance. At my backyard parties though or outdoor outings I am more laid back. If someone's got to smoke go ahead and do it just not near me.

Well my last backyard party was in July. A friend who will remain anonymous attended. He is a chain smoker. If that's not bad enough his habit of flicking his cigarette butts to all parts of the yard really annoyed me. So the following day I decided to accumulate the strewn butts, tape them to a piece of paper and mail them back to this human smoke house.

Well one week led to a month led to months when I remembered I never mailed the butts. So last week I wrote a simple note that said:

Hello, during my backyard party last summer you left these in my yard, I wasn't sure if they were important or not so I mailed them to you.”

I put the note in an envelope along with the butts. That took care of that.

I didn't hear anything back from Mr. Smoke until while at work a few days ago.

Hello – Very funny, what's wrong with you ^%$+** I received your #@!%%^ letter, what compassion you show for others – YOU blankity blank I just got out of the hospital and had to return home to that!
Well I am sorry, I didn't know you were in the hospital so sorry. What were you in for.
I couldn't breathe!
OH well listen I am at work, I need to go. I hung up before I let out a loud BAH HA HA!

What timing aye! I mean he gets out of the hospital because he couldn't breathe only to be greeted by his spent cigarettes. Honestly I didn't plan it, just call it perfect timing.

Hmmm, but do you think he got the message?

Gotta Go-Go!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Third Day at the Akron Civic Theater

Hey Gang,
I want to say thanks to Walt and Jamie for a wonderful outing on Saturday night.
They invited Ruth and I to see the Christian music group “Third Day” at the Akron Civic theater.

Upon entering the theater my mouth dropped open, we were all in awe. The place is simply beautiful. I wanted to travel light so I didn't bring my cam and I am sorry I didn't. The colors, the artwork, the high ceilings, the turrets and statues, the domed ceiling with stars and moving clouds YES moving clouds is spectacular.

I took this description from Wikipedia which is accurate. An atmospheric theatre is a type of movie palace that was popular in the 1920s in America. "Rather than seating the theatre patrons in a boxlike, formal setting as passive observers of stage entertainment, the atmospheric design transported them to an exotic European courtyard or garden. A plain cerulean sky replaced the ornate dome of traditional theatre design. Wispy floating clouds produced by a projector replaced crystal chandeliers and gilt.

The theater was built in the 1920's and believe it or not almost torn down in the 80's. It has undergone almost 20 million dollars worth of improvements and restoration so I can imagine what it would cost to build from scratch today.

The band “Third Day” were terrific. Their sound and words to their songs are excellent, very uplifting.

So thanks again Walt and Jamie for a wonderful night.

Gotta Go-Go!